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language: Latin
countries: va

"Transient" = "Caducae "
"Tonal" = "Adipiscing "
"Normal" = "Normalis "
"Better" = "Melius "
"Sorry - C4-split mode is not yet implemented!" = "Paenitet - C4-split, nondum est modum amet! "
"Level" = "Level "
"Pan" = "Pan "
"Bus" = "Bus "
"Extenders" = "Extensorum "
"Set extender order" = "Statuit ordinem extender "
"Track" = "Track "
"Import" = "Important "
"Import complete" = "Important complere "
"Import failed" = "Import defecit "
"Export" = "EXAGOGA "
"Export complete" = "Exportare complere "
"Export failed" = "Exportare defecit "
"Channels" = "Rivos "
"Set the number of channels (e.g. faders) on your control surface" = "Posuit numerum rivos (eg faders) in tua potestate superficie "
"Parameters" = "Urna "
"Set the number of plugin parameters adjustable by your control surface" = "Posuit a numerus eget porttitor plugin vestri imperium superficie "
"Edit Control Mappings" = "Excepteur Imperium Mappings "
"Setup which controls are adjustable from your control surface" = "Imitabile quae refrenat temperantia sunt ex tua Novifacta superficie "
"Import Settings" = "Import Occasus "
"Import control surface settings from a file" = "Important imperium occasus superficiem ab file "
"Export Settings" = "Exportare Occasus "
"Export your control surface settings for backup and sharing" = "Exportare potestate vestra loca ad tergum superficies et participationis "
"Prefer control surface parameter mappings" = "Malo imperium superficies modularis mappings "
"When making MIDI learn assignments, the control surface will be preferred over the Edit specific parameters" = "Cum faceret provinciae MIDI discere, imperium superficies, anteponendum edit speciei parametri "
"Error" = "Error "
"You must set a MIDI input device!" = "Oportet posuit a consilio MIDI input! "
"Mappings" = "Mappings "
"Custom control surface mappings" = "Consuetudo imperium superficies mappings "
"Select a file to import" = "Elige ad important lima "
"Select a file to export" = "Lego lima exportare "
"Save the controller settings" = "Salvum moderatorem occasus "
"A file already exists with this name. Do you want to overwrite it?" = "Cum hoc nomine iam est lima. Visne rescribere est? "
"Overwrite" = "Overwrite "
"Move a MIDI controller" = "Movere MIDI moderatoris "
"Click here to choose a controller" = "Click hic ad eligendum a moderatoris "
"Click here to choose a parameter" = "Click hic ad eligendum a parameter "
"Note On" = "TIBERIUS "
"Channel Pressure Controller" = "Aliquam alveum moderatoris "
"Controller" = "ARBITER "
"Add all commands" = "Adice praeceptis "
"Transport" = "Adhortantesque "
"Play" = "Ludere "
"Stop" = "Subsisto "
"Record" = "Record "
"Home" = "Lorem "
"End" = "Finis "
"Rewind" = "Rewind "
"Fast Forward" = "Vestibulum ante "
"Mark-In" = "Mark In- "
"Mark-Out" = "Mark Out- "
"Automation Read" = "Read Automation "
"Automation Record" = "Record Automation "
"Add Marker" = "Add Venalicium "
"Next Marker" = "Postero Venalicium "
"Previous Marker" = "Venalicium Previous "
"Nudge Left" = "Reliquit FODICO "
"Nudge Right" = "FODICO Nimis "
"Abort" = "APSTRAHO "
"Abort & Restart" = "APSTRAHO & sileo "
"Jog" = "QUATIO "
"Jump to the Mark-In Point" = "Salire ad Mark in puncto- "
"Jump to the Mark-Out Point" = "Salire ad Mark Out-Puncto "
"Options" = "Options "
"Toggle beats seconds mode" = "Secundus modus pulsat Toggle "
"Toggle loop" = "Toggle ansa "
"Toggle punch" = "Mutare PUGNUS "
"Toggle click" = "Mutare click "
"Toggle snap" = "Mutare franguntur "
"Toggle slave" = "Servus Toggle "
"Toggle E-to-E" = "Mutare ad-E E- "
"Toggle scroll" = "Mutare volumine "
"Filter" = "LIQUO "
"Master volume" = "Magister volume "
"Master pan" = "Magister sartagine "
"Quick control parameter" = "Velox imperium modularis "
"Automatable parameters" = "Automatable parametri "
"Volume" = "Volume "
"Mute" = "Mute "
"Solo" = "Solo "
"Arm" = "Bráchium "
"Select" = "Lego "
"Aux" = "Auge "
"Navigation" = "Navigatio "
"Zoom in" = "In Zoom "
"Zoom out" = "Retrahe "
"Scroll tracks up" = "Librum usque tracks "
"Scroll tracks down" = "Librum vestigia descendere "
"Scroll tracks left" = "Librum vestigia derelicta "
"Scroll tracks right" = "Librum vestigia recta "
"Zoom tracks in" = "Zoom tacitis "
"Zoom tracks out" = "Zoom vestigat "
"Toggle selection mode" = "Toggle modus delectu "
"Select left" = "Lego residuum "
"Select right" = "Lego rectam "
"Select up" = "Elige ascendet "
"Select down" = "Lego descendere "
"Select clip in track" = "In track lego clip "
"Select filter in track" = "In track lego sparguntur "
"Switch fader bank" = "Fader ripam Cie "
"Left" = "Reliquit "
"Right" = "Jus "
"Parameter" = "Modularis "
"No Device Selected" = "Non ulla Selected "
"Input Device" = "Fabrica input "
"Output Device" = "Fabrica output "
"Enable" = "Enable "
"Hide MIDI Input Device" = "Input Fabrica abscondam MIDI "
"Colour Selection" = "Lectio Colorem "
"Colour" = "Colore "
"MIDI input to use for this device" = "Uti ad id consilium input MIDI "
"MIDI output to use for this device" = "Uti ad id consilium output MIDI "
"Choose a colour to highlight channels/plugins under control surface control" = "Eligere color ad exaggerandam rivos / plugins superficiem sub imperium imperium "
"Hide the MIDI input used by the control surface" = "Abscondebas MIDI input imperium superficies usi "
"Trk" = "Trk "
"Drag the MCU and XTs into the order they appear on your desk" = "Trahunt MCU XTs et in ordine sunt, apparent in scrinio "
"Map native filters" = "Map odio patriae "
"Map VST plugins" = "Map VST plugins "
"Off" = "Off "
"On" = "Sc "
"Delete Filter" = "Delete Filter "
"Next Page" = "Sequentiae "
"Rename Current Program" = "Current dolor TRANSNOMINO "
"Rename VST Program" = "TRANSNOMINO VST Program "
"Enter a new name for the current VST program:" = "Intrare current propter nomen novum progressio VST: "
"Cancel" = "Inrita "
"Program" = "Progressio "
"The currently selected program - click to change this, or use cursor up/down" = "Lego progressio est currently - click muto hoc, aut sursum uti cursorem / descendere "
"VST Interface" = "Mollis VST "
"Hold down CTRL while dragging for more accuracy" = "Tenerent accidit, dum trahunt ad accurationem "
"VST Plugin" = "VST Plugin "
"Deletes this filter" = "Delet hoc sparguntur "
"Enabled" = "Enabled "
"Turns the plugin on/off" = "Vertit plugin in / off "
"Show the next page of parameters" = "Sequenti pagina demonstrabit parametri "
"Dry Level" = "Level siccam "
"Wet Level" = "Infectum Level "
"Unnamed" = "INDICTUS "
"Plugin" = "Plugin "
"ERROR! - This plugin (XNMX) couldn\'t be loaded!" = "Erroris! - Hoc plugin (XNMX) restitui non possunt! "
"ERROR! - This plugin didn\'t initialise correctly" = "Erroris! - Hoc plugin non recte initialise "
"Lock" = "Clauditis "
"Delete" = "Delete "
"Deletes the selected filters" = "Delet lego odio "
"Bypasses the selected filters" = "Bypasses lego odio "
"Delete Filters" = "Delete Filters "
"Bus Name" = "Bus Name "
"Disable all other return filters on this bus" = "Disable odio omnibus aliis reditu, in hoc automatum "
"Enable all other return filters on this bus" = "Ut in hac bus odio omnibus aliis reditu "
"Tracktion Aux-Send Filter" = "Tracktion auge-mittere Filter "
"Which of the aux buses this return will take audio from" = "Quae augis buses hoc audio de reditu assumam "
"Can be used to rename the currently chosen bus number" = "Potest ad TRANSNOMINO currently bus numero eléctos "
"Disables all other return filters that are using the same bus" = "Priuat odio omnibus aliis reditu, qui eisdem bus "
"Enables all other return filters that are using the same bus" = "Qui dat omnibus aliis reditu odio eisdem bus "
"Aux Return" = "Convertere auge "
"Aux Return Filter" = "Convertere auge Filter "
"Send" = "Mitte "
"Disable all other send filters on this bus" = "Disable mitte odio omnibus aliis in hoc automatum "
"Enable all other send filters on this bus" = "Ut in hac bus odio omnibus aliis mitte "
"Mute/Unmute" = "Muta / Unmute "
"Which of the aux buses the audio should go to" = "Quae augis buses audio ire "
"Amount of the signal to send" = "Moles signum mitto "
"Lowers or raises the send level" = "Demittit vel suscitat mitte gradu "
"Disables all other send filters that are going to the same return bus" = "Priuat aliam mitte odio id facturi sunt idem bus reditum "
"Enables all other send filters that are going to the same return bus" = "Qui dat omnibus aliis odio mitte Proficiscimur ad idem bus reditum "
"Send level" = "Mitte gradu "
"Aux Send" = "Mitte auge "
"Aux Send Filter" = "Mitte auge Filter "
"Delay" = "Moreris "
"Depth" = "Profúndum "
"Speed" = "Velocitatem "
"Width" = "Width "
"Amount" = "Moles "
"Tracktion Chorus Filter" = "Chorus Tracktion Filter "
"Depth by which the chorus\' delay oscillates" = "Profúndum qua chorus moram oscillat "
"Chorus oscillator speed" = "Chorus oscillator celeritate "
"Stereo width of the chorus" = "Stereo latitudine chori "
"Wet/Dry mix" = "Infectum / arida misce "
"Tracktion Chorus" = "Chorus Tracktion "
"Chorus" = "Chorus "
"Chorus Filter" = "Chorus Filter "
"Wet" = "Infectum "
"Compressor" = "Compressor "
"Editor for compressor parameters" = "Nam porttitor compressor Editor "
"Threshold" = "Liminis "
"Ratio" = "Proportionem "
"Attack" = "Oppugnare "
"Release" = "Dimitte "
"Output" = "Output "
"Tracktion Compressor/Limiter" = "Tracktion Compressor / Limiter "
"Threshold above which compression is active" = "Quae est activum super limen compressionem "
"Ratio by which signals are reduced" = "Ratione qua signa reducuntur, "
"Reaction time of the compressor" = "Reactionem tempus compressor "
"Reaction time for the compressor releasing" = "Reactionem tempus compressor exsolveret "
"Extra gain to apply after the compression" = "Lucrum extra applicare post compressionem "
"Tracktion Compressor" = "Tracktion Compressor "
"Output gain" = "Output quæstum "
"Compressor/Limiter Filter" = "Compressor / Limiter Filter "
"Comp" = "Comp "
"Length" = "Longitudo "
"Feedback" = "Feedback "
"Tempo" = "Tempo "
"Tracktion Reverb Filter" = "Tracktion Reverb Filter "
"Sets the delay speed based on the edit\'s tempo" = "Sets celeritas mora fundatur in tempo mutatio est scriptor "
"Tracktion Delay" = "Mora Tracktion "
"Mix proportion" = "Misce proportione "
"Delay Filter" = "Tardabit Alcyonium digitatum "
"Set delay length to 1/32 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / XXXII pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1/16 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / XVI pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1/12 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / XII pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1/8 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / VIII pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1/6 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / VI pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1/4 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / IV pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1/3 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / III pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1/2 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad I / II pulsu "
"Set delay length to 2/3 beat" = "Morari statuit longitudinem II / III pulsu "
"Set delay length to 3/4 beat" = "Morari statuit tandem ad III / IV pulsu "
"Set delay length to 1 beat" = "Pone moras I ad longitudinem pulsu "
"Set delay length to 2 beats" = "Pone moras longitudinem II pulsat "
"Low Gain" = "Minimum Lucrum "
"Low Frequency" = "Minimum Frequency "
"Low Q" = "Minimum Q "
"Mid Gain 1" = "Lucrum medio I "
"Mid Frequency 1" = "I medio Frequency "
"Mid Q 1" = "Q medio I "
"Mid Gain 2" = "Lucrum medio II "
"Mid Frequency 2" = "Frequency medio II "
"Mid Q 2" = "Proin Q II "
"High Gain" = "Maximum Lucrum "
"High Frequency" = "Princeps frequency "
"High Q" = "Maximum Q "
"Reset" = "Reset "
"Phase Invert" = "Phase invertere "
"Equaliser Parameter" = "Equaliser modularis "
"Equaliser" = "Equaliser "
"Editor for equaliser parameters" = "Editor pro aequatore parametri "
"Low Shelf" = "Minimum turpis "
"High Shelf" = "Maximum turpis "
"Mid Band" = "Proin Band "
"Frequency" = "Frequency "
"Gain" = "Lucrifacerem "
"4-Band Equaliser" = "IV vinculum-Equaliser "
"Inverts the phase of the output signal" = "Invertit Phase signum output "
"Resets the equaliser to a flat response" = "Plana est responsio Resets aequatore "
"Tracktion EQ Filter" = "Tracktion EQ Filter "
"Low-pass freq" = "Humilis-transeat freq "
"Low-pass gain" = "Humilis lucrum transeat "
"Low-pass Q" = "Minimum Q-transeat "
"Mid freq 1" = "I medio freq "
"Mid gain 1" = "Proin lucrum I "
"Mid freq 2" = "II medio freq "
"Mid gain 2" = "Proin lucrum II "
"High-pass freq" = "Maximum-transeat freq "
"High-pass gain" = "Maximum-lucrum transeat "
"High-pass Q" = "Maximum saltum Q- "
"Volume and Pan" = "Volume et Pan "
"VCA" = "VCA "
"Level Meter" = "Level NUMERUS "
"Reverb" = "Reverb "
"Compressor/Limiter" = "Compressor / Limiter "
"Phaser" = "Phaser "
"Pitch Shifter" = "Picem Shifter "
"Low/High-Pass Filter" = "Minimum / antehabeo transiturum Maximum- "
"Sampler" = "Sampler "
"Patch Bay" = "Patch Bay "
"ReWire Device" = "Fabrica ReWire "
"Text" = "Text "
"Freeze Point" = "Frigidus Point "
"Pattern Arpeggiator" = "Exemplar Arpeggiator "
"New from preset" = "Novum a sapien "
"Filters" = "Filters "
"Open/close all branches" = "Patefacio / claudere omnes palmites "
"Tracktion Filters" = "Tracktion Filters "
"Rack Filters" = "Eculeus Filters "
"MIDI Log" = "MIDI Stipes "
"Freeze" = "PRAESTRINGO "
"Tracktion Freeze Point" = "Tracktion Congelo Point "
"Show MIDI activity" = "MIDI actionis ostendere "
"Meter mode" = "Metri genus "
"Peak" = "Apicem "
"RMS" = "RMS "
"Sum + difference" = "Summa differentia + "
"Sets the mode for this meter" = "Ponit modum huius metri "
"Determines if MIDI activity is show on the meter" = "Si determinat speciem actus MIDI in metrum "
"Deletes this level meter" = "Delet hoc gradu metri "
"Level meter filter" = "Gradu metri sparguntur "
"Low-pass" = "Humilis-transeat "
"High-pass" = "Maximum-transeat "
"Tracktion Low/High-Pass Filter" = "Minimum Tracktion / antehabeo transiturum Maximum- "
"Cut-off frequency" = "Sectis-off frequency "
"Use low-pass mode" = "Uti humilis-transeat modum "
"Use high-pass mode" = "Uti summus modus transitis "
"Drag this onto another I/O connector to create a connection" = "Hunc trahat alium onto EGO / O COPULATRIX creare nexu "
"Adjusts the gain applied to signals passing through the currently selected connector" = "Aptet avaritiam de significationibus Transeuntes currently delectus COPULATRIX "
"Patch-bay Filter" = "Patch-sinus Filter "
"Input Channels" = "Input rivos "
"Output Channels" = "Output rivos "
"Attenuation of selected connector" = "ADTENUATIO delectorum COPULATRIX "
"Click and drag the ends of this connector to move/disconnect it" = "Click COPULATRIX et trahere ad movere fines hoc / illud EXSERO "
"Tracktion Patch Bay Filter" = "Tracktion Patch Bay Filter "
"Patch Bay Filter" = "Vestibulum placerat imperdiet "
"Patch" = "Patch "
"Sets the phaser rate based on the current tempo" = "Sets phaser rate fundatur in current tempo "
"Tracktion Phaser" = "Tracktion Phaser "
"Phaser Filter" = "Phaser Filter "
"Set rate length to 1/8 beat" = "Posuit rate tandem ad I / VIII pulsu "
"Set rate length to 1/4 beat" = "Posuit rate tandem ad I / IV pulsu "
"Set rate length to 1/2 beat" = "Posuit rate tandem ad I / II pulsu "
"Set rate length to 1 beat" = "Demum I posuit rate pulsum "
"Set rate length to 2 beats" = "Posuit rate longitudinem II pulsat "
"Set rate length to 3 beats" = "Posuit rate est III longitudine pulsat "
"Set rate length to 4 beats" = "Posuit rate longitudinis IV pulsu "
"Set rate length to 6 beats" = "Posuit rate longitudinem VI pulsat "
"Set rate length to 8 beats" = "Posuit rate longitudinem VIII pulsat "
"Set rate length to 16 beats" = "Posuit rate longitudinem XVI pulsat "
"33 octaves" = "XXXIII octabis "
"Pitch" = "Picem "
"Set pitch" = "Pone pice "
"Tracktion Pitch Shifter" = "Tracktion Pice Shifter "
"Sets the pitch in musical terms" = "Sets picis in terminis musicis "
"Semitones up" = "Hemitoniorum ascendamus "
"Pitch Shift Filter" = "Picem Shift Filter "
"33 semitones" = "XXXIII semitonia "
"1 semitone" = "I semitonium "
"1 octave" = "I octava "
"Original pitch" = "Original pice "
"Show Rack Contents" = "Show carnificina Contents "
"Rack" = "SUPPLICIUM "
"Left Input Goes to" = "Input caterva ad sinistram "
"Left Input Level" = "Input sinistram Gradum "
"Right Input Goes to" = "Input caterva ad dexteram "
"Right Input Level" = "Input ius Gradum "
"Left Output Comes From" = "Ex sinistro Output "
"Left Output Level" = "Level sinistram Output "
"Right Output Comes From" = "Ex iure Output "
"Right Output Level" = "Ius Output Gradum "
"Link Inputs" = "Link inputs "
"Link Outputs" = "Link Outputs "
"<none>" = "<none> "
"Tracktion Rack Filter" = "Tracktion eculeo Filter "
"The rack that this filter is feeding into" = "Eculeus hoc sparguntur est in pascendis "
"Shows the editor for this rack filter" = "Haec ostendit editor in eculeo sparguntur "
"Shows which of the rack\'s inputs the left input channel should go to" = "Ostendit quam in eculeo scriptor inputs sinistra canalem ut vadam ad input "
"Attenuation on the left input" = "ADTENUATIO sinistris input "
"Links the left and right input levels together" = "Nexus gradus simul dextra input "
"Shows which of the rack\'s inputs the right input channel should go to" = "Ostendit scriptor inputs de eculeo, ut vadam ad dextram input alveo "
"Attenuation on the right input" = "ADTENUATIO dextro input "
"Shows which of the rack\'s outputs comes out this filter\'s left channel" = "Ostendit quam in eculeo scriptor outputs egreditur hoc sparguntur sinistram alveo "
"Attenuation on the left output" = "ADTENUATIO sinistris output "
"Links the left and right output levels together" = "Nexus gradus simul dextra output "
"Shows which of the rack\'s outputs comes out this filter\'s right channel" = "Ostendit quam in eculeo scriptor outputs egreditur sparguntur hoc ius alveo "
"Attenuation on the right output" = "ADTENUATIO dextro output "
"Dry level" = "Campester sicco "
"Wet level" = "Infectum gradu "
"Left input level" = "Sinistram gradu input "
"Right input level" = "Ius aequum input "
"Left output level" = "Sinistram gradu output "
"Right output level" = "Ius aequum output "
"Double-click to edit the rack" = "Nullam sit aspernatur duplex tormenta "
"Rack type missing!" = "Eculeus typus absentis! "
"Edit this rack type" = "Edit hoc typus eculeo "
"Replace rack with filters" = "Reponere eculeum cum odio "
"Select one of the filters in this rack" = "Elige unum odio in eculeo "
"Rack Filter" = "Eculeus Filter "
"Left input" = "Sinistris input "
"Right input" = "Ius input "
"Input" = "Input "
"Left output" = "Sinistris output "
"Right output" = "Ius output "
"Rack presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis eculeo "
"Load" = "Oneratis "
"Restores the rack to one of the preset states" = "Restituat sapien civitates ad unam de eculeo "
"Save" = "Salvum "
"Takes the current rack settings, and stores them as a preset" = "Accipit current occasus eculeo, et reponit in sapien "
"Del" = "Del "
"Deletes an existing preset" = "Delet existente sapien "
"Preset" = "Morbi id dictum "
"Name" = "Name "
"New Input Channel" = "Domuit novum Input "
"Rename Input Channel" = "TRANSNOMINO Input Domuit "
"Delete Input Channel" = "Phasellus pretium Input "
"New Output Channel" = "Domuit novum Output "
"Rename Output Channel" = "TRANSNOMINO Output Domuit "
"Delete Output Channel" = "Phasellus pretium Output "
"New Filter" = "New Filter "
"Drag this area to create an instance of this rack filter" = "Trahunt hanc area creare Exempli causa eculeo sparguntur "
"Drag here to insert an instance of this rack" = "Trahite, ut hic interserere Exemplar autem huius eculeo "
"The name of this rack filter" = "Nomen hujus eculeo sparguntur "
"Deletes this rack filter" = "Delet hoc eculeo sparguntur "
"Creates a new input channel for this rack" = "Haec novum input alveo hoc eculeo "
"Renames one of the input channels" = "Renames unum input rivos "
"Deletes one of the input channels" = "Delet unum input rivos "
"Creates a new output channel for this rack" = "Haec novum alveum output hoc eculeo "
"Renames one of the output channels" = "Renames una output rivos "
"Deletes one of the output channels" = "Delet una output rivos "
"Wrapper" = "Serratus "
"Master Wrapper" = "Fusce Magister "
"Delete Rack Filter" = "Delete eculeo Filter "
"Are you sure you want to delete this rack filter?\r\n\r\nThis can\'t be undone, and any instances of the filter will also be deleted from the edit." = "Es vos certus vos volo ut delete is eculeo sparguntur? \r\n\r\nId fieri infectum non potest, et si in colum quoque exempla a amet mutationem. "
"Create New Channel" = "Partum alveum "
"Please enter a name for the channel:" = "Lorem nomen alveo: "
"Please enter a new name for the channel:" = "Lorem nomen novum alveum: "
"Select the file to load" = "Lego lima onero "
"No presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis nulla "
"Create new preset" = "Suspendisse sapien "
"Add a new rack preset" = "Addere novum sapien eculeo "
"Enter a name for this new preset" = "Ingreditur nomen novum sapien "
"Add" = "Adde "
"New preset added" = "Morbi id dictum novum addi "
"Existing preset changed" = "Morbi id dictum esse mutatum "
"There aren\'t any presets defined" = "Etiam iaculis mollis non sunt aliqui definierunt "
"Deleted" = "Deletum "
"Resonant Filter" = "Canorus Filter "
"Room Size" = "Locus magnitudine "
"Damping" = "Damping "
"Wet Mix" = "Infectum Mix "
"Dry Mix" = "Arida Mix "
"Mode" = "Modus "
"Tracktion Reverb" = "Tracktion Reverb "
"Reverb Filter" = "Reverb Filter "
"Couldn\'t start ReWire filter" = "Non committitur ReWire sparguntur "
"Unknown device" = "Ignota cogitatus "
"Device" = "Fabrica "
"Choose Device" = "Eligite Fabrica "
"Left Channel" = "Domuit sinistram "
"Right Channel" = "Domuit jus "
"Launch Editor" = "Duc Editor "
"MIDI Bus" = "Bus MIDI "
"Channel" = "Alveo "
"Warning" = "Monitum "
"ReWire Filter" = "ReWire Filter "
"Current status of this ReWire filter" = "Current status hujus ReWire sparguntur "
"Selects the ReWire device to use for this filter" = "Deligit autem ReWire artificio utor enim filtrum "
"Output channels to use" = "Uti output rivos "
"The subchannel to use from the current ReWire device" = "In subchannel uti a current ReWire cogitatus "
"Input channel for MIDI" = "Input cursum MIDI "
"The ReWire bus to use for MIDI messages going into the device" = "In ReWire bus uti MIDI nuntius ingressus cogitatus "
"The ReWire channel to use for MIDI messages going into the device" = "In alveo ReWire uti MIDI nuntius ingressus cogitatus "
"Launches the user interface for this ReWire device" = "Excussum user interface consilium in hoc ReWire "
"An error occurred when opening this device" = "Error occurrit cum apertis cogitatus "
"ReWire is currently disabled - to re-enable it, go to the plugins section of the settings screen" = "ReWire sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit - re-enable is, ad sectionis occasus screen plugins "
"Can\'t find any ReWire devices!" = "Potest non invenire ReWire cogitationes! "
"ReWire error opening interface" = "ReWire error foramen interface "
"None" = "Nulla "
"ReWire unavailable" = "ReWire unavailable "
"No device open" = "Non ulla aperta "
"Note: these channel lists may be blank when the device\'s UI is not running" = "Nota ista enumerat meatus blank cum sit instrumentum non currit scriptor UI "
"ReWire is disabled" = "ReWire dehabilitatur "
"ReWire error - Couldn\'t open device" = "ReWire error - machina non aperire "
"The ReWire system failed to start up correctly last time Tracktion ran - it has now been disabled (see the settings panel to re-enable it)" = "Defecisti in ReWire ratio satus sursum recte ultimum tempus Tracktion cucurrit - iam debilitata (videatur occasus panel ad re-enable is) "
"Click the keys to try out the sampled sounds" = "Click claves experiri ad gustatum sonis "
"Click and drag here to move the range of notes over which this sample is active" = "Click hic et trahere ad movere range Nota quod super hoc sample est activa "
"Click and drag this to move the root note for this sample" = "Et trahere ad movere radicis nota in hoc preme, hoc sample "
"Extra attenuation to apply to the currently selected sample (double-click to reset)" = "ADTENUATIO extra applicare ad currently delectus specimen (Geminus-click ut reset) "
"Panning to apply to the currently selected sample (double-click to reset)" = "Panning adhibere ad currently delectus specimen (Geminus-click ut reset) "
"Find missing file" = "Reperio absentis file "
"Searches for a new file to use for this sample" = "Quaero enim novum file uti hoc sample "
"Drag the ends to change the extent of the sample" = "Trahite fines mutare magnitudine sample "
"File missing" = "Dapibus missing "
"Select the new file that this sample should use" = "Lego lima ut novis uteretur hoc sample "
"Couldn\'t import this file!" = "Non posset hoc important lima! "
"Tracktion Sampler" = "Tracktion Sampler "
"Tracktion\'s sample-playback soft-synth" = "Tracktion-sample scriptor playback mollis synth "
"Adds a new sample to the list" = "Morbi in diam nova "
"Remove" = "Aufer "
"Removes the selected sample from the list" = "Removet delectae a sample album "
"Rename" = "TRANSNOMINO "
"Renames the selected sample" = "Renames lego sample "
"Ignore release" = "Ignorare remissionis "
"Whether this sample will respond to MIDI key-up events" = "Utrum hoc sample exaudient MIDI key eventus-usque "
"Key range" = "Key range "
"to" = "ut "
"Root note" = "Radix note "
"To add samples to this sampler, you can:\r\n\r\n - Click the \'add\' button on the left;\r\n - Copy-and-paste sections of clips from the edit or project;\r\n - Drag-and-drop audio files from your computer" = "Ad haec addunt samples sampler potes: \r\n\r\n - Click, addidit, felis a sinistris: \r\n - Effingo quod crustulum-et-ex partibus cohibentes edit vel project, \r\n - Extraho quod occumbo-et-celebratio lima ex vestri computer "
"Load audio file into sampler" = "Oneratis audio file in sampler "
"Rename sample" = "TRANSNOMINO sample "
"Enter a new name for this sample" = "Aliquam hoc nomen novum inire "
"Couldn\'t import this audio file" = "Non important hoc audio file "
"Can\'t load any more samples" = "Non amplius onerare samples "
"Description" = "Description "
"Tracktion Text Filter" = "Tracktion Text Filter "
"Name of text filter" = "Nomen text sparguntur "
"Description of text filter" = "Text description of filter "
"Drag here to change the volume" = "Trahite hinc mutare volume "
"Reset volume to 0 dB" = "Reset volumen ad 0 dB "
"VCA control" = "Imperium VCA "
"Sets the volume to 0 dB" = "Meat volumine 0 dB "
"Turns the volume down or up" = "Sursum aut deorsum volumine torquet "
"Enables/Disables this filter" = "Dat / priuat hoc sparguntur "
"VCA Filter" = "VCA Filter "
"Unmute" = "Unmute "
"Reset Volume to 0 dB" = "Reset Volume 0 dB "
"Centre Panning" = "Centrum Panning "
"Apply to MIDI Velocities" = "Velocitates adhibere MIDI "
"Ignore VCA" = "Ignorare VCA "
"Drag here to change the panning" = "Trahite hinc mutare panning "
"Volume control" = "Volume imperium "
"Pan position" = "Pan positione "
"Centres the panning" = "Lacus autem panning "
"Whether to apply the volume change to the velocity of MIDI notes" = "Num applicari volumine mutatio ad velocitatem Nota MIDI "
"Sets this filter to ignore a vca filter on a parent folder track" = "Alcyonium digitatum Alcyonium digitatum in hoc ponit ignorare vca parentis folder track"
"Deletes this volume filter" = "Delet hoc volumine sparguntur "
"Volume & Pan filter" = "Voluminis & Pan sparguntur "
"Import Mackie .prj project file" = "Import Mackie. Prj project file "
"Couldn\'t parse the file correctly" = "Non in parse file Recte "
"Import RADAR project file" = "Import elit file radar "
"Shows the program number in the selected clips at the current cursor position" = ", Ostendit propositum in numero delectis cohibentes in current situ Cursor "
"Program number at cursor" = "Progressio numero Cursor "
"Show Editor" = "Show Editor "
"Quantise" = "Quantise "
"Insert Program Change" = "Mutatio inserere Program "
"Merge MIDI Clips" = "Merge MIDI cohibentes "
"Velocity" = "Velocitatem "
"Show MIDI List Editor" = "Show MIDI List Editor "
"Delete Content" = "Content delete "
"Looping" = "Looping "
"Remap on Tempo Change" = "Mutatio Remap in Tempo "
"Start" = "Committitur "
"Offset" = "Cinguli horae "
"Name of the clip" = "Nomen clip "
"Start time of the clip" = "Committitur tempore clip "
"Length of the clip" = "Longitudinem clip "
"End time of the clip" = "Finem tempus clip "
"Offset of the clip\'s contents, relative to its start" = "Nonummy in clip de contentis in eodem, ad coeptum "
"Changes the strip colour" = "Mutat colorem nudaveris "
"This MIDI channel number for notes in this clip" = "MIDI alveus iste numerus notarum in clip "
"The scaling factor to apply to the note velocities in this clip" = "De factorem scandendum nota applicet ad velocitates in clip "
"Mute the current clip" = "Mute current clip "
"Shows/hides the MIDI editor for this track" = "Ostendit / abscondit MIDI editor hoc track "
"The type of quantisation to apply. Click to change this, or use by dragging the cursor up/down" = "Quantisation genus adhibere. Click muto hoc, aut trahendo cursor sursum / descendere "
"Lets you adjust how tightly quantised the notes are" = "Lets vos adjust quam arcte quantised sunt annotationes "
"Groove" = "Sulcus "
"The groove template to apply to this clip. Click to change this, or use by dragging the cursor up/down" = "Sulcus Template adhibere ad hoc clip. Click muto hoc, aut trahendo cursor sursum / descendere "
"Inserts a program change message into this clip" = "Nuntius in hanc rationem mutationis inserit, clip "
"Change this clip\'s loop properties" = "Mutare elit loop proprietates scriptor "
"Merges the selected MIDI clips together into one single clip" = "MIDI migrare lego cohibentes simul in unum clip "
"MIDI Clip" = "Clip MIDI "
"Delete notes beyond the start of the clip" = "Nota delete trans initium clip "
"Delete notes beyond the end of the clip" = "Nota delete trans finem clip "
"Delete notes beyond the start and end of clip" = "Nota delete trans satus et finem clip "
"Delete all notes from the clip" = "Nota omnia delete a clip "
"Delete all controllers from the clip" = "Delere omnes moderatoris a clip "
"Delete all SysEx messages from the clip" = "Delete a nuntius SysEx omnes clip "
"Show/Hide MIDI editor" = "Show / Protexisti editor MIDI "
"Disable Looping" = "Disable Looping "
"Loop this Clip" = "Clip hac ansa "
"To nearest" = "Ad proximum "
"Quantise note start times" = "Note temporibus satus Quantise "
"Quantise note lengths" = "Note Quantise longitudines "
"Quantise note starts, leaving ends intact" = "Note Quantise incipit, extremis incolumi relicta "
"Quantise note ends, leaving starts intact" = "Quantise note fines, incipit incolumi relicta "
"Edit groove templates" = "Excepteur sulcus Templates "
"Set the program for this entire clip" = "Posuit propositum totius huius clip "
"Insert a program change at the cursor position" = "Inserito progressio ad mutare positio Cursor "
"Number of banks to display" = "Numero praestabunt ripas "
"Remove all program-change messages from this clip" = "Amove progressio-mutatio nuntiis ex hoc clip "
"Send bank-change message on program change" = "Mittere nuntium super ripam mutatione progressio mutatio- "
"Program change" = "Progressio mutationis "
"Pitch wheel" = "Picem rota "
"Aftertouch" = "Aftertouch "
"Note Velocities" = "Velocitates scholium "
"Channel Pressure" = "Aliquam varius "
"Bank" = "Ripae "
"Pitch Wheel" = "Rota pice "
"Controller Number" = "Numera moderatoris "
"Coarse" = "Crassum "
"SysEx" = "SysEx "
"Drums" = "Tympanis "
"channel" = "alveo "
"The raw MIDI data for this event, as hexadecimal" = "MIDI rudis notitia ad hoc eventum, ut hexadecimal "
"Event time" = "Temporis eventu "
"MIDI channel number" = "MIDI numero alveo "
"Note" = "Note "
"Note number" = "Note numero "
"Note velocity" = "Note velocitas "
"Program number" = "Plures progressio "
"Number" = "Numera "
"Controller number" = "Numerum moderatoris "
"Value" = "Value "
"Controller value" = "Moderatoris valor "
"Pitch wheel value" = "Picem rota valor "
"Note Off" = "Note Off "
"All Notes Off" = "Nota omnia Off "
"Program Change" = "Mutatio progressio "
"Key Signature" = "Key Signature "
"Time Signature" = "Tempore Signature "
"Tempo Change" = "Mutatio Tempo "
"Track Name" = "Cozzolani "
"Sysex" = "Sysex "
"End-of-Track" = "Track finem-ex- "
"Meta-Event" = "Vicis meta- "
"Unknown" = "Ignotis "
"MIDI Editor" = "MIDI Editor "
"Not a valid MIDI message" = "Non valet nuntius MIDI "
"MIDI list editor" = "MIDI album editor "
"New event" = "Novus eventus, "
"MIDI List Editor" = "MIDI List Editor "
"Delete the highlighted event" = "Delete highlighted eventu "
"Inserts a new event after the highlighted one" = "Interserit post eventus novum unum highlighted "
"Close this window" = "Hanc fenestram claude "
"Bank name" = "Ripam nomine "
"MIDI program names" = "MIDI nomina progressio "
"Rename Bank" = "TRANSNOMINO Bank "
"Please enter a new name for the bank" = "Lorem ipsum ad ripam nomen novum "
"Use zero based numbering" = "Uti nulla ex numeratione "
"Set current bank to general MIDI names" = "Pone current ripam genere nominum MIDI "
"Reset current bank" = "Reset current ripam Iordanis "
"Clear current bank" = "Serena current ripam "
"Export all banks" = "Exportare omnes ripas "
"Import all banks" = "Important omnes ripas "
"Save program names" = "Nisi nomina progressio "
"A file already exists with this name - do you want to overwrite it?" = "Cum hoc nomine iam est lima - rescribere non vis? "
"Custom" = "Consuetudinem "
"General MIDI" = "General MIDI "
"Show 1 octave" = "I ostendere octava "
"Show 2 octaves" = "Show II octabis "
"Show 3 octaves" = "III ostendam octabis "
"Show 4 octaves" = "IV ostendunt octabis "
"Show full scale" = "Show Full scala "
"Drag this keyboard with the left mouse button to scroll, right-click for options" = "Trahunt hanc keyboard cum sinistram mus felis ad librum, ius-click pro praeferentiae "
"Drag this button up/down to rescale the keyboard" = "Trahunt hanc pyga up / ad rescale tincidunt "
"Don\'t click this button! Drag it up or down instead!" = "Non hoc click puga! Pertrahunt uel potius! "
"Type" = "Typus "
"Selects the type of controller to display" = "Deligit typum moderatoris ostentare "
"Sysex events" = "Sysex eventibus "
"Controllers" = "Moderatoris "
"Drag here to change the loop length (hold down ctrl to slip the loop contents)" = "Hic demum trahere mutare ansa (tenerent Ctrl labi ansa contenta) "
"Changes the colour of the selected notes" = "Mutat colorem notis selectis "
"Show velocities" = "Show velocitatibus "
"Control" = "Continere "
"Show controllers" = "Show moderatoris "
"Selects multiple notes or controllers" = "Deligit multiplex Notae vel moderatoris "
"Draws and moves notes and controllers" = "Nota movet et attrahit, et magistrae "
"Continuously adds notes" = "Nota continue addit "
"Deletes notes or controllers" = "Nota delet vel moderatoris "
"Draws lines of notes or controllers" = "Nota versus de trahit vel moderatoris "
"The note velocity that will be used for new notes" = "Note velocitatis sit amet enim novo Notes "
"The note length that will be used for new notes" = "Nota quod tandem erit utendum novum Notes "
"Step" = "Ingrediamur "
"When active, notes that are played will be added to the clip at the cursor position" = "Cum agens, annotationes lusit in Cursor situ erit addidit ad clip "
"Whether notes should be played when they are clicked on or dragged around" = "Nota utrum sit lusit cum clicked in circuitu trahi "
"Other" = "Alia "
"Enter Note Velocity" = "Ingreditur Note Velocitas "
"Please enter a new velocity (0 to 127)" = "Lorem novum velocitas (0 CXXVII) "
"1 tick" = "I tick "
"1/# beat" = "I / irruerunt "
"# ticks" = "# Ticks "
"# beats" = "# Verberat "
"1 beat" = "I pulsu "
"Choose a length" = "Eligite longitudo "
"Please enter the note-length you want to use" = "Tandem, ut tibi nota Lorem ipsum "
"Ticks" = "Ticks "
"Length (in MIDI ticks)" = "Longitudine (in MIDI ticks) "
"MIDI SysEx events" = "MIDI SysEx eventibus "
"MIDI Editor Controls" = "Imperium Editor MIDI "
"Start Time" = "Initium temporis "
"End Time" = "Extremo tempore "
"Apply Groove" = "Applicare sulcus "
"SysEx Data" = "Data SysEx "
"Transpose" = "TRANSPLANTO "
"Select Notes" = "Lego Notes "
"Equalise" = "Equalise "
"Mirror" = "Speculum "
"Legato" = "Luctus "
"MIDI Event" = "Vicis MIDI "
"MIDI Events" = "Events MIDI "
"+1 octave" = "I octava "
"+7 semitones" = "VII semitonia "
"+5 semitones" = "V semitonia "
"+2 semitones" = "II semitonia "
"+1 semitone" = "I semitonium "
"-1 semitone" = "-1 Semitonium "
"-2 semitones" = "-2 Semitonia "
"-5 semitones" = "-5 Semitonia "
"-7 semitones" = "-7 Semitonia "
"-1 octave" = "-1 Octava "
"No notes were selected" = "Nota non delecti "
"Select all notes in the clip" = "Nota lego omnes in clip "
"Select all notes with the same pitch" = "Lego omnibus notis eadem cum pice "
"Select all notes with the same start time" = "Lego idem initium temporis omnes, cum notis "
"Select all notes with the same length" = "Aliquam longitudo cum notis "
"Select all notes with the same velocity" = "Fusce cum velocitate notis "
"At least two MIDI notes must be selected for this function to work" = "At hoc munus eligi debet notas facere MIDI "
"Make all lengths equal" = "Omnes magnitudines aequales "
"Make all velocities equal" = "Et omnes aequales velocitates "
"Mirror selected notes vertically" = "Nota speculum delectus verticaliter "
"Mirror selected notes horizontally" = "Nota horizontaliter specularis selecti "
"Delete MIDI notes" = "Nota delete MIDI "
"The note\'s MIDI pitch number" = "MIDI scriptor note numero pice "
"Time of the first selected note" = "Tempore delecti primum note "
"Time of the end of the last selected note" = "Nota lectus finem ultimum tempus "
"The note\'s velocity" = "Ad velocitatem est scriptor note "
"Delete these events" = "Haec delete "
"Change the pitch of the selected notes" = "Mutare pice ex notis selectis "
"Quantise the times of the selected notes" = "Quantise tempora notis selectis "
"Apply a groove template to the selected notes" = "Template Notes sulcus applicare ad delectis "
"Sets all the selected notes to the same length" = "Selectis omnium notis ponit ad eadem longitudo "
"Mirrors the selected notes vertically or horizontally" = "Nota horizontaliter vel verticaliter ingeminat delectis "
"Lengthens or shortens each note so that it is just long enough to reach the next" = "Note singula spatia vel breviora ita iustum est, quod longitudine ut possint proxime "
"Select sets of notes based on the current selection" = "Lego mutatoria Nota fundatur in current lectio "
"The SysEx event\'s data" = "In eventus notitia SysEx "
"SysEx event time" = "SysEx temporis eventu "
"Your computer appears to only have a single CPU - Tracktion is designed for use on modern multi-core machines, so playback on older single-core machines may not be glitch-free..." = "Vestri computer videtur habere unam tantum CPU - Tracktion sit amet usus multi-core in modern apparatus ut playback maior in uno-core machinas ut non esse liberum glitch ... "
"Initialising" = "Initialising "
"Built" = "Aedificavit "
"Load Colour Scheme" = "Propositum oneratis Colorem "
"Save Colour Scheme" = "Salvum Colorem Propositum "
"Preset Schemes" = "Morbi id dictum Consilia "
"Undo" = "EXSERO "
"Colour filter" = "Color sparguntur "
"Select a colour scheme file to load" = "Eligere color ratio lima oneratis "
"Colour Scheme" = "Color Propositum "
"There was an error trying to load this file" = "Erat errorem conantur gravare hunc fasciculum "
"Select a colour scheme file to save" = "Eligere color ratio lima ut salvum "
"There was an error trying to write to this file" = "Erat errorem conantur scribere ad hunc fasciculum nectunt "
"Restore preset colour scheme" = "Redde rationem coloris sapien "
"Are you sure you want to apply this colour scheme?" = "Colo colui cultum quod volo applicare debeas? "
"Apply scheme" = "Adhibe ratio "
"Colour Editor" = "Color Editor "
"Tracktion" = "Tracktion "
"Can\'t find the help documentation!" = "Potest non auxilium tortor! "
"Tracktion Unlocking" = "Tracktion reserans "
"Tracktion is now unlocked for this computer!" = "Tracktion reserata hoc nunc computatrum! "
"Thanks very much!" = "Gratias valde! "
"Sorry - this unlock code isn\'t valid for this computer." = "Paenitet - Codex unlock hoc non valet ad hoc computer. "
"Have you checked that the machine number for this machine was also listed on the downloads page when you logged-in and downloaded the key file?" = "Have vos sedatus quod machinae pluribus enim hoc apparatus etiam cum pagina recensentur in downloads-logged in downloaded et clavem file? "
"Invalid or corrupted key-file" = "Invalidus aut corrumpi-key file "
"Unregistered" = "INCENSUS "
"Registered to: XZZX" = "Descripserunt ad: XZZX "
"Demo Version" = "Demo Version "
"Sorry - this feature is only available when Tracktion has been registered" = "Paenitet - hoc pluma est tantum available cum Tracktion fuerit descripserunt "
"Buy a License" = "Buy a licentia "
"Authorization via" = "Auctoritate, via "
"If you\'ve purchased a Tracktion license from, just enter your username (or email address) and password below to unlock this copy" = "Si youve possedit Tracktion licentia, iustus penetro vestri username (vel inscriptio electronica) ac reserare hoc exemplum infra Signum "
"Email" = "Email "
"Password" = "Signum "
"Register" = "Register "
"Information" = "Information "
"Internet Registration" = "Lorem ipsum "
"Couldn\'t connect to the internet" = "Non poterat coniungere ad Internet "
"No internet sites seem to be accessible.. Before trying again, please check that your network is working correctly, and make sure that any firewall/security software installed on your machine isn\'t blocking Tracktion\'s ability to connect to the web." = "Internet sites obvius non videtur esse .. Priusquam experirentur iterum, placere quod reprehendo vestri network recte operando, et fac firewall quod aliqua / Tracktion claudebant securitatem software installed in vestri apparatus est non facultatem ad telam contexere. "
"Couldn\'t connect to the webserver" = "Non poterat coniungere ad webserver "
"Your internet connection seems to be OK, but didn\'t respond... This is most likely a temporary problem, so try again in a few minutes, but if it persists, please let us know!" = "Vestri penitus iunctio videtur esse OK, sed non respondit ... Quod maxime tum solet metus tempus ut paulisper in sollicitudin at si manet, oro sciamus? "
"Main background" = "Main background "
"Tab area background" = "Tab Lorem ipsum dolor "
"Default text" = "Default text "
"Default selected text" = "Default Lego Text "
"Default inactive text" = "Default text iners "
"Menu background" = "Menu Lorem ipsum "
"Menu selection" = "Menu Lorem ipsum "
"Menu text" = "Text Menu "
"Popup help background" = "Auxilium populus background "
"Popup help outline" = "Auxilium populus adumbratim "
"Popup help text" = "Auxilium populus text "
"Property panel background" = "Background res panel "
"Property panel text" = "Textus panel proprietate "
"Property panel outline" = "Proprietas panel adumbratim "
"Rollover help text" = "Adjutorium text Rollover "
"Text highlight" = "CALEO Text "
"Scrollbar" = "Scrollbar "
"Project list background" = "Project list background "
"Project list text" = "Text Project list "
"Project list logo" = "Logo Project list "
"Project list outline" = "Project list adumbratim "
"Media list background" = "Subiectum autem media album "
"Media list edit text" = "Media album edit translation "
"Media list wave text" = "Text media unda album "
"Media list MIDI text" = "Media album text MIDI "
"Media list video text" = "Interventus video text album "
"Media list highlight" = "Media album CALEO "
"Media list outline" = "Media album adumbratim "
"Media list logo" = "Media logo album "
"Media list header background" = "Media album caput background "
"Media list header text" = "Media album caput text "
"Search panel background" = "Quaerere panel background "
"Search panel text" = "Textus panel quaerere "
"Search panel outline" = "Quaerere panel adumbratim "
"Audio device list text" = "Audio text fabrica album "
"Labelled property text" = "Labelled proprietas text "
"Labelled property background" = "Labelled proprietas background "
"Value entry box background" = "Praesent vestibulum pretium buxum "
"Value entry box text" = "Text valorem ingressu cellulae "
"Strip window background" = "Expoliem fenestram background "
"Cursor" = "Cursor "
"In/Out marker" = "In / et titulum "
"Splitter component over" = "SCHISMATICUS super component "
"Bar line" = "Recta bar "
"Pitch change" = "Mutatio pice "
"Selected pitch change" = "Lego mutatio pice "
"Time signature" = "Tempore signature "
"Selected time signature" = "Lego tempus signature "
"Time bar tick" = "Bar tempore tick "
"Time bar text" = "Text tempore bar "
"Time bar marker text" = "Bar determinatione temporis text "
"Timecode display background" = "Timecode propono background "
"Timecode display selected background" = "Timecode propono delectus background "
"Timecode display text" = "Timecode propono text "
"Timecode display typed text" = "Timecode propono text dactylographabam "
"Waveform" = "Waveform "
"Background waveform" = "Background waveform "
"Muted waveform" = "Muted waveform "
"Loop divider" = "Ansa divisorem "
"Wave marker" = "Undo determinatione "
"Beat marker" = "Percute titulum "
"Auto beat marker" = "Auto titulum pulsu "
"Clip title text" = "Tonde title text "
"Wave clip left/right channel buttons" = "Undo clip left / recto alveo buttons "
"Audio strip" = "Audio nudaveris "
"Muted audio strip" = "Audio Muted nudaveris "
"MIDI strip" = "MIDI nudaveris "
"Muted MIDI strip" = "Muted MIDI nudaveris "
"Marker strip" = "Venalicium nudaveris "
"Collection clip strip" = "Collectio clip nudaveris "
"MIDI note outline" = "MIDI note adumbratim "
"Selected MIDI note" = "Note delectus MIDI "
"Muted MIDI note" = "Note Muted MIDI "
"MIDI notes zoomed out" = "Nota de zoomed MIDI "
"MIDI controllers zoomed out" = "MIDI moderatoris de zoomed "
"Background MIDI notes zoomed out" = "Nota zoomed e background MIDI "
"Background MIDI controllers zoomed out" = "MIDI background de moderatoris zoomed "
"Muted MIDI notes zoomed out" = "Nota de zoomed Muted MIDI "
"Muted MIDI controllers zoomed out" = "Muted MIDI moderatoris de zoomed "
"MIDI editor toolbar background" = "MIDI editor toolbar background "
"MIDI editor keyboard white key" = "MIDI album editor tincidunt clavis "
"MIDI editor keyboard black key" = "Vestibulum tincidunt MIDI nigram clavem "
"MIDI editor keyboard mouse over key" = "Vestibulum tincidunt MIDI muris super clavem "
"MIDI editor keyboard up down arrow" = "Vestibulum tincidunt sagittam sursum deorsum MIDI "
"MIDI horizontal black note band" = "MIDI horizontali nigrum note Cohors "
"MIDI editor note name text" = "Note nomen text emendator MIDI "
"MIDI editor SysEx" = "MIDI editor SysEx "
"MIDI step entry button" = "MIDI gradus introitu puga "
"Recording strip" = "Recording nudaveris "
"CPU meter background" = "CPU metri background "
"CPU meter bar" = "CPU metri bar "
"CPU meter text" = "Metri text CPU "
"Mute button" = "Muta puga "
"Mute button text inactive" = "Muta ipsum text iners "
"Mute button text active" = "Muta ipsum text activa "
"Mute button text rollover" = "Muta ipsum text rollover "
"Solo button" = "Solo puga "
"Solo button text inactive" = "Solo illud puga iners "
"Solo button text active" = "Solo illud puga activa "
"Solo button text rollover" = "Solo illud puga rollover "
"Mute solo dividing line" = "Muta solo discrimine "
"Dialogue background" = "Dialogus background "
"Filter background" = "Sparguntur background "
"Filter name text" = "Sparguntur nomen text "
"Text filter background" = "Spurcamen textus background "
"Text filter name text" = "Text text nomen sparguntur "
"Built in filter background" = "Ædificavit in background sparguntur "
"Built in filter text" = "Ædificavit in textu sparguntur "
"Freeze filter background" = "Frigidus sparguntur background "
"Aux filter colour" = "Auge sparguntur colorem "
"Aux filter text" = "Spurcamen textus auge "
"Rack filter colour" = "Sparguntur color eculeo "
"Rack filter text" = "Spurcamen textus eculeo "
"Rack editor audio connector" = "Eculeus editor audio COPULATRIX "
"Rack editor MIDI connector" = "Eculeus editor MIDI COPULATRIX "
"Synth filter background" = "Synth sparguntur background "
"Synth filter text" = "Spurcamen textus Synth "
"VST filter background" = "VST sparguntur background "
"VST filter text" = "Spurcamen textus VST "
"VST window title bar" = "VST titulus talea fenestram "
"VST window title bar text" = "VST titulus talea text fenestram "
"VST window button" = "VST fenestram puga "
"VST window button text" = "VST fenestra ipsum text "
"Volume pan filter line" = "Sparguntur linea volumen sartagine "
"Volume pan filter line over" = "Sparguntur per lineam volumen sartagine "
"Level meter filter background" = "Sparguntur gradu metri background "
"Floating volume text" = "Natantis volumine text "
"Floating volume lines" = "Natantis volumine lineis "
"Floating volume background" = "Natantis volumine background "
"Selected filter outline" = "Sparguntur delectus adumbratim "
"Filter tree text" = "Sparguntur lignum text "
"Filter tree selection" = "Sparguntur lignum delectu "
"Filter tree background" = "Sparguntur lignum background "
"Selected strip outline" = "Lego nudaveris adumbratim "
"Track name" = "Cozzolani "
"Folder track name" = "Cozzolani folder "
"Track name highlighted" = "Cozzolani highlighted "
"Selected track background" = "Lego track background "
"Per track input device background" = "Per cogitatus track input background "
"Per track input device inactive background" = "Per cogitatus track input iners background "
"Per track input device border" = "Semita input per confinia cogitatus "
"Per track input device rec button" = "Input per vestigia risus fabrica rec "
"Per track input device text" = "Per cogitatus text input track "
"Per track input device meter background" = "Metri diam fabrica per track background "
"Zoom button text" = "Zoom textus puga "
"Zoom button background" = "Lorem ipsum Zoom "
"Dark zoom button text" = "Tenebris zoom textus puga "
"Dark zoom button darkground" = "Tenebris zoom puga darkground "
"Fixed track seperator" = "Certo limite SEPERATOR "
"Track box background" = "Box Lorem track "
"Track box selection" = "Quisque dui track "
"Left panel background" = "Sinistris panel background "
"Browser text" = "Textus pasco "
"Browser light text" = "Textus pasco lucem "
"Browser selection" = "Lectio pasco "
"Browser button text" = "Pasco puga text "
"Browser button background" = "Pasco puga background "
"Loop button background" = "Lorem ipsum ansa "
"Loop button text" = "Ansa ipsum text "
"Loop button active" = "Ipsum activum ansa "
"Loop button active text" = "Ipsum activum textus ansam "
"Strip drag button" = "Expoliem sagena puga "
"Strip drag button over" = "Expoliem super extraho puga "
"Automation button background" = "Automation ipsum dolor "
"Automation button a" = "Automation a puga "
"Automation menu active parameter" = "Automation menu activa modularis "
"Automation line" = "Linea Automation "
"Automation line selected" = "Rectam lego Automation "
"Automation point outline" = "Hoc adumbratim Automation "
"Automation line curve handle" = "Automation ansa linea curva "
"Equaliser graph" = "Equaliser F "
"Marquis selection" = "Marchioni delectu "
"Slider bar" = "Labor lapsus bar "
"Button gradient top 1" = "Button summo CLIVUS I "
"Button gradient top 2" = "Button summo CLIVUS II "
"Button gradient bottom 1" = "I deorsum puga CLIVUS "
"Button gradient bottom 2" = "Imo ipsum CLIVUS II "
"Delete button" = "Delete puga "
"Delete button text" = "Delete illud puga "
"Action button" = "Actionem Bulla "
"Action button text" = "Text actionem Bulla "
"Yellow button" = "Crocus puga "
"Yellow button text" = "Crocus text puga "
"Blue button" = "Hyacinthum puga "
"Blue button text" = "Text hyacintho puga "
"Light blue button" = "Lux hyacintho puga "
"Light blue button text" = "Lux hyacintho ipsum text "
"Default toggle button" = "Default Toggle ipsum "
"Default toggle button selected text" = "Default Toggle ipsum Lego Text "
"Default toggle button deselected text" = "Default Toggle ipsum text deselected "
"Default toggle button background" = "Default Toggle ipsum dolor "
"Transport button background" = "Lorem ipsum onerariis "
"Play button foreground" = "Ludere tesseram foreground "
"Active play button background" = "Quisque ornare ipsum agentem "
"Active play button foreground" = "Ipsum activum fabula foreground "
"Record button foreground" = "Record puga foreground "
"Active record button background" = "Record Lorem ipsum agentem "
"Active record button foreground" = "Ipsum activum record foreground "
"Auto read foreground" = "Auto legitur foreground "
"Active auto read background" = "Lego background activa auto "
"Active auto read foreground" = "Auto activa legere foreground "
"Auto write foreground" = "Auto scribe foreground "
"Active auto write background" = "Auto activa scribe background "
"Active auto write foreground" = "Auto activa scribe foreground "
"FF Rew transport button foreground" = "FF Rew onerariis puga foreground "
"Transport options background" = "Bene transponunt background "
"Big level meter background" = "Big gradu metri background "
"Installing" = "Installing "
"Agree" = "Conveniunt "
"Create a shortcut on the desktop" = "Partum a Brevis in desktop "
"Add Tracktion to the Start menu" = "Add Tracktion ut Satus Menu "
"Checking for updates" = "Reprehendo pro updates "
"Couldn\'t Reach" = "Non potuit adæquare "
"There was an problem contacting the Tracktion website, please check your Internet connection and try again" = "Erat forsit in contingentes Tracktion website Lorem vestri penitus iunctio et rursum "
"New Version Available!" = "Praesto nova! "
"There is a new version of Tracktion available for download v" = "V. Quod nova manum quae tractari Tracktion "
"Later" = "Postea "
"Download" = "Download "
"Don\'t ask me about this version again" = "Rogas version de hoc iterum "
"No Updates Available" = "Nullam nulla libero "
"You are running the latest version of Tracktion" = "Tracktion tardus poema poematis of curris "
"Load User Settings" = "User oneratis Occasus "
"Couldn\'t load this file" = "Non posset hoc file oneratis "
"Save User Settings" = "Salvum User Occasus "
"Couldn\'t write to this file" = "Non scribo hoc file "
"Error writing to user-settings file" = "Scribens lima quod occasus errorem user- "
"Add to Library" = "Adde Bibliotheca "
"You must enter a file name" = "Te oportet intrare per File name "
"Update loop" = "Update ansa "
"Do you want to update this loop or create a new one?" = "Vis ad hoc update vel fasciam novum unum? "
"Update" = "Update "
"Create new" = "Novas "
"Tags" = "Tags "
"Remember my choice" = "Memento mei electionem "
"Loop Library" = "Bibliotheca ansa "
"Some of the selected files are not in the loop library" = "Quosdam lego lima es non in bibliotheca ansa "
"Add path" = "Add semita "
"Scanning for loops" = "Ora pro scanning "
"Preparing loop database for scan" = "Parantibus database ansa pro scan "
"Searching for loops" = "Petet ansas "
"Adding files" = "Addens files "
"Scanning files" = "ENARRATIO files "
"DeleteProp" = "DeleteProp "
"Solo Isolate" = "Solo dissociari "
"Move Up" = "AMMOVEO "
"Move Down" = "Movere "
"Insert a New Clip" = "Clip nova interserere "
"Freeze Track" = "Track duratus "
"Individually Freeze Track" = "Frigidus singillatim Track "
"SelectClipsProp" = "SelectClipsProp "
"Shrink" = "Horreat "
"Grow" = "Crescere "
"Render Track" = "Reddite Track "
"Mute/Unmute All Filters" = "Mute / All Filters Unmute "
"Insert into Tracks" = "Tracks inseres "
"Delete Marked Region" = "Signatum Regionis delete "
"Create Folder Containing" = "Partum Folder Continens "
"Freezes/unfreezes all the selected tracks (freezing some tracks improves performance when there are lots of tracks in use)" = "Gelat / unfreezes omni delectae vestigia (frigore aliqua vestigia emendat perficientur, cum in usu sunt sortem de summo vestigia) "
"Inserts a new clip into this track" = "Interserit novum clip in hoc track "
"Unfolder" = "Unfolder "
"Render Tracks" = "Reddite Tracks "
"Track Wave Input" = "Input track Undo "
"Unfreeze Track" = "Track REGELO "
"Unfreeze Individual Track" = "Singulis REGELO Track "
"Freeze Individual Track" = "Frigidus Individualis Track "
"This track contains MIDI clips which may be inaudible as it doesn\'t output to a MIDI device or a plugin synthesiser." = "Hoc track continet MIDI cohibentes tacita sit, ut non alicui MIDI output machinam aut plugin synthesizer. "
"To change a track\'s destination, select the track and use its destination list." = "Mutare semita destination est, lego track et usum destinatum album. "
"This track contains wave clips which may be inaudible as it doesn\'t output to an audio device." = "Hoc track continet cohibentes unda tacita sit, ut non alicui audio output machinam. "
"Couldn\'t create preset" = "Non potuit creare sapien "
"The track information could not be properly saved." = "Semita notitia non posset salvari proprie. "
"Tracks which output to another track can\'t themselves be frozen; instead, you should freeze the track they input into." = "Output summo vestigia quae ad alterum non possunt track se constringitur: Tu magis frigidam et input in a track. "
"Creating track freeze for \"XDVX\"" = "Frigidus in creando track \"XDVX\" "
"Insert new MIDI clip" = "Nova interserere MIDI clip "
"Insert new audio clip" = "Nova interserere audio clip "
"Select All Clips in Track" = "Fusce cohibentes in Track "
"Can\'t add any more clips to a single track!" = "Non adjiciam ultra ut unum track cohibentes! "
"New MIDI clip" = "MIDI novum clip "
"New marker clip" = "Novum titulum clip "
"New audio clip" = "Novum audio clip "
"New word clip" = "Novum verbum clip "
"Marker" = "Venalicium "
"Destination Output for This Track" = "Hoc destinatio pro Output Track "
"Multiple outputs" = "Multiplex outputs "
"No outputs" = "Non outputs "
"This operation can only be performed on tracks that are not muted or soloed" = "Haec operatio potest fieri nisi per vestigia, quae non sunt, vel muted soloed "
"This operation can only be performed with tracks which all send their output to the same output device or track" = "Et haec quidem operatio in omnibus, quae possunt fieri nisi cum vestigio mittunt ad output output consilium aut eadem track "
"Render" = "Reddite "
"There aren\'t any clips in these tracks to render, render anyway?" = "Non ulla in his vestigiis cohibentes, reddere, redde usquam? "
"There aren\'t any clips in these tracks to render" = "Non sunt aliqui cohibentes, reddere in his vestigiis, "
"The material in the selected tracks is too short to render" = "Angustum est materiale in viis electorum reddere "
"Not a known file format" = "Non noti file format "
"Rendering" = "Reddendo "
"Rendered tracks" = "Lata vestigia "
"Rendered track" = "Redditur track "
"Replace Rendered Tracks" = "Tracks redditur reponere "
"Add Rendered Tracks" = "Add redditur Tracks "
"File" = "File "
"Sample Rate" = "Rate sample "
"Sample Size" = "Sample Size "
"Format" = "Format "
"Bypass Filters" = "Bypass Filters "
"Only Render Marked Region" = "Signatum tantummodo reddes Regionis "
"Track Render" = "Reddite track "
"Select file to render" = "Lego lima ut reddat "
"Insert New Tracks" = "Tracks nova interserere "
"Mute all the selected tracks" = "Tacet omne vestigia lecti "
"Solo all the selected tracks" = "Solo omni delectae tracks "
"Solo-isolate all the selected tracks" = "Aria-dissociari omni delectae tracks "
"Mutes or un-mutes all the filters in this track" = "Facto muti, vel un-facto muti odio omnibus in hoc track "
"Shrinks the height of the selected tracks" = "Refugit altitudinem vestigia lecti "
"Expands the height of the selected tracks" = "Dilatat altitudinem vestigia lecti "
"Freezes the selected track" = "Gelat lego track "
"Select all clips in the track" = "Fusce cohibentes in track "
"Inserts a gap or the clipboard contents into the selected tracks" = "Interserit hiatu aut Clipboard contentis in orbitis delectis "
"Options for deleting the marked region of the selected tracks" = "Bene pro deleting a notatis regionem lego e uestigio "
"Create a folder track containing selected tracks" = "Partum a folder track lego capiat semita "
"Changes the colour of this track" = "Mutat colorem hoc track "
"Name of the track" = "Nomen track "
"Moves the track up" = "Sursum moveat track "
"Moves the track down" = "Movet INVESTIGO "
"Inserts a new track before this one" = "Interserit novum ante hoc track "
"Freeze/unfreeze this track (freezing a group of tracks will improve playback performance)" = "Frigidus / REGELO hoc track (frigore coetus vestigia mos amplio effectus playback) "
"Renders the selected track, and optionally replaces it with the rendered version" = "Reddit lego track et optionally supplet ea lata version "
"Delete all the selected tracks" = "Delere omnes vestigia lecti "
"Rename all the selected tracks" = "TRANSNOMINO omni delectae tracks "
"Renders all the audio clips in the selected tracks, and optionally replaces them with the rendered version" = "Reddit audio clips in omnibus viis electorum, et reddidit eos cum versione optionally reponit "
"Delete this track" = "Hoc track delete "
"Unfreeze Tracks" = "Tracks REGELO "
"Freeze Tracks" = "Frigidus Tracks "
"Unfreeze Individual Tracks" = "Tracks REGELO Individualis "
"Freeze Individual Tracks" = "Tracks duratus Individualis "
"Render into the project directory" = "Reddere in project album "
"Render to a specific file" = "Reddite specifica file "
"Insert space in the marked region" = "Insert spatium in regione notatis "
"Insert clipboard contents at cursor position" = "Cursor, ad contenta in eodem loco inserere Clipboard "
"Clear marked region of selected tracks" = "Ex delectis constat signata vestigiis regionem "
"Clear marked region of all tracks" = "Clara expressa vestigia omnium regionem "
"Delete marked region of selected tracks and close the gaps" = "Delete signata vestigiis et claudere partes delectis hiatus "
"Delete marked region of all tracks and close the gaps" = "Delere omnes signata vestigiis et regionem claudere hiatus "
"Tracks" = "Tracks "
"Expand" = "Collapse "
"Folder" = "Folder "
"Expands or contracts this track" = "Hoc track dilatat vel contractus "
"Combined" = "Componantur "
"Separate" = "Separamini "
"Hidden" = "Occultus "
"New Bars & Beats Marker" = "Nova sedes serae & Venalicium "
"New Absolute TC Marker" = "Novum absolutum TC Venalicium "
"Marker Track" = "Track Venalicium "
"New Tempo Change" = "Tempo novum flecte "
"New Pitch Change" = "Pice novum flecte "
"New Time Signature Change" = "Tempus Mutatur novum Signature "
"Global Track" = "Track global "
"Insert 123 new tracks" = "CXXIII vestigia nova interserere "
"Insert 1 new track" = "I nova interserere track "
"Insert 1 new folder track" = "I nova interserere folder track "
"Delete Track" = "Track delete "
"Nothing to paste" = "Quod crustulum "
"Curve" = "CUBITUS "
"Delete Points from Curve" = "Delete a punctis curvae "
"Displace Curve" = "Supplanta curva "
"Scale Curve" = "Scala curva "
"Only Displace/Scale the Marked Region" = "Tantum supplanta / Ascendite insignis Regionis "
"Simplify" = "Aliquam "
"Copy Marked Region to Clipboard" = "Signatum Regionis ad exemplum Clipboard "
"Paste from Clipboard" = "Crustulum ex Clipboard "
"Automation Curve" = "Automation curva "
"Automation curves" = "Automation curvae "
"Automation Curves" = "Curvarum Automation "
"Adds/subtracts from the values of points in the curve" = "Addit / subtrahi ex valoribus in punctis curvae "
"Scales the values of points in the curve by using a multiplication factor" = "Squamas valores in punctis curvae per multiplicationem factor "
"Removes unneccessary points from the curve" = "Unneccessary removet a punctis curvae "
"Deletes all the points from the curve, or just a subset" = "Delet omnia puncta ex curva, vel tantum subset "
"Copy the marked section of the curve to the clipboard" = "Effingo notatis curva section ut Clipboard "
"Paste any curves on the clipboard in at the cursor position" = "Crustulum curvarum in Clipboard in situ ad cursorem "
"Paste curves at cursor position" = "Farina earum ad locum Cursor "
"Paste curves to fit between in/out markers" = "Crustulum in curvae convenire inter / ex venalicium "
"The marked region of this curve was too short to copy to the clipboard" = "In regionem huius curvae insignis fuit brevior imitari ut Clipboard "
"The marked region was too short to paste into" = "Notatis in regionem fuit brevior crustulum in "
"Automation Parameter" = "Modularis Automation "
"Delete all points from the curve" = "Delete ex omnibus punctis curvae "
"Delete points within the marked region" = "Delete notatis puncta intra regionem, "
"Delete points in the marked region and close the gap" = "Delete notatis puncta in regione et claude gap "
"Couldn\'t find any points inside the marked region" = "Nullatenus inuenissent notatis puncta intra regionem, "
"This region of the curve doesn\'t contain any points to move" = "In hunc locum progredi punctis curvae non habet "
"Light" = "Lux "
"Medium" = "Medium "
"Strong" = "Fortis "
"Simplify only in marked region" = "Aliquam solum in regione notatis "
"Simplify the entire curve" = "Aliquam totius curvae "
"Point" = "Punctum "
"Removed" = "Removentur "
"Glide" = "SUBTERFUGIO "
"Simplify newly-recorded automation" = "Aliquam nuper conscripta Automation "
"Automation Options" = "Bene Automation "
"The time over which recorded automation events will be cross-faded into existing curves" = "Temporis conscripta Automation eventus erit balistarios obrepsit existens curvae "
"Whether a piece of automation should be simplified when it has been recorded" = "An frustum Automation sit simplicior cum fuerit exposita "
"Punch out" = "Ferrum de "
"Punch out (to end)" = "Ferrum de (in finem) "
"Automation options" = "Nulla Automation "
"Hide all automation curves" = "Abscondere omnes curvas Automation "
"Show default automation curve on each track" = "Show defaltam utriusque curvae Automation track "
"Create MIDI controller mappings" = "Partum MIDI moderatoris mappings "
"Please insert an audio CD" = "Inserere libet aliqua Audio CD "
"(not an audio track)" = "(Non audio track) "
"Click and drag anywhere here to preview the tracks" = "Click hic ad unam trahat alicubi vestigia praemonstrare "
"Importing CD tracks" = "Vehentes vestigia CD "
"CD Track" = "CD Album "
"Recorded from CD" = "CD exposita a "
"Disk ID" = "Orbis ID "
"Start Recording" = "Committitur Recording "
"Select All" = "Aliquam "
"Select None" = "Non lego "
"Import Audio CD Tracks" = "Tracks important Audio CD "
"CD drive" = "Coegi CD "
"CD Import" = "CD Import "
"No audio was selected for recording" = "Audio nihil ad id delectus recording "
"Time to record" = "Nunc narraturo "
"Vol" = "Vol "
"Total time to record" = "Totalis tempus recitare "
"No audio tracks on this disc" = "Nulla vestigia hoc audio discus "
"Clip" = "PRAESECO "
"Clips Selected" = "Lego cohibentes "
"Split Clips" = "Split cohibentes "
"Neighbours" = "Vicini "
"Auto-Tempo" = "Auto-Tempo "
"Selects other sets of clips related to this one" = "Eligat unum comparatur ad alterum mutatoria cohibentes "
"Set the edit\'s tempo based on this clip\'s length" = "Statuet edit scriptor tempo fundatur in hoc est scriptor longitudine clip "
"Splits the selected clips into two" = "Cohibentes in duas delectis scindit "
"Copies the selected clips between the in and out markers to the clipboard" = "Aemulatur delectus cohibentes et exivit inter venalicium ut Clipboard "
"Options for moving the clip relative to its neighbours" = "Bene enim movens ad clip accolis "
"Delete all the selected clips" = "Delere omnes delectis cohibentes "
"Can\'t Import Edit" = "Potest non important Edere "
"You can\'t add an Edit which contains this edit as a clip to itself" = "Non potes addere Edit hoc quod continet in se edit quasi clip "
"Delete Clip" = "Delete clip "
"Select Clips" = "Lego cohibentes "
"Copy Marked Section" = "Signatum exemplum Section "
"Move Clip" = "Clip moveat "
"Search for file" = "Quaerere file "
"Do you want to search through a directory for a file called \"XFNX\", or browse for a new file to use?" = "Vultis quaerere per Directorium lima vocatur \"XFNX\" seu fasciculus novus pasco ad utendum? "
"Search Directory" = "Quaerere Directory "
"Browse" = "Honorius "
"Select the new file that this clip should refer to" = "Lego lima quod novum hoc referamus ad clip "
"Directory to search" = "Ad quaerere album "
"Search for lost material" = "Quaerere material perierat "
"No matching files were found in XFNX" = "Non matching lima inventi sunt in XFNX "
"Found file" = "Invenit file "
"Do you want to use the file \"XFNX\" as the source for this clip?" = "Vis ut limam \"XFNX \', ut auctor elit? "
"Split clips at cursor position" = "Cursor, ad scindendum cohibentes positione "
"Split clips at mark-in point" = "Ad scindendum cohibentes in puncto Mark- "
"Split clips at mark-out point" = "Mark de puncto ad cohibentes split- "
"Couldn\'t split clips - no clips were selected" = "Non posse diduci clips - non cohibentes delecti "
"None of the selected clips overlapped this position" = "Nullus in hoc statu lego cohibentes overlapped "
"None of the selected clips lay between the in/out marks" = "Nullum ex delectis inter cohibentes in / de marcis "
"None of the selected clips overlapped the marked region. Nothing was copied to the clipboard." = "Nullum ex delectis cohibentes overlapped notatis in regionem. Nihil expressum, ut Clipboard. "
"Move the selected clips earlier to the meet the end of the previous clip" = "Moveri prius ad occursum cohibentes lego finem prioris clip "
"Move selected clips later to meet the start of the next clip" = "Delectorum cohibentes movere post occursum initium sequentis clip "
"Move the start of the selected clips to the cursor position" = "Cursor, ad lego satus movere cohibentes positione "
"Move the end of the selected clips to the cursor position" = "Move cursorem positio ad finem eligenda cohibentes "
"Assume clip length = XLNX" = "Sumpseris clip longitudinis = XLNX "
"Assume region length = XLNX" = "Sumpseris regione longitudinis = XLNX "
"1 bar" = "I bar "
"Bars" = "Seris "
"Auto-tempo can only work if there are no tempo-changes occurring within the length of the clip" = "Auto-tempo tantum opus possit si nulla sunt tempo-sionibus in longitudinem clip "
"Set the edit\'s tempo based on the marked region" = "Statuet edit scriptor tempo fundatur in regionem notatis "
"This tempo would be beyond the allowable limits!" = "Hoc tempo licita esset ultra limites! "
"Remove the clip from the edit" = "Aufer a edit clip "
"Remove the clip, and delete its source audio file" = "Aufer clip, et delere fonte audio file "
"Delete clip" = "Tonde delete "
"Clear marked region of selected clips" = "Ex delectis constat regio insignis cohibentes "
"Delete marked region of selected clips, and move up any selected clips" = "Delete regio insignis delectorum clips, et moveri sursum ullus lego cohibentes "
"Delete marked region of selected clips, and move up all subsequent clips in the same tracks" = "Delete regio insignis delectorum clips, et omnes sequens admoverent cohibentes in eodem vestigio "
"Delete any parts of clips which overlap the selected clips" = "Delete ullus partes cohibentes overlap in qua electae cohibentes "
"Delete parts of the selected clips which overlap other clips" = "Delete partes delectis cohibentes quae aliudque aliis cohibentes "
"Delete source material" = "Delete principium materiale "
"Are you sure you want to delete the source files as well?" = "Phasellus turpis egestas auctor debeas est? "
"Error while deleting" = "Erroris Dum deleting "
"Couldn\'t delete this file.\r\n\r\nIt may be read-only or in use by another application." = "Non delete file hoc. \r\n\r\nAlterum tantum aut in usus legitur elit. "
"Loop" = "Ansa "
"Clipboard" = "Clipboard "
"The clipboard is full!" = "Clipboard plena! "
"Unnamed Item" = "Item innominatum "
"Click Track" = "Click Track "
"Redo" = "Redo "
"Timecode" = "Timecode "
"Snapping" = "Snapping "
"Automation" = "Automation "
"Movies" = "Movies "
"Debug" = "CIMICO "
"Edit" = "Edit "
"Loading edit" = "Edit loading "
"Tracktion has found a temporary copy of this edit which was saved at a later time than the original edit file." = "Tracktion invenerit tempus edit exemplar quod salvetur postea quam originale file edit. "
"This might have happened because an error occurred before the file could be saved properly." = "Quod factum est, ut proprie possit salvari file antea, quia error. "
"You can either open the more recent temporary copy, or ignore this and open the edit as it was when it was last successfully saved." = "Vel vos can patefacio exemplar recentiorum temporaria, vel dissimulare, et aperire edit sicut fuit quando ultimum feliciter servatum. "
"Open Temporary" = "Aperi temporaria "
"Open Original" = "Aperi Original "
"WARNING!" = "Admonitio! "
"Tracktion is about to overwrite an edit that was created by a previous version." = "Tracktion est rescribere edit quod creatum sit a previous version. "
"After saving, this means that it can no longer be opened by older versions of Tracktion. Is this OK?" = "Post salvis Id versiones antiquae aperiatur Tracktion nulla. Hoc est OK? "
"Unable to save edit \"XEDTX\" to file: XFNX" = "Non liberabunt Edit \"XEDTX per\" File: XFNX "
"File or directory is read-only" = "Read-tantum est album vel file "
"Save edit" = "Salvum emendo "
"Carry on anyway" = "Usquam gereretur, "
"Closing Edit" = "Propinquus Edit "
"Do you want to save your changes to \"XNMX\" before closing it?" = "Vis ut salvum mutationes \"XNMX\" priusquam eam? "
"Discard changes" = "Mutationes abiicias "
"Save As" = "Nisi "
"Save Edit" = "Salvum Edit "
"The file XFNX already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?" = "Lima XFNX praeexistente. Visne rescribere est? "
"Name of the edit" = "Nomen edit "
"Global" = "Global "
"No Midi input was selected to be the timecode source" = "Non input MIDI delectus esse principium timecode "
"Can\'t insert tempo" = "Potest non inserere tempo "
"There are already too many tempos in this edit!" = "Sunt etiam multa iam tempos in hoc edit! "
"Tempo changes must be further than 1 beat apart" = "Tempo mutationes erit ultra absque I pulsu "
"Can\'t insert time signature" = "Potest non inserere tempore signature "
"There are already too many time signatures in this edit!" = "Hoc tempore nimis multi sunt iam in subscriptionibus edit! "
"Time signature changes must be further than 1 beat apart" = "Signature tempore mutationes erit ultra absque I pulsu "
"Show bars/beats" = "Seris ostendere / pulsat "
"Show seconds/millisecs" = "Show secundis / millisecs "
"Show seconds/frames" = "Show secundis / tabulata "
"Ignore hours from incoming timecode" = "Ignorare horas ab ineuntes timecode "
"Change timecode offset" = "Mutare timecode nonummy "
"No MIDI inputs found" = "MIDI inputs non inveni "
"No MIDI outputs found" = "MIDI outputs non inveni "
"MIDI timecode input device" = "MIDI timecode input cogitatus "
"Respond to MIDI machine control from device" = "MIDI apparatus compos respondere ex machina "
"Send MIDI machine control to device" = "MIDI fabrica mittere ad apparatus compos "
"Insert tempo change at cursor" = "Insert tempo mutatio Cursor "
"Remap audio clips" = "Remap audio clips "
"Remap auto-tempo audio clips" = "Remap auto-tempo audio clips "
"Remap MIDI clips" = "Remap MIDI cohibentes "
"Default remapping options" = "Default bene remapping "
"Zoom to show the entire length of the edit on-screen" = "Zoom ostendere totam longitudinem edit screen on- "
"Zoom to show a few seconds around the cursor" = "Zoom ostendere a paucis secundis per circuitum Cursor "
"Zoom to show the marked region" = "Zoom regionis ut ostendat notatis "
"Zoom to show the currently selected clips" = "Zoom ostendere currently delectus cohibentes "
"Change MIDI timecode offset" = "MIDI mutare timecode nonummy "
"Please set the new timecode offset below" = "Commodo nonummy infra posuit novum timecode "
"This edit referenced some external clips that didn\'t exist, so couldn\'t be imported" = "Edit referenced hoc aliqua externa cohibentes ut non sint, sic non posset esse importari "
"Render as an uncompressed audio file" = "Reddite sicut audio file uncompressed "
"Render as a compressed audio file" = "Reddite tamquam compressa audio file "
"Render as a MIDI file" = "Reddite ut MIDI file "
"Create an archive of this edit" = "Create an hoc edit archivo "
"Snap to BWAV" = "Franguntur ad BWAV "
"Add multiple files" = "Files add multiple "
"Do you want to add multiple files to one track or to separate tracks?" = "Vis ut adderetis multiplicata aut singulus lima ut track vestigia? "
"One track" = "Track "
"Separate tracks" = "Separamini tracks "
"BWAV Clip" = "Clip BWAV "
"Do you want clip placed at BWAV timestamp or cursor position?" = "Vis clip collocavit BWAV timestamp aut positionem Cursor? "
"BWAV timestamp" = "Timestamp BWAV "
"Cursor position" = "Cursorem positione "
"You can add an Edit to itself" = "Te potest addere ad ipsum Edit "
"Updating frozen tracks for output device \"XDVX\"" = "Adaequationis gelida gressus output machinam \'XDVX \" "
"Select a movie file to use.." = "Select a movie file uti .. "
"Copy Movie" = "Exemplum Movie "
"Copy video file into project folder?" = "Copy video lima folder in project? "
"Yes" = "Imo "
"No" = "Nulla "
"Imported from directory: XDRX" = "Advectorum e album: XDRX "
"Preview volume" = "Praevius volume "
"Save this edit to disk" = "Nisi ad hoc edit orbis "
"Standard cut/copy/paste operations" = "Vexillum sectis / exemplar / crustulum operationes "
"Import a file as a new clip" = "Important lima ut novum clip "
"Renders or exports the edit in various formats" = "Reddit aut exportantur edit variis Formats "
"Change the timecode type being used" = "Mutare usum type timecode "
"Change the click-track parameters" = "Click-track mutare parametri "
"Options to do with snapping" = "Bene agere cum snapping "
"Track-related commands" = "Semita mandatorum-related "
"Miscellaneous options" = "Miscellaneous options "
"Movie options" = "Bene movie "
"Save edit as" = "Duis ut salvum "
"Save edit as template" = "Ut salvum edit Template "
"Revert to saved state" = "Deveniendum est ad statu salvari "
"Open the directory containing \"XNMX\"" = "Aperire continens album \"XNMX\" "
"Revert" = "Conuertere "
"This will throw away all the changes you\'ve made since the last time you saved this edit.. are you sure?" = "Hoc proiciet omnes mutationes fecistis vobis quoniam in novissimo tempore hoc salvus edit .. certus es? "
"Include clips" = "Includit cohibentes "
"New project template" = "Novum consilium Template "
"Create a new project template" = "Novum consilium Template "
"Create a new track" = "Novum track "
"1234 new tracks" = "MCCXXXIV novum tracks "
"Create several new tracks" = "Novum creare plures tracks "
"Create a new folder track" = "Partum a novus folder track "
"Fit all tracks on screen" = "Omnib vestigia screen "
"Set all tracks to default height" = "Constituitque omnem altitudinem vestigia ad defaltam "
"Turn off click track" = "Averte click track "
"Turn on click track" = "Vicissim click track "
"No count-in" = "Non in comitem- "
"Use a 1 bar count-in" = "I comite uti bar-in "
"Use a 2 bar count-in" = "II comite uti bar-in "
"Use a 2-beat count-in" = "II-uti comitem-in pulsu "
"Pre-record count-in length" = "Pre-record-comiti in longitudine "
"Output device for click" = "Click for output machinam "
"Low volume" = "Minimum volume "
"Medium volume" = "Medii molis "
"Full volume" = "Pleni volume "
"Only click during recording" = "Tantum click per recording "
"Use loud clicks to emphasise bars" = "Utuntur magna clicks vectes ad commendandam "
"Change click settings" = "Click muto occasus "
"Show video window" = "Show video fenestram "
"Set video file" = "Video lima paro "
"Change video start time offset" = "Satus video mutare tempus nonummy "
"Change video timecode offset" = "Mutari video timecode nonummy "
"Please set the new time at which the video playback should begin" = "Quaesumus eam novum quo tempore incipiet playback video "
"Scroll smoothly" = "Scroll teres "
"Show waveforms" = "Show waveforms "
"Run audio engine when stopped" = "Audio Cum machinam currere obstrúctum "
"Audible trimming" = "Audibile qr "
"Return cursor to start position when play stops" = "Cursorem positio rediret committitur cum ludum desinit "
"2 octaves" = "II octabis "
"4 octaves" = "IV octabis "
"6 octaves" = "VI octabis "
"Full scale" = "Pleni scala "
"Default MIDI editor vertical scale" = "Default MIDI emendator eu verticalis "
"Make new clips the size of the marked region" = "Novum cohibentes moli regione notatis "
"Stop all playback when application is minimised" = "Prohibere omnes playback cum application est minimized "
"Warn about lost MIDI notes on MIDI inputs" = "Praedico fere amisit MIDI notes on MIDI inputs "
"Show big input level meters" = "Show magnum metris gradum input "
"Use wheel for zooming, hold down shift to scroll" = "Uti rotam zooming, tenerent transeatur scroll "
"Use wheel for scrolling, hold down shift to zoom" = "Usus scrolling rotam, tenerent transeatur zoom "
"Enable vertical scrolling over clips" = "Tondet reficietur super verticem scrolling "
"Mouse wheel action" = "Rotam actionem mures "
"Use incoming velocities for MIDI step entry" = "MIDI gradus velocitatis in ingressu uti ineuntes "
"Auto show MIDI editor toolbar" = "Auto ostende MIDI editor toolbar "
"Safe-Record mode" = "Tutus-modus Record "
"Enable snapping" = "Enable snapping "
"Snap clips to neighbours" = "Franguntur cohibentes proximis "
"Snap cursor movement" = "Cursorem motus disrumpam "
"Export Type" = "Typus exportare "
"Destination" = "Destination "
"Handle Size" = "Palpate Size "
"Compression" = "ANGOR "
"Include Files from Library Projects" = "Include a Lima Exertus Bibliotheca "
"Export as a single Tracktion Archive file" = "Ut patefacio lima uno Tracktion Archive "
"Export as files in a directory" = "Ut patefacio lima in a album "
"Export complete media files" = "Patefacio lima totus interventus "
"Export shortest possible media files (no handles)" = "Exportare brevissimo media files (non tractat) "
"Use handles of 1/2 second" = "Usu tractat de I / II Secunda "
"Use handles of 1 second" = "Usu tractat de secunda I "
"Use handles of 2 seconds" = "Usu tractat de secundis II "
"Use handles of 5 seconds" = "Usu tractat de secundis V "
"Lossless (approx 2:1)" = "Lossless (proxime 2:1) "
"High quality (approx 4:1)" = "Maximum qualitas (proxime 4:1) "
"Medium quality (approx 8:1)" = "Mediocris (proxime 8:1) "
"Lowest quality (approx 16:1)" = "Imo qualis (proxime 16:1) "
"No compression (1:1)" = "Nullam compressionem (1:1) "
"Archive 1" = "Archive I "
"The amount of extra space to leave at the ends of trimmed audio files" = "Quantum ad fines egredi extra spatium celebratio lima ornaverunt "
"Whether to include audio from files that are in library projects" = "An includant audio lima ut a library sunt in inceptis "
"Select destination file" = "Lego lima destination "
"Select destination directory" = "Lego destinatio album "
"Couldn\'t create archive" = "Non potuit creare archivo "
"Couldn\'t create an archive as the file you chose was a directory" = "Non potuit creare archivum ut lima vos elegit esset album "
"Can\'t write to the destination file - it may be read-only or in use by another application." = "Sem non scribere lima - tantum legitur in alium usum elit. "
"Create archive" = "Partum archivo "
"The target file XFNX already exists - do you want to overwrite it?" = "Scopum file XFNX praeexistente - vis ad eam rescribere? "
"Couldn\'t create the parent directory for this file." = "Ad hoc non potuit creare parens album file. "
"Couldn\'t export" = "Non exportare "
"Couldn\'t create a temporary directory." = "Non posset creare scilicet temporariis album. "
"Couldn\'t create the target directory" = "Non potuit creare scopum album "
"The destination directory to export a project to must be different from its source directory" = "Ad destinatum album patefacio a project oportet esse diversum ab aliquo principio album "
"The target directory XFNX isn\'t empty - do you still want to export files into it?" = "In scopum, est non album XFNX vacua - adhuc volo ut patefacio lima in ea? "
"Couldn\'t write to the target directory" = "Aliquam accumsan Gratia diei "
"The following files couldn\'t be copied successfully:" = "Sequens lima non posset feliciter transtulerunt: "
"Errors whilst exporting" = "Dum errores exporting "
"Exporting" = "Exporting "
"Disk space is critically low!" = "Orbis tractus est ualde humilis! "
"Not all files may be exported correctly." = "Non potest exportari recte totus lima. "
"Click to select this marker; hold down shift/command/alt to select multiple markers" = "Click ad lego hunc titulum: tenerent trabea / imperium / alt lego plures venalicium "
"Click to select this marker; hold down shift/ctrl/alt to select multiple markers" = "Click ad lego hunc titulum: tenerent trabea / Ctrl / alt lego plures venalicium "
"Marker Number" = "Numera Venalicium "
"Absolute" = "Absoluta "
"Bars & Beats" = "Vectes sedes & "
"Marker Type" = "Typus Venalicium "
"Marker Clip" = "Clip Venalicium "
"Project" = "Project "
"Open for Editing" = "Aperi Recensens "
"Find Referenced Material" = "Materia invenire referenced "
"Create a Copy" = "Partum a Copy "
"Export Edit" = "Exportare Edit "
"Create a New Edit" = "Novum Edit "
"Import Material" = "Import materiales "
"Delete Source File" = "File Source delete "
"Find Missing File" = "Reperio Absentis File "
"Edit Audio File" = "Audio File Edit "
"View Movie" = "Considerabit Movie "
"Import External Files" = "Externum important Files "
"Media Clip" = "Media Clip "
"Name of this media clip" = "Nomen huius interventus clip "
"Name of the project that media clip belongs to" = "Exertus quod est nomen media clip "
"Source file$mediasourcefile" = "Source file $ mediasourcefile "
"Clip description" = "Tonde descriptionem "
"Deletes the selected clip or edit" = "Delet lego vel edit clip "
"Opens this edit" = "Aperit edit "
"Creates a copy of this edit$createeditcopybutton" = "Exemplum huius creat edit $ createeditcopybutton "
"Creates a new project containing copies of all the material used by this edit" = "Haec novum continens project paria hoc per cunctos edit materia captatur "
"Lists all the material referenced by this edit" = "Libelli omnem materialem referenced hoc edit "
"Finds any files that this edit uses which aren\'t in this project, and creates copies" = "Quis invenit emendo lima, quod in his quae non sunt usus consilio, et creat copies "
"Creates a new edit inside this project" = "Haec novum edit intus Id "
"Imports a set of media files into this project" = "Important lima in a paro of lacus hoc project "
"Deletes the source media file that this clip references" = "Delet principium huius interventus lima ut References clip "
"Launch an external audio editor for this clip" = "Immittendi externum hoc audio editor clip "
"View movie clip in external viewer" = "Considerabit movie clip in externo inspectoris "
"Searches for the file that this clip refers to" = "Quaero enim lima quod hoc refertur ad clip "
"Deletes the source media files that this clip references" = "Delet principium huius interventus lima quod References clip "
"Delete Source Files" = "Delete Source Files "
"Are you sure you want to move these source files to the trash?" = "Es vos certus vos volo moveo hæc principium lima in quisquilias? "
"This operation can\'t be undone" = "Operatio fieri infectum non potest "
"Couldn\'t delete this file." = "Non delete file hoc. "
"It may be read-only or in use by another application." = "Alterum tantum aut in usus legitur elit. "
"Delete Material" = "Materia delete "
"Do you want to delete the source material files as well as removing these items from the project?" = "Phasellus purus rerum vis atque inde a tellus dolor removenda? "
"Delete Files" = "Delete lima "
"Just Remove Items" = "Transi iusti Items "
"Do you want to delete the source material file:" = "Vis principium materiale elementum lima: "
"As well as removing the clip from the project?" = "Sicut removens a clip project? "
"Delete File" = "File delete "
"Just Remove Clip" = "Transi iusti Clip "
"Are you sure you want to delete this item?" = "Item volo quod debeas delere? "
"Couldn\'t delete all the selected clips!" = "Non delete omnes delectis cohibentes! "
"Media Clip of Type #" = "Media clip Type # "
"Choose a different file for this clip to refer to" = "Sumo a diversus lima ad hoc referre ad clip "
"Rename this file" = "TRANSNOMINO hunc fasciculum "
"Open the folder containing this file" = "Lima folder quod patefacio continentes hunc "
"Do you also want to update the clips in this edit to point at the newly imported items?" = "Numquid et vos vultis ut update cohibentes in hoc novo invecto edit ad punctum items?"
"Update Edit" = "Aliquam update "
"Just Import Files" = "Iustus Import Files "
"No external clips were found in this edit." = "Nullum externum cohibentes inventi sunt in hoc edit. "
"Project not found" = "Exertus non inveni "
"Delete Edit" = "Delete Edit "
"Delete Item" = "Item delete "
"Can\'t rename" = "Non TRANSNOMINO "
"The original file doesn\'t exist" = "File originale non est "
"Couldn\'t find the file that this clip refers to." = "Ad hunc fasciculum elit invenire non possent. "
"Rename file" = "TRANSNOMINO file "
"This will rename the file that this clip refers to." = "Hoc TRANSNOMINO lima quod hoc refertur ad clip. "
"Enter a new name" = "Ingreditur nomen novum "
"The filename you entered wasn\'t legal" = "Filename intrasti non legalis "
"Renaming" = "Renaming "
"A file with that name already exists - is it ok to overwrite this?" = "Cum hoc nomine iam est lima - rescribere sit amet enim? "
"Couldn\'t overwrite the existing file" = "Non existente file overwrite "
"Couldn\'t rename the file - check it\'s not read-only or in use by another application" = "Non TRANSNOMINO lima - legere-solum non reprehendo, vel in alium usum per applicationem "
"Do you also want to change the name of the clip to \"XZZX\"?" = "Numquid et vos vultis ut elit mutare nomen \"XZZX\" "
"Rename clip" = "TRANSNOMINO clip "
"Don\'t rename" = "Non TRANSNOMINO "
"Do you want to search through a directory for a file called \"XZZX\", or browse for a new file to use?" = "Vultis quaerere per Directorium lima vocatur \"XZZX\" seu fasciculus novus pasco ad utendum? "
"Search directory" = "Quaerere album "
"No matching files were found in XZZX" = "Non matching lima inventi sunt in XZZX "
"Do you want to use the file \"XZZX\" as the source for this clip?" = "Vis ut limam \"XZZX \', ut auctor elit? "
"Create a copy of this wave file" = "Partum exemplari huius unda file "
"Basic editing operations" = "Consectetuer adipiscing operationes "
"Edit using XZZX" = "Excepteur usura XZZX "
"Launch this wave file in its default application" = "Duc hoc fluctus application lima in eius defalta "
"Show this wave file in the Finder" = "Monstra in hoc unda file Finder "
"Minimise Tracktion when external editor is launched" = "Minimise Tracktion cum externo editor excusso "
"Set the audio editor to use" = "Statuet uti audio editor "
"Select a new audio editor application" = "Eligere novum application audio editor "
"Couldn\'t find the wave file this clip refers to" = "Fluctisona quaerit invenire non possent file hoc clip "
"No valid wave editor applicaton has been selected" = "Unda non valet editor applicando fuerit delectus "
"Can\'t find the source file for this edit" = "Non reperio lima principium huius edit "
"All material referenced by edit \'XZZX\'" = "Per omnem materialem referenced edit \'XZZX\' "
"Copy of " = "Exemplar "
"Can\'t create a new item because this project is read-only" = "Id quod legitur non tantum mauris novum "
"A Cappella" = "A cappella "
"Acid Jazz" = "Acidum Gothic "
"Acid Punk" = "Acidum Punk "
"Acid" = "Acidum "
"Acoustic" = "Acoustic "
"Alt. Rock" = "Alt. Petræ "
"Alternative" = "Alternative "
"Ambient" = "Ambientium "
"Anime" = "Anime "
"Avantgarde" = "Avantgarde "
"Ballad" = "NAENIA "
"Bass" = "Bass "
"Beat" = "Percute "
"Bebob" = "Bebob "
"Big Band" = "Big Band "
"Black Metal" = "Black Metal "
"Bluegrass" = "Testem, Naevi, "
"Blues" = "Blues "
"Booty Bass" = "Praeda Bass "
"BritPop" = "BritPop "
"Cabaret" = "Cabaret "
"Celtic" = "Celtic "
"Chamber Music" = "Musica thalamum "
"Chanson" = "LYRA "
"Christian gangsta rap" = "Christianus gangsta ICTUS "
"Christian Rap" = "Rap Christiana "
"Christian Rock" = "Christianus Petram "
"Classic Rock" = "Classic Petram "
"Classical" = "Classical "
"Club-House" = "Domus-Stipes "
"Club" = "Stipes "
"Comedy" = "Comoedia "
"Contemporary Christian" = "Aetatis christianae "
"Country" = "Patriae "
"Crossover" = "Crossover "
"Cult" = "Cultui "
"Dance Hall" = "Aula choris "
"Dance" = "Saltabunt "
"Darkwave" = "Darkwave "
"Death metal" = "Mortem metalli "
"Disco" = "Disco "
"Dream" = "Somnium "
"Drum & Bass" = "Tympanum Bass "
"Drum Solo" = "Solo tympanum "
"Duet" = "Missa "
"Easy Listening" = "Audiens facili "
"Electronic" = "Electronic "
"Ethnic" = "Gentilicio "
"Euro-House" = "Domus Euro- "
"Euro-Techno" = "Euro-techno "
"Eurodance" = "Eurodance "
"Fast Fusion" = "Ieiunium Fusion "
"Folk-Rock" = "Vulgares-Petram "
"Folk" = "Vulgares "
"Folklore" = "Folklore "
"Freestyle" = "Nibh "
"Funk" = "Funk "
"Fusion" = "Fusion "
"Game" = "Ludum "
"Gangsta" = "Gangsta "
"Goa" = "Goa "
"Gospel" = "Evangelium "
"Gothic Rock" = "Gothica Petram "
"Gothic" = "Gothic "
"Grunge" = "Grunge "
"Hard Rock" = "Silicem "
"Hardcore" = "Hardcore "
"Heavy Metal" = "Gravis metalli "
"Hip-Hop" = "Coxa-HUMULUS "
"House" = "Domus "
"Humour" = "FACETIAE "
"Indie" = "Indie "
"Industrial" = "Industriae "
"Instrumental pop" = "Instrumentalis pop "
"Instrumental rock" = "Instrumentalis petram "
"Instrumental" = "Instrumentale "
"Jazz" = "Gothic "
"Jazz+Funk" = "Vestibulum + Funk "
"JPop" = "JPop "
"Jungle" = "Truncatis "
"Latin" = "Latinum "
"Lo-Fi" = "Lo-Fi "
"Meditative" = "Meditationis "
"Merengue" = "Merengue "
"Metal" = "Metalli "
"Musical" = "Musicum, "
"National Folk" = "Vulgares nationalibus "
"Native American" = "Paternus American "
"Negerpunk" = "Negerpunk "
"New Age" = "New Senectus "
"New Wave" = "Novae uberisque "
"Noise" = "Sonitu "
"Oldies" = "Oldies "
"Opera" = "Opera "
"Polka" = "Polka "
"Polsk Punk" = "Polsk Punk "
"Pop-Folk" = "Vulgares-pop "
"Pop" = "Pop "
"Pop/Funk" = "Pop / Funk "
"Porn Groove" = "Porn sulcus "
"Power Ballad" = "Potestatem NAENIA "
"Pranks" = "Illanc "
"Primus" = "Primus "
"Progressive Rock" = "Progressivum Petram "
"Psychedelic Rock" = "Psychedelic Petram "
"Psychedelic" = "Psychedelic "
"Punk Rock" = "Punk Petram "
"Punk" = "Punk "
"R&B" = "R & B "
"Rap" = "ICTUS "
"Rave" = "SOMNIUM "
"Reggae" = "Reggae "
"Retro" = "RED "
"Revival" = "SUBORTUS "
"Rhythmic Soul" = "Anima numerosa "
"Rock & Roll" = "Petram & rotuli "
"Rock" = "Petræ "
"Salsa" = "Salsa "
"Samba" = "Samba "
"Satire" = "Satira "
"Showtunes" = "Showtunes "
"Ska" = "Ska "
"Slow Jam" = "Jam tardi "
"Slow Rock" = "Tardus Petram "
"Sonata" = "Sonata "
"Soul" = "Ánimam "
"Sound Clip" = "Clip sonus "
"Soundtrack" = "Vivaldi, "
"Southern Rock" = "Petra australem "
"Space" = "Tractus "
"Speech" = "Loquela "
"Swing" = "INPETUS "
"Symphonic Rock" = "Symphonic Petram "
"Symphony" = "Symphoniæ "
"Synthpop" = "Synthpop "
"Tango" = "Agnus "
"Techno-Industrial" = "Cursus techno "
"Techno" = "Techno "
"Terror" = "Terrorem "
"Thrash Metal" = "Triturabis Metal "
"Top 40" = "Caput XL "
"Trailer" = "Trailer "
"Trance" = "Ecstasi "
"Tribal" = "GENERALIS "
"Trip-hop" = "Trinus-saliunt "
"Vocal" = "Vocalis, "
"Artist" = "Artist "
"Title" = "Title "
"Album" = "Album "
"Year" = "Anno "
"Track number" = "Track numero "
"Comment" = "Comment "
"Genre" = "Genre "
"ID3/Vorbis info" = "ID3/Vorbis info "
"Only Render Selected Tracks" = "Tracks tantummodo reddes Selected "
"Only Render Selected Clips" = "Selected tantummodo reddes cohibentes "
"Normalise" = "Normalise "
"Stereo" = "Stereo "
"Remove Silence at Start/End" = "Aufer silentio Start / End "
"Adjust Level Based on RMS" = "Adjust in gradu Fundatur RMS "
"RMS Level" = "Level RMS "
"Render at 1x Play-Speed" = "Reddere in 1x Play-speed "
"Dithering Enabled" = "Dithering enabled "
"Quality" = "Qualitas "
"Add ID3/Vorbis Info" = "Add ID3/Vorbis Info "
"Allows the output level to be scaled based on its peak level" = "Sino elit ad currit output fundatur ejus apicem, massa "
"Allows the output to be dithered if it is less than 32 bits" = "Permittit ut output est minus quam si dithered XXXII frenos "
"Allows the output level to be scaled based on its average level" = "Sino elit ad currit output fundatur in mediocris gradu suo "
"Sets the desired level for the RMS of the output file" = "Planum RMS ad optatum sets of output file "
"Slows down rendering (in case some plugins have problems with rendering quickly)" = "Cohibetur reddendo (in casu aliquo plugins have problems cum velociter reddens) "
"Adds ID3 or Vorbis tags such as title and artist" = "Addit ID3 vel Vorbis tags ut titulo et artificem "
"Edits ID3 or Vorbis" = "Edits ID3 vel Vorbis "
"Adds ID3 or Vorbis info such as title and artist" = "Addit ID3 vel Vorbis info ut titulo et artificem "
"Export 1" = "I educendo "
"LAME encoder" = "CLAUDIUS encoder "
"The LAME encoder at:\r\n\r\nLMFN\r\n\r\n..didn\'t seem to run properly - please check that it\'s a valid LAME executable." = "Claudos ad encoder: \r\n\r\nLMFN \r\n\r\n.. Que non videtur proprie run - suus \'Lorem illa procederet CLAUDIUS exsecutabile. "
"Render Properties" = "Reddite Substantia "
"Preparing Render" = "Parantibus Reddite "
"Render Thumbnail" = "Reddite Thumbnail "
"Render Progress" = "Reddite Progressus "
"Render In Progress" = "Reddite liciti "
"The export is currently being generated press ok to automatically close the export dialog when completed or cancel to modify the export" = "In educendo est currently ad automatically generatur torcular OK propinquus alternis sermonibus export perfecto ad temperare vel destruant educendo "
"Render Complete" = "Reddite Perficere "
"The export has successfully completed" = "In educendo feliciter expletum "
"MIDI Controller Mappings" = "MIDI moderatoris Mappings "
"Add all parameters" = "Addere omnes parametri "
"Load presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis onere "
"Save preset" = "Nisi sapien "
"Delete presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis tortor "
"Filter mapping preset" = "Vivamus sapien mapping "
"Create a new filter mapping preset" = "Novum colum sapien mapping "
"Name:" = "Name: "
"Not found" = "Non est inventus "
"The filter was not found" = "Sparguntur et non est inventus "
"Select filter" = "Lego sparguntur "
"Select filter to apply preset to:" = "Lego sapien ut spurcamen adhibere: "
"Time" = "Tempus "
"Insert Pitch Change at Cursor" = "Pice inserere mutatio Cursor "
"Inserts a new pitch change at the cursor position" = "Cursorem in situ mutationis inserit novum pice "
"Deletes this pitch change section from the edit" = "Delet huius sectionis de edit mutatio pice "
"Delete this pitch change" = "Delete is mutatione pice "
"Delete all pitch changes from the edit" = "Picem edit delete omnes mutationes ex "
"New Preset" = "New sapien "
"Enter a name for the preset" = "Inire enim nomen sapien "
"An optional description of the preset" = "An optional description sapien "
"And any number of tags sepparated by commas" = "Et quotcunque tags sepparated per commata "
"Created" = "Creati "
"Archived" = "Scrinium "
"Exported" = "Exportatis "
"Frozen" = "Gelida "
"Imported" = "Arcessita "
"Recorded" = "Scripsitque "
"Rendered" = "Lata "
"This file is stored on a networked or removable disk drive" = "Reposita est haec lima in orbis coegi networked vel amotibiles "
"Do you want to make a local copy of the file before importing it?" = "Vis exemplum lima ad loci coram eo vehentes? "
"Make local copy" = "Exemplum loci faciunt "
"Don\'t copy" = "Noli aemulari "
"Couldn\'t make a local copy!" = "Non posset facere exemplar loci! "
"Imported from directory" = "Advectorum e album "
"Imported edit" = "Edit importari "
"Importing material from \'XZZX\'" = "Vehentes a materia \'XZZX\' "
"Importing files in directory \'XZZX\'" = "Vehentes lima in album \'XZZX\' "
"Couldn\'t handle this file format" = "Non palpábunt hoc file format "
"Can\'t import into this project, because it\'s read-only" = "Non importetur in hoc project, quoniam suus \'tantum read- "
"Import an audio or MIDI file" = "Important vel audio file MIDI "
"Import all files in a directory" = "Omnes important lima in a album "
"Unpack an archive and add it to this project" = "Id EXIMO addiderat archivum "
"Import tracks from an audio CD" = "Important vestigia ab Audio CD "
"Import a Mackie .prj project file" = "Importat aliquam Mackie. Prj project file "
"Import a RADAR project" = "Importo a radar project "
"Directory in which to look for material" = "Praesent in materia quaerere "
"Do you want to search all sub-directories in this directory as well?" = "Pellentesque vis quaerere sub hoc album, atque omnia? "
"Can\'t record from CD" = "Non potest ferre de CD "
"Couldn\'t find any suitable CD-rom or DVD drives to use" = "CD-ROM mauris nec reperire non posset, egit, ut idoneus "
"Select the archive to import.." = "Lego archive importat .. "
"This file wasn\'t a valid tracktion archive file" = "Hoc non valet file tracktion archive file "
"Errors occurred whilst trying to unpack this archive" = "Dum conatur ad mentem erroribus EXPEDIO hoc archivo "
"Orphaned material in project: \'XZZX\'" = "Orbitas in materia project: XZZX \' "
"Export Project..." = "Exportare Proiecti ... "
"Name of this project" = "Nomen hoc project "
"Description of this project" = "Id Description "
"This project\'s source file" = "Hoc fonte project scriptor file "
"Exports a copy of this project, optionally as a Tracktion archive file" = "Exportantur exemplari huius project, ut optionally Tracktion archive file "
"Imports a set of media files into this project for use in edits" = "Important lima in a paro of lacus hoc project in usum recensionum "
"Searches for clips which aren\'t used by any edits in the project" = "Quaero enim cohibentes quod non usus aliquo recensiones in exertus "
"Read-Only Project" = "Read-tantum Proiecti "
"This project is read-only" = "Id modo legitur- "
"Find Orphaned Clips" = "Invenire orba cohibentes "
"Find Lost Files" = "Nam inveniat Files "
"Apply to All" = "Conventualis "
"Remember my Choice" = "Memento mei Electio "
"Do you want to copy XZZX into the project directory?" = "Vis ad effingo XZZX in project album? "
"Make Copy" = "Fac Copy "
"Don\'t Copy" = "Non Copy "
"Set tempo to match project" = "Pone tempo project paria "
"Detect Tempo?" = "Detectis Tempo? "
"No tempo information was found in XZZX, would you like to detect it automatically?" = "Non est inventus in tempo notitia XZZX, prudentia in eo ipso vis? "
"Location" = "Location "
"Template" = "Template "
"New Project" = "New Proiecti "
"Select the directory to use" = "Utor lego album "
"You must enter a project name" = "Te oportet intrare per project nomen "
"You must select a valid location" = "Oportet eligere valet location "
"Active Projects" = "Projects activa "
"Library Projects" = "Bibliothecam Projects "
"New project folder" = "New project folder "
"Create a new project folder" = "Partum a novus folder project "
"Select a project or archive file to load" = "Eligere project file ad oneratis seu archivum, "
"Couldn\'t load the project file" = "Non potuit onerare project file "
"Load library projects" = "Oneratis inceptis bibliotheca "
"Do you want to load a single project file, or search a directory for projects?" = "Vis ut tollerent unam file project, exertus enim directorium seu investigabit? "
"Search" = "Quaerere "
"Load single file" = "Oneratis una file "
"Select a directory to search" = "Elige ad quaerere album "
"Do you also want to search all subdirectories recursively?" = "Numquid et vos vultis explorare omnia subdirectories recursively? "
"Recursive" = "Recursive "
"Just this directory" = "Hoc album "
"Select a project to load" = "Eligere project ad oneratis "
"All items in project" = "Omnes items in project "
"Create project" = "Partum project "
"This file already exists - do you want to open it?" = "Iam Gloria - vis aperire? "
"Open" = "Aperi "
"The directory in which you\'re trying to create this project is not empty." = "Id facere conatus es, Directorium in vacuum non est. "
"It\'s sensible to keep each project in its own directory, so would you like to create a new subdirectory for it called \"XZZX\"?" = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, suo quisque sentit Aliquam ut sic dicatur quod vis subdirectory novum \"XZZX\" "
"Create a new subdirectory" = "Novum subdirectory "
"Use this directory anyway" = "Utuntur hoc album usquam "
"The directory already existed and wasn\'t empty, so the project couldn\'t be created." = "Directorium iam non inanis fuit: et sic ipsum non elit. "
"Couldn\'t create the new directory" = "Non potuit creare novum album "
"Couldn\'t write to the file" = "Non scribere ad file "
"Created as the default edit for this project" = "Creavit enim ut default edit Id "
"Choose a directory into which the archive \"XZZX\" should be unpacked" = "Elige in quam archivo album \"XZZX\" debet unpacked "
"Couldn\'t create this target directory" = "Hoc scopum non potuit creare album "
"This archive unpacked ok, but it didn\'t contain any project files!" = "Haec Archivi unpacked OK, sed non continent project lima! "
"All" = "Omnes "
"Or" = "Vel "
"And" = "Et "
"But" = "Sed "
"Not" = "Non "
"(none)" = "(None) "
"1/64 beat" = "I / LXIV pulsu "
"1/32 beat" = "I / XXXII pulsu "
"1/24 beat" = "I / XXIV pulsu "
"1/16 beat" = "I / XVI pulsu "
"1/12 beat" = "I / XII pulsu "
"1/9 beat" = "I / IX pulsu "
"1/8 beat" = "I / VIII pulsu "
"1/6 beat" = "I / VI pulsu "
"1/4 beat" = "I / IV pulsu "
"1/3 beat" = "I / III pulsu "
"1/2 beat" = "I / II pulsu "
"This quantisation won\'t seem to have any effect because the amount is set to 0%" = "Quia non videtur vim habeat hanc vim quantisation sit 0% "
"Mixed" = "Mixta "
"Render Each Track to a Separate File" = "Singulis ut reddat Track separata File "
"Pass MIDI Data Through Filters in the Edit" = "MIDI transire notitia per Filters in Edit "
"32-bit" = "XXXII frenum "
"Note that many filters will swallow any MIDI data that passes into them" = "Quia multa odio Præcipitabit quis notitia ut MIDI transit in eis "
"Renders all tracks to separate files" = "Reddit omnia vestigia separat files "
"Trimming silence" = "Qr silentium "
"Normalising" = "Normalising "
"Couldn\'t read intermediate file" = "Non legitur file intermedias "
"Couldn\'t write to target file" = "Non scribere lima scopum "
"Didn\'t find any audio to render" = "Lorem reddere non invenerunt "
"No MIDI was found within the selected region" = "MIDI non inventus est in regionem delectis "
"Couldn\'t add the new file to the project (because this project is read-only)" = "Non addetis ad minim fasciculus novus (Id quod tantum legitur) "
"The rendered section was completely silent - no file was produced" = "In articulo redditur omnino tacere - file non fuit producta "
"Rendered from edit" = "Redditur ab edit "
"Couldn\'t render, as the selected region was empty" = "Reddere non posset, ut lego regio erat inanis "
"Couldn\'t render" = "Non reddituri "
"Couldn\'t write to this file - check that it\'s not read-only and that you have permission to access it" = "Gratia diei et hunc fasciculum nectunt - Lorem ipsum legere non liceat accedere te et ipsum solum; "
"Couldn\'t render - couldn\'t create the directory specified" = "Reddere non posset - creare non specificatur album "
"The file\r\n\r\nXZZX\r\n\r\nalready exists - are you sure you want to overwrite it?" = "Lima \r\n\r\nXZZX \r\n\r\nIam - Visne rescribere tibi est? "
"Couldn\'t render - the file chosen didn\'t have write permission" = "Reddere non posset - lima electum non permissio scribe "
"No tracks were chosen for rendering" = "Non reddentes vestigia electi erant "
"The chosen section was too short to render, so no file has been produced" = "Parum fuit electus reddere parte, ut non fit Fasciculus "
"Rendering Track" = "Reddendo Track "
"123 Objects of Type: XYYZ" = "CXXIII objecta Type: XYYZ "
"The file XZZX already exists - do you want to overwrite it?" = "Lima XZZX praeexistente - vis ad eam rescribere? "
"Unpacking archive" = "Unpacking archivo "
"Leave existing" = "Relinque existens "
"Can\'t create the tracktion temp directory (XZZX). Make sure you select a suitable temporary folder using the settings screen ASAP!" = "Non possit creare tracktion ten album (XZZX). Planto certus vos lego idoneum tempus usura occasus screen ASAP folder! "
"WARNING: The drive that Tracktion is using for temporary storage is almost full." = "Monitum: coegi ut Tracktion uteretur pro repono tempus est fere plenum. "
"You should make more space on this drive, or move the temporary directory to a bigger drive using the settings screen." = "Vos should planto spatium in hoc aget, aut movet ad maiorem temporaria album screen occasus coegi usura. "
"Displace curve" = "Supplanta curva "
"Scale curve" = "Scala curva "
"Copy points to clipboard" = "Effingo puncta Clipboard "
"Only displace/scale the marked region" = "Tantum supplanta / invadendi regionem notatis "
"Delete points from curve" = "Delete a punctis curvae "
"Paste from clipboard" = "Crustulum ex Clipboard "
"Tempo Curve" = "Tempo curva "
"Adds/Subtracts from the values of points in the curve" = "Addit / subtrahi ex valoribus in punctis curvae "
"Paste curves in at cursor position" = "Cursorem in locum crustulum in curvis "
"Paste curves in to fit between in/out markers" = "Curvae convenire inter crustulum in in / ex venalicium "
"Bpm" = "Bpm "
"Insert Tempo Change at Cursor" = "Insert Tempo mutatio Cursor "
"Copy Points to Clipboard" = "Puncta ad effingo Clipboard "
"Tap Tempo" = "ICTUS Tempo "
"Allows a tempo to be set by \'tapping\'" = "Permittit tempo ponerentur per \"tapping\" "
"Apply" = "Adhibe "
"Click to use the tempo you\'ve just tapped out" = "Click uti tempo youve \'iustus de habitaculo percussoque "
"Click here to tap out a tempo!" = "Click hic ad ICTUS de tempo! "
"Tapped tempo" = "Tempo percussoque "
"Keep tapping!" = "Custodi percussoque! "
"Beats per minute for this section of the edit" = "Huius partis edit minutis pulsat "
"Inserts a new tempo change at the cursor position" = "Interserit novo tempo mutatio in positio Cursor "
"Deletes this tempo section from the edit" = "Delet huius sectionis de tempo edit "
"Copy the selected points on the curve to the clipboard" = "Punctis curvae libros lego, ut Clipboard "
"Delete this tempo setting" = "Delete hoc tempo occasu "
"Delete all tempo changes from the edit" = "Tempo edit delete omnes mutationes ex "
"2 ticks" = "II ticks "
"5 ticks" = "V ticks "
"1/48 beat" = "I / XLVIII pulsu "
"Bar" = "Talea "
"33 bars" = "XXXIII seris "
"1/100 frame" = "I / C frame "
"Frame" = "Loramentum "
"Bar 1" = "I Talea "
"Snap to nearest round number" = "Franguntur ad numerum proxime circum "
"Snap to nearest beat or subdivision" = "Disrumpam et ad proxima pulsati subdivisio "
"Snap to nearest frame" = "Disrumpam et ad proxima frame "
"Insert Time Signature at Cursor" = "Vicis ad inserere Signature Cursor "
"Triplets" = "Trigeminorum "
"Sets the time signature" = "Meat tempus signature "
"Whether this time signature uses triplets" = "An haec tempore signature utitur trigeminis "
"Inserts a new time signature at the cursor position" = "Cursor, ad tempus statum novum interserit signature "
"Deletes this time signature section from the edit" = "Delet temporis huius sectionis de edit signature "
"Delete this time signature" = "Delete tempore signature "
"Delete all time signature changes from the edit" = "Edit delete ex omni tempore mutationes signature "
"Select all clips in the edit" = "Lego omnes in edit cohibentes "
"Select all clips in the same track" = "Aliquam in eodem vestigio tondet "
"Select all later clips in the same track" = "Fusce post cohibentes in eodem vestigio "
"Select all earlier clips in the same track" = "Fusce ante cohibentes in eodem vestigio "
"Select all clips later than the cursor position in the same track" = "Fusce cohibentes serius quam ad cursorem positio in eodem vestigio "
"Select all clips later than the cursor position in all tracks" = "Fusce sagittis quam postea cohibentes in omnibus vestigiis situm Cursor "
"Select all clips before the cursor position in the same track" = "Fusce cohibentes cursorem ante positionem in eodem vestigio "
"Select all clips before the cursor position in all tracks" = "Cursorem in statu lego omnes cohibentes coram omnibus vestigiis "
"Select all clips which overlap the selected ones" = "Fusce sagittis quam cohibentes overlap electorum suorum "
"Select all clips within the marked region" = "Fusce cohibentes intra regionem notatis "
"Select all clips with the same source file" = "Fusce cohibentes cum eodem file "
"Feeds into track 123 (XZZX)" = "Pascat in track CXXIII (XZZX) "
"Feeds into track 123" = "In track CXXIII Feeds "
"Splits the selected clips into two$splitclips" = "Delectis scindit cohibentes in duas $ splitclips "
"Word Clip" = "Verbum Clip "
"Choose a new click sound" = "Eligere novum vox click "
"This wasn\'t a valid wave file" = "Hoc non valet unda file "
"Note (loud)" = "Note (magna) "
"Note (quiet)" = "Note (quiete) "
"File (loud)" = "File (magna) "
"File (quiet)" = "File (quiete) "
"Click Track Settings" = "Click Track Occasus "
"MIDI note numbers to use for MIDI devices" = "MIDI note numeris uti machinis MIDI "
"The MIDI note number to use when playing a loud click on a MIDI device" = "MIDI note numero et uti cum ludens magna Click on a fabrica MIDI "
"The MIDI note number to use when playing a quiet click on a MIDI device" = "MIDI note numero et uti cum ludentibus quietam Click on a fabrica MIDI "
"Audio files to use for audio devices (leave these blank for default sounds)" = "Audio audio lima utor enim cogitationes (blank reliquit his vocibus pro defalta) "
"The wave audio file to use when playing a loud click on a wave output device" = "Fluctus uti audio file cum ludens magna click fluctus output machinam "
"The wave audio file to use when playing a quiet click on a wave output device" = "Fluctus uti audio file cum ludens quietam click fluctus output machinam "
"MIDI Filter" = "MIDI Filter "
"Set Program" = "Pone Program "
"Action" = "Actionis "
"Set All Incoming Note Velocities to Full" = "Constituitque omnem invenientes Note velocitates Full "
"Enable End-to-End" = "Oratio ad finem-fin "
"Time Adjust" = "Tempore Adjust "
"Alias" = "Aliàs "
"Allow MIDI Controller Remapping" = "MIDI rectorem patitur Remapping "
"Select MIDI Inputs" = "Lego MIDI inputs "
"Click the keys to emulate MIDI coming into this input" = "Click claves aemulari MIDI venientem in hunc input "
"Keyboard" = "Tincidunt "
"Merge newly recorded MIDI into any existing clips" = "Merge in novo quolibet existentium MIDI exposita cohibentes "
"Overlay new clips, containing newly recorded MIDI" = "Vestiesque cohibentes novum, in quo nuper conscripta MIDI "
"Replace existing clips with newly recorded MIDI clips" = "Reponere apud noviter existentium cohibentes exposita cohibentes MIDI "
"End-to-End from this device, but don\'t actually record" = "Finem ad-finis de hoc artificio, sed actu non recordum "
"The last time Tracktion was started, the MIDI input device \"XZZX\" failed to start properly, and has been disabled." = "Novissimo tempore Tracktion oreretur, in input MIDI fabrica \"XZZX\" Defeci recte committitur, et debilitatum fuerit. "
"Use the settings panel to re-enable it." = "Uti re-enable is occasus panel. "
"The program change can not be sent since no MIDI channel is selected." = "Rationem mitti non potest quia non est transmutatio MIDI alveo eligitur. "
"Early" = "Diluculo "
"Late" = "Sero "
"Recording" = "Recording "
"Couldn\'t open the MIDI port" = "Posse aperire in portum MIDI "
"MIDI Input" = "Input MIDI "
"The action used when adding newly recorded MIDI to the edit" = "Cum et recens addito exposita ad actionem edit MIDI "
"Selects which MIDI channels are allowed in" = "Deligit quae dantur in canalibus MIDI "
"Whether to accept incoming events on this MIDI channel" = "Utrum accipere ineuntes hac quidem de alveo MIDI "
"The name that gets shown on-screen for this device" = "Screen nomen ostendit quod ratio movet "
"The channel number to use for MIDI that gets recorded from this device" = "Alveo numerus utor enim MIDI quod scriptum gets hac subtilitate "
"The program number to use for MIDI that gets recorded from this device" = "Ratione uti ad numerum MIDI quod scriptum gets hac subtilitate "
"Choose program by its GM instrument name" = "Eligite progressio per instrumentum nomen GM "
"The type of quantisation to apply to the input events" = "Genus adhibere ad input rerum quantisation "
"If enabled, all incoming note-on events will be given a velocity of 127" = "Si posset, in omnes eventus ineuntes note-dabitur velocitate CXXVII "
"The time by which recorded MIDI will be shifted before adding to the edit" = "Quo tempore memorauimus MIDI erit ante mouerunt edit augente "
"Whether MIDI controller events are available for mapping to filter parameters" = "Utrum eventus praesto MIDI moderatoris Mapping ut spurcamen parametri "
"Whether MIDI events from this device are passed through into its track\'s filters" = "Utrum eventus MIDI hac subtilitate quae transierunt in suum semita scriptor odio "
"Virtual MIDI Input" = "Input virtualis MIDI "
"Set the input devices this devices recieves input from" = "Statuet input artes hoc input a cogitatiónibus recieves "
"Deletes this input" = "Delet hoc input "
"No MIDI inputs" = "Non MIDI inputs "
"Pre-Delay" = "Mora pre- "
"Send MIDI Timecode" = "Mitte MIDI Timecode "
"Send MIDI Clock" = "Mitte MIDI Clock "
"Program Names" = "Progressio Nominibus "
"MIDI Output" = "MIDI Output "
"The last time Tracktion was started, the MIDI output device \"XZZX\" failed to start properly, and has been disabled." = "Novissima hora est Tracktion coepi, MIDI output machinam \'XZZX \"Defeci recte committitur, et debilitatum fuerit. "
"Time by which MIDI notes are shifted before playing" = "Tempore quo MIDI notis ludens coram transferentium "
"Whether to send MIDI timecode from this device" = "Num mittere MIDI timecode hac subtilitate "
"Whether to send MIDI clock from this device" = "Utrum horologium ex hoc fabrica mittere MIDI "
"New Program Name Set" = "Progressio nomen novum Pone "
"Create a new program name set" = "Partum a novus progressio nomen statuto "
"Delete Program Name Set" = "Phasellus elit nomen Pone "
"Are you sure you want to delete this program name set?" = "Phasellus Vestibulum velit hoc nomen positum debeas? "
"Couldn\'t open device" = "Machina non aperire "
"Midi" = "MIDI "
"Recording error - disk space is getting dangerously low!" = "Recording error - orbis tractus est questus periculose humilis! "
"Take" = "Tolle "
"The current project is read-only, so new clips can\'t be recorded into it!" = "Current-project legitur tantum, ut novum non potest exposita cohibentes in eam! "
"The directory\r\nXZZX\r\ndoesn\'t exist" = "Directorium \r\nXZZX \r\nnon est "
"The directory\r\nXZZX\r\n doesn\'t have write-access" = "Directorium \r\nXZZX \r\n scribe-access non habet "
"Can\'t overwrite the existing file:" = "Non rescribere existens file: "
"Couldn\'t record!" = "Non posset conscribere! "
"Couldn\'t create the file: XZZX" = "Non potuit creare file: XZZX "
"The device \"XZZX\" \r\nnever reached the trigger threshold set for recording (THRX)." = "Cogitatus \"XZZX\" \r\nnumquam ad limen felis positus recording (THRX). "
"The device \"XZZX\" \r\nnever got as far as the punch-in marker, so didn\'t start recording!" = "Cogitatus \"XZZX\" \r\nferrum numquam ascendit usque in titulum, ita non committitur recording! "
"The device \"XZZX\" \r\nrecorded a zero-length file which won\'t be added to the edit" = "Cogitatus \"XZZX\" \r\nexposita a nulla-longitudine lima quod non addidit ad edit "
"Couldn\'t create audio files for multiple takes" = "Non potuit creare multiplex audio lima pro sumit "
"Couldn\'t add the new recording to the project!" = "Non addunt novam recording ad project! "
"Couldn\'t add the new recording to the project, because the project is read-only" = "Praesent in memoria non addunt novi, quod legitur, sed diam "
"Input levels (right-click for options)" = "Input campester (vox-click pro bene) "
"Overlay newly recorded clips onto edit" = "Vestiesque noviter exposita cohibentes edit onto "
"Replace old clips in edit with new ones" = "Restituo vetus cohibentes in edit cum novas "
"Don\'t make recordings from this device" = "Tabulas scripto non ex arte "
"Bit Depth" = "Profundum frenum "
"Input Gain" = "Lucrum input "
"Filename" = "Filename "
"Reset Filename" = "Reset filename "
"File Format" = "File Format "
"Trigger Level" = "Felis mauris "
"Auto-Detect" = "Auto-deprehendere "
"Record Mode" = "Modus recordum "
"Treat as Stereo Channel Pair" = "Domuit par tractandum Stereo "
"Use the Same Properties for All Devices" = "Easdem proprietates omnes machinae "
"Whether this output uses two channels as stereo, or just one mono channel" = "Utrum hoc output utitur ut duobus Stereo rivos, an una MONO alveo "
"Sets whether the input should be continuously played when this input is active" = "Ponetque de input debet utrum hoc continue, cum lusit input est activa "
"The gain factor to apply to the input signal" = "Lucrum factor adhibere ad signum input "
"The input level to wait for before starting recording" = "Gradum input expectare ante incipiens recording "
"The sync correction by which newly recorded clips are shifted" = "Sync exposita cohibentes correctionem hanc qua noviter sunt mutati "
"Measure the best time adjustment for this device" = "Tempus optimum ad hoc fabrica temperatio metiretur "
"The filename pattern for newly recorded files (see popup help for more info)" = "Filename recens exemplum proditum files (see more info populus ad auxilium) "
"Format to record new files in" = "Format ad commemorare novum in files "
"Resets the filename pattern back to its default value" = "Resets filename exemplar eius defaltam ad valentiam "
"The number of bits per sample to use when recording" = "Numerus frusta per sample uti cum recording "
"If enabled, all input devices will share the same settings" = "Si posset, eadem occasus erit particeps cogitationum omnium input "
"Copy this device\'s settings to other devices" = "Effingo hoc artificio est scriptor occasus aliis machinulis "
"Leave other devices setting unchanged" = "Relinquo aliis machinulis statuentes immutata "
"Wave Audio Output" = "Audio unda Output "
"Left/Right Reversed" = "Left / Ius inuersam "
"Should a pair of channels be treated as stereo, or two separate inputs?" = "Ut par rivos haberi Stereo, vel duos singulus inputs? "
"Whether the output from this device should be dithered" = "Utrum output de hoc artificio esse dithered "
"Flips the output to the left/right channels" = "Flips in output ad sinistram / ius rivos "
"Default audio output" = "Celebratio Default output "
"Default MIDI output" = "Default MIDI output "
"Virtual MIDI device" = "Virtualem fabrica MIDI "
"Enter a name for the virtual MIDI device" = "Nomen enim virtualem fabrica intrare MIDI "
"Name is already in use!" = "Nomen in usu iam est! "
"Wave Audio Input" = "Audio unda Input "
"Record Error" = "Error recordum "
"Level meters decay slowly" = "Deficimus metris gradum sensim "
"Level meters decay quickly" = "Deficimus gradu metris ocius "
"Level meters decay instantly" = "Statim metris gradum Deficimus "
"Level meter peaks drop after 2 seconds" = "Post II secundis gradu metri iuga cædere "
"Level meter peaks drop after 10 seconds" = "Iuga stillabunt X secundis post gradu metri "
"Level meter peaks never drop" = "Gradu metri iuga numquam stillabunt "
"Ctrl + Shift + S" = "Ctrl + + S Shift "
"Command + Shift + S" = "S + + imperium Shift "
"Safe Record" = "Tutum Record "
"Safe Record: press XZZX to stop" = "Tutum Record: torcular XZZX prohibere "
"No audio device is selected!" = "Audio non inventum est lego! "
"Please enable a device on the settings page" = "Vestibulum a fabrica super fundis page "
"Can\'t play in loop mode unless the in/out markers are further apart" = "Potest non ludere in ansa modum nisi in / ex venalicium sunt diductiore "
"To record in loop mode, the length of loop must be greater than 2 seconds." = "Litteris ansa modus longitudo maior est ansa secundis II. "
"Recording can be done in either loop mode or punch in/out mode, but not both at the same time!" = "Magnetophonicae potest fieri sive in ansa modum vel ferrum / ex modum, sed non ambo simul! "
"Recording is only possible when at least one active input device is assigned to a track" = "Recording solum possibile est saltem unum activum cogitationis input assignatur track "
"Can only abort a recording when something\'s actually recording." = "APSTRAHO possunt, nisi cum aliquid magnetophonicae suus \'vere commemorare. "
"Set tags" = "Pone tags "
"Browse to folder containing this file" = "Philoponus, ut folder continentes hunc fasciculum "
"Plays the selected file" = "Ludit lego lima "
"Stops playback of the selected file" = "Sistit playback electorum file "
"Auto-Play" = "Auto-ludere "
"Auto-play the selected file" = "Auto-lascivio lego lima "
"Loop the playback of the file" = "Ansa of lima in playback "
"Mono" = "MONO "
"Beats" = "Pellit "
"Tip: remember that this \'A\' button can also be dragged-and-dropped onto filters and parameters" = "Tip: memento ut hoc, \'A\' et potest trahi puga-et-omissa onto et odio porttitor "
"Click to choose an automatable parameter, or drag this onto a filter or parameter" = "Click ad eligendum automatable modularis, seu protrahar colum vel onto a parameter "
"Hide automation curves on this track" = "Hoc track abscondam Automation curuarum "
"Select the filter that contains this parameter" = "Lego quod continet sparguntur hoc parameter "
"Automatable parameters for this track" = "Automatable parametri hoc track "
"Master filter parameters" = "Magister sparguntur parametri "
"Active parameter curves" = "Activae modularis curvae "
"Parent curve" = "Curva Parenti "
"Label" = "Pittacium "
"Automation point" = "Punctum Automation "
"Automation points" = "Automation punctis "
"Automation Point" = "Punctum Automation "
"Click and drag to move this point; command-shift-drag to move all points; double-click to delete" = "Et trahere ad movere click hic: imperium trabea-trahere ad movere omnia puncta; Geminus-click ut delete "
"Click and drag to move this point; ctrl-shift-drag to move all points; double-click to delete" = "Et trahere ad movere click hic: Ctrl trabea-trahere ad movere omnia puncta; Geminus-click ut delete "
"Click and drag to curve this line" = "Click ad trahunt hanc lineam curvam "
"Click and drag (or double-click) to create a new point" = "Click trahunt (vel geminus-click) novam creare punctum "
"Folder bookmarks file" = "Lima folder bookmarks "
"Browses to parent folder" = "Pascitur parentis folder "
"Project Files" = "Lima Exertus "
"Project Directory" = "Directory Project "
"Refresh" = "Retrahe "
"Delete bookmark for current folder" = "Phasellus faucibus ipsum in current folder "
"Bookmark current folder" = "Suspendisse current folder "
"Folder not found" = "Folder non inveni "
"Folder not found: do you want to delete this bookmark?" = "Folder non invenietur: vos volo ut delete is Bookmark? "
"Project files" = "Project files "
"Drives" = "Agitet "
"Allows for browsing for audio files" = "Permittit enim celebratio lima pro pasco "
"Items" = "Items "
"Item" = "Item "
"Split clips" = "Split cohibentes "
"Merge MIDI clips" = "Merge MIDI cohibentes "
"Change speed" = "Velocitatem mutare "
"Sets the playback speed" = "Sets celeritas playback "
"Octave" = "Octava "
"Semitones" = "Semitonia "
"Semitone" = "Semitonio "
"Cents" = "Cents "
"Cent" = "Cent "
"Reset to original speed" = "Reset ut exemplar celeritate "
"Collection Clip" = "Clip collection "
"Collection clips" = "Collectio cohibentes "
"CPU Time" = "Tempus CPU "
"CPU Percent" = "CPU sentio "
"Latency" = "Latency "
"Monitoring" = "Cras "
"Audio File Reading" = "Audio File Reading "
"ms" = "MS "
"Inside Rack" = "Intus eculeo "
"CPU Usage" = "Syntaxis CPU "
"Low Latency Monitoring" = "Minimum latency adipiscing "
"Disables high latency plugins on tracks with live inputs." = "Priuat alto vestigia in plugins latency inputs vivunt. "
"This will go through each track disabling the highest latency plugins until" = "Hic ibit per singulos disabling track usque ad summum latency plugins "
"The maximum latency time is reached. This can be set from the main settings page." = "Maxime tempore latency ventum est. Hoc possunt a occasus pelagus page. "
"This may affect the audio signal being monitored." = "Hoc afficiat audio signo viverra. "
"If possible use the low latency mode provided by your hardware to monitor directly." = "Si fieri potest uti humilis latency ad modum cautum vestri monitor hardware consequat. "
"Freeze Edit to Lower CPU" = "Frigidus Edit inferioribus CPU "
"Freezes all tracks which don\'t have any live inputs to drastically reduce CPU usage." = "Coit omnis vestigia quae non habent aliquid inputs vivunt PRORSUS ad reducere CPU ritus. "
"Performing this operration should enable you to reduce your audio hardware buffer size and therefore round-trip latency." = "Ut perficeret operration enable vos redigo vestri audio hardware buffer moli ergo circum-trinus latency. "
"Freeze Selected Tracks" = "Tracks duratus Selected "
"Group by Track" = "Humus per Track "
"Disable Selected Filters" = "Selected disable Filters "
"Enable Selected Filters" = "Selected enable Filters "
"Unfreeze Edit" = "REGELO Edit "
"Freeze Edit to lower CPU" = "Excepteur duratus ad inferiorem CPU "
"Filter presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis Filter "
"Restores the filter to one of the preset states" = "Sparguntur restituit civitates ad unam sapien "
"Takes the current filter settings, and stores them as a preset" = "Accipit current occasus sparguntur, et reponit in sapien "
"Load from an fxb/fxp file" = "Ab onere fxb / file fxp "
"There aren\'t any presets defined for this filter type" = "Etiam iaculis mollis sparguntur ratio ad hoc non fuerint diffinita "
"Load fxb file" = "Oneratis file fxb "
"An error occurred when loading this file" = "Error occurrit cum oneratisque hunc fasciculum "
"Save a bank file" = "Praeter oram file "
"Save a preset file" = "Nisi sapien file "
"Add a new filter preset" = "Addere novum colum sapien "
"Enter a name for this new preset:" = "Ingreditur nomen novum sapien: "
"Select the file to save" = "Lego lima ut salvum "
"Save bank/preset file" = "Salvum ripam / sapien file "
"An error occurred when saving this file" = "Error occurrit cum is lima saving "
"Groove editor" = "Editor sulcus "
"Pattern length" = "Quarum longitudo "
"Notes" = "Notes "
"Each note = 1/8 beat" = "Quisque note = I / VIII pulsu "
"Each note = 1/4 beat" = "Quisque note = I / IV pulsu "
"Each note = 1/3 beat" = "Quisque note = I / III pulsu "
"Each note = 1/2 beat" = "Quisque note = I / II pulsu "
"Each note = 1 beat" = "Note = I singulis pulsu "
"Grooves" = "Striatus "
"No groove templates defined" = "Non sulcus templates definiri "
"Create a New Template" = "Novum Template "
"Delete Template" = "Template delete "
"Rename Template" = "TRANSNOMINO Template "
"Reset Template" = "Template reset "
"Import Template" = "Import Template "
"Export Template" = "Template exportare "
"Groove Templates" = "Sulcus Templates "
"Loads a template from a file" = "A luctus lacinia purus a file "
"Saves the selected template to a file" = "Template ut salvet lego lima "
"Creates a new groove template" = "Haec novum sulcus template "
"Renames the selected groove template" = "Renames lego sulcus template "
"Resets all values in the selected groove template" = "Resets omnibus valoribus in selectis sulcus template "
"Deletes the selected groove template" = "Delet lego sulcus template "
"Create new groove template" = "Template Lorem sulcus "
"Enter a name for this template:" = "Lorem ipsum dolor intrare hoc nomen: "
"Delete groove template" = "Delete sulcus template "
"Are you sure you want to delete this?" = "Phasellus egestas id debeas? "
"Rename groove template" = "TRANSNOMINO sulcus template "
"Enter a new name for this template:" = "Lorem hoc nomen novum inire; "
"Reset groove template" = "Reset sulcus template "
"Are you sure you want to reset this?" = "Reset debeas vult hoc esse? "
"Import Groove Template" = "Important sulcus Template "
"Couldn\'t read this file format correctly" = "Non recte legit file format "
"Save Groove Template" = "Salvum sulcus Template "
"An error occurred when writing to this file" = "Error occurrit scribens ad hunc fasciculum nectunt "
"Click to enable/disable recording from this input device" = "Click ad enable / disable recording de hoc artificio input "
"Shows the input device for this track - click to select the device or change it" = "Ostendit hoc artificio input track - clicca lego vel mutare consilium "
"No input" = "Non input "
"Audio Tracks" = "Audio Tracks "
"MIDI Tracks" = "Tracks MIDI "
"Number of inputs" = "Numerus inputs "
"Assign all inputs to consecutive tracks" = "Assignaret omnium inputs continuos metus ut "
"Enable/Disable all devices for recording" = "Enable / disable totus machinas recording "
"Current input level" = "Current gradu input "
"Can\'t add input!" = "Non input potest adicere? "
"You can\'t add a track\'s output to it\'s own input!" = "Vos can adaugeo a semita non est proprium input output est! "
"Filters loops by instrument" = "Per instrumentum ansas Filters "
"Filters loops by genre" = "Filters ansas a genre "
"Filters loops by descriptor" = "Filters ansas per descriptor "
"Filters loops by musical key" = "Filters ansas musicum per clavem "
"Reset Selection" = "Lectio reset "
"Filters loops by filename" = "Filters ansas a filename "
"Scan for Loops" = "Ansas in scan "
"Key" = "Key "
"The loop library does not currently contain any loops" = "Ansa bibliotheca non currently contineant ansas "
"Loop settings" = "Occasus ansa "
"Allows for quick loop searching" = "Permittit enim ansa vivos quaerere "
"Adds a new marker" = "Addit novum titulum "
"Deletes a marker" = "Delet determinatione "
"Add bars & beats marker" = "Add vectes & titulum pulsat "
"Add absolute TC marker" = "Adde merum titulum TC "
"A list of markers in the edit" = "A album of venalicium in edit "
"Filter parameters" = "Sparguntur parametri "
"To create a new filter, drag this button onto a track\'s outputs or an audio clip" = "Ad novum colum extrahite ipsum hac semita onto scriptor outputs vel audio clip "
"Click to select" = "Click ad lego "
"Click and drag to change the position of this pitch-change" = "Click trahunt mutare positio mutationes picea "
"Delete Preset" = "Phasellus sapien "
"Confirm Preset Deletion?" = "Morbi id dictum corroborandum Deletione? "
"Are you sure you want to remove the selected preset from all projects?" = "Es vos certus vos volo ut aufero a sapien delectis omnes sermones? "
"Preview" = "Praevius "
"Enables live preview for selected presets" = "Facit vivere ad lego Etiam iaculis mollis Praevius "
"Applies the selected preset to the selected track" = "Morbi id dictum lego track lego applicat ad "
"Inputs" = "Inputs "
"Sets the inputs to use for previewing the preset" = "Sets inputs utor enim in sapien previewing "
"Outputs" = "Outputs "
"Sets the output to use for previewing the preset" = "Uti ad occasum output previewing in sapien "
"Filters presets by filename" = "Etiam iaculis mollis odio a filename "
"Midi input" = "MIDI input "
"Midi output" = "MIDI output "
"Rack filter editor" = "Sparguntur editor eculeo "
"Drop a filter here to add to the rack" = "Stillabunt sparguntur hic adiungere eculeo "
"This type of filter isn\'t allowed inside a rack!" = "Huiusmodi sparguntur non licet intra eculeo! "
"Add filter to rack" = "Sparguntur addere equuleo "
"Do you want to auto-connect this filter?" = "Vis ut hoc auto-filter coniungi? "
"Drop a filter here to create a new rack" = "Sparguntur hic stillabunt novam creare eculeo "
"New rack filter" = "Eculeus novum colum "
"New Rack" = "New eculeo "
"Creates a new, empty rack filter" = "Haec novum, inanis eculeo sparguntur "
"Show One Rack" = "Unum ostende eculeo "
"Shows either one or two rack filters on-screen" = "Ostendit, aut unum aut duos eculeo odio in-screen "
"Show Two Racks" = "Duo ostendere quatit "
"Create new empty rack" = "Lorem vacua eculeo "
"Load a preset rack" = "Morbi id dictum onere eculeo "
"Too many rack filters!" = "Odio etiam multis tormentis! "
"Click to select this clip; hold down shift/command/alt to select multiple clips" = "Click ad lego hoc clip: tenerent trabea / imperium / alt eligere multiplex cohibentes "
"Click to select this clip; hold down shift/ctrl/alt to select multiple clips" = "Click ad lego hoc clip: tenerent trabea / Ctrl / alt eligere multiplex cohibentes "
"Moves the start of this clip, but keeps the contents fixed in relation to the other tracks (+ alt key to stretch the clip)" = "Movet initio huius clip, sed custodiat in relatione quidem ad alia contenta in eodem vestigio fixi (Alt + key tendere clip) "
"Moves the start of this clip and the clip\'s contents, but keeps the end position fixed (+ alt key to stretch the clip)" = "Movet initio huius clip argumenta et clip, sed finem habet situm determinatum (Alt + key tendere clip) "
"Moves this clip\'s start and end, but keeps the contents fixed in relation to the other tracks" = "Hoc est initium et finis movet elit, sed remanet quantum ad alia contenta vestigia certa "
"Slips the contents of this clip, keeping the start and end points fixed" = "Summa haec taleae elit, initium et finem puncta fixa tenens "
"Toggles the loop state of this clip" = "Toggles ansa status hujus clip "
"Changes the end time of this clip, also moving the clip\'s contents (+ alt key to stretch the clip)" = "Nuper mutata finis huius temporis clip, etiam movendum clip argumenta (Alt + key tendere clip) "
"Changes the end time of this clip (+ alt key to stretch the clip)" = "Nuper mutata finis huius temporis clip (Alt + key tendere clip) "
"Moves the start" = "Movet satus "
"Moves the end" = "Movet finis "
"Click and drag to change this clip\'s position and track" = "Click muto et trahunt hanc positionem et semita clip "
"Mark-in position" = "Mark-positione "
"Mark-out position" = "Mark-de situ "
"Drag left/right to resize filter area; double-click to maximise/minimise" = "Trahite left / area ius resize sparguntur; Geminus-click ut maximize / minimize "
"Drag left/right to resize panel area; double-click to maximise/minimise" = "Trahite left / ius resize panel plicitus Geminus-click ut maximize / minimize "
"Snap resolution" = "Franguntur resolutione "
"Drag this button onto the outputs of the track where you want to create a new filter" = "Hoc ipsum trahere e vestigio outputs onto ubi vis ad novum colum "
"Show/Hide global track" = "Show / Protexisti global track "
"Show/Hide marker track" = "Show / Protexisti titulum track "
"Show/Hide the track inputs" = "Show / absconde track inputs "
"Racks" = "Rastellis "
"Show/Hide rack filters" = "Show / Protexisti odio eculeo "
"Show/Hide the filter panel" = "Show / Protexisti sparguntur panel "
"Show/Hide the controls panel" = "Show / Protexisti imperium panel "
"Hide/show the left pane" = "Absconde / ostendere sinistram pane "
"Browser" = "Pasco "
"Loops" = "Ansas "
"Markers" = "Venalicium "
"MIDI mappings" = "MIDI mappings "
"Presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis "
"Set what is displayed in the left pane" = "Posuit quod monstratur in sinistra pane "
"Tempo point" = "Tempo punctus "
"Tempo points" = "Tempo punctis "
"Click and drag to move this point; shift-drag to move all points; double-click to delete" = "Et trahere ad movere click hic: trabea-trahere ad movere omnia puncta; Geminus-click ut delete "
"Drag to move the cursor or viewport; right-button-drag to zoom" = "Trahere ad movere viewport sive Cursore, iure-ipsum-traheret zoom "
"Click and drag to change the position of this time signature" = "Click trahunt mutare positio tempore signature "
"Solo isolate" = "Solo dissociari "
"Reset all muted/soloed tracks" = "Reset omnes muted / vestigia soloed "
"Mutes/solos this track (right-click for more options)" = "Facto muti / solos hoc track (vox-click for magis bene) "
"This track has a VST synthesizer but doesn\'t output to a wave device, so the synth may not be audible" = "Hoc track est a VST synthesizer, sed non output machinam unda, ita ut non sit audibilis synth "
"This track has a VST synthesizer after some other filters - these filters may not have any effect on the sound" = "Hoc track est a VST synthesizer post alia odio - Haec odio habeant aliquem effectum in sono "
"Drag with the left button to resize a track.\r\nDrag with the right-button to rescale all the tracks above this one" = "Ita sinistra ut felis trahunt resize vestigii. \r\nCum trahere puga pyga ut vox-rescale omnes semitae super hoc unum "
"Copy selected tracks to clipboard" = "Orbitis rescribatur delectus, ut Clipboard "
"Delete selected tracks" = "Delete vestigia lecti "
"Insert clipboard at cursor position" = "Cursorem in loco inserere Clipboard "
"Create folder track containing" = "Partum folder capiat semita "
"Select all tracks" = "Lego omnes semitae "
"Select all clips in this track" = "Hoc track lego omnes in cohibentes "
"Deselect all clips in this track" = "Deselect omnes cohibentes in hoc track "
"Expand track" = "Capitulum track "
"Shrink track" = "Horreat track "
"Track inputs" = "Track inputs "
"Track outputs" = "Track outputs "
"Track filters" = "Track odio "
"Whole track" = "Omnis semita "
"Set image" = "Pone imago "
"Replace items" = "Reponere items "
"Merge items" = "Coalescunt items "
"Click to select this track; double-click to expand or shrink it" = "Click ad lego track hoc, geminus-click in impendo aut abhorreant eam "
"Drag to move the cursor, drag with the right button to zoom in/out" = "Trahere ad movere Cursor, cum jus traho ipsum ad Amplifica / egressus "
"Click and drag to move the cursor; right-button-drag to zoom" = "Et trahere ad movere click Cursor, ad trahendum ius-ipsum-zoom "
"Master output levels (right-click for options)" = "Magister gradus output (vox-click pro bene) "
"Drag here to change the master pan position" = "Trahite hinc dominum mutare positio patellam "
"Drag here to change the master volume" = "Trahite hinc mutare dominum volume "
"Drop Filters Here" = "Hic stillabunt Filters "
"Drag filters into this box to add them to the master output filter chain" = "Trahunt hanc in odio pulvinar apponere ad dominum output sparguntur catenam "
"Find Normalised Level" = "Level invenire Normalised "
"Reset to 0 dB" = "Reset ad 0 dB "
"Master Volume Control" = "Magister Imperium Volume "
"Click here for more master level options" = "Click hic ultra dominus gradu praeferentiae "
"Fade In" = "Fadin "
"Fade Out" = "Decidet de "
"Based on the max level of the whole edit" = "Gradus fundatur in max totius edit "
"Based on the average RMS level of the whole edit" = "Fundatur in mediocris gradu in toto edit RMS "
"Based on the max level of the marked region" = "Fundatur in regionem max gradu notatis "
"Based on the average RMS level of the marked region" = "RMS fundatur in mediocris gradu in regione notatis "
"Calculate Levels" = "Campester computare "
"Enter the level in decibels to which this edit\'s RMS should be normalised" = "In decibels introibunt in gradu ad hoc quod debet normalized RMS edit scriptor "
"Calculate" = "Adice "
"This value was out-of-range. Please use a level between -50 and +12" = "Out-of-valor amet erat. Utere aequo inter -50 et XII "
"Analysing edit" = "Edit Analysing "
"Master Levels" = "Magister Campester "
"Master volume level" = "Magister volubilis campester "
"Reset the volume to 0 dB" = "Reset volumine 0 dB "
"Master Pan" = "Magister Pan "
"Reset the panning to the centre" = "Reset ad centrum panning "
"Sets the master level by analysing the edit\'s levels" = "Constituet dominus gradu per gradus analyzing edit scriptor "
"Master output levels" = "Magister gradus output "
"Master Fade In/Out" = "Magister fadin / Out "
"Ext. MTC" = "Ullamcorper. MTC "
"Chase Incoming MTC On/Off" = "MTC fugent invenientes In / Off "
"Shows the tempo settings at the cursor position. Click to select the current tempo section." = "Cursorem in loco ostendit tempo occasus. Click ad lego current tempo Sadoletus. "
"CPU" = "CPU "
"CPU Overload!" = "CPU cultro! "
"This edit is using too much CPU power to be played correctly!" = "Hoc est usura edit nimium potestatis CPU ad recte lusit! "
"End-to-End playback will now be disabled" = "Nunc finis ad finem playback erret "
"Shows the proportion of available CPU power being used for playback" = "Ostendit proportionem CPU available in potestate usus playback "
"Start playing" = "Satus lascivio "
"Start recording" = "Committitur recording "
"Aborts the current recording and deletes all files recorded so far" = "Aborts current recording delet et omnes lima tantum scripta "
"Aborts the current recording, deletes all files, and restarts" = "Aborts current memoratu delet omnes lima, restarts "
"Read" = "Read "
"Automation \'read\' mode (whether automated parameters are played back)" = "Automation \'legere\' modus (sive automated parametri sunt lusit retro) "
"Write" = "Scribe "
"Automation \'write\' mode (whether parameter movements are recorded)" = "Automation Scribe modus (sive motus parameter memorantur) "
"Rewind to the start of the edit" = "Recensere Rewind ad initium "
"Back" = "Retro "
"Move back through the edit [cursor left]" = "Recedite per recensere [Cursor sinistram] "
"Forward" = "Deinceps "
"Move forward through the edit [cursor right]" = "Movere deinceps per recensere [Cursor ius] "
"Toggle looping of playback" = "Mutare looping de playback "
"Punch" = "Punch "
"Toggles recording punch in/out based on mark-in/mark-out positions" = "Toggles recording ferrum / ex fundatur mark-in/mark-out positiones "
"Auto Lock" = "Auto Obfirmo "
"Locks automation curves to clips" = "Comae Automation curvas cohibentes "
"Snap" = "MORDEO "
"Turns snapping on/off when dragging clips" = "Vertitur in snapping / off cum trahens cohibentes "
"Click" = "Click "
"Enables the metronome click" = "Eoque metronome Click "
"Scroll" = "Scroll "
"Whether the display should continuously scroll when playing" = "Utrum magnificentia sit continue liber ludentibus "
"MIDI Learn" = "Disce MIDI "
"Turns MIDI learn mode on/off to automatically assign parameters to MIDI controls" = "MIDI discere modus vertit in / off ut automatically ut MIDI moderatur porttitor assignaret "
"MIDI Edit" = "MIDI Edit "
"Turns MIDI edit mode on/off to make MIDI clip behave more suitible for editing" = "Vertitur in modum edit MIDI / off ut MIDI clip suitible magis viriliter pro emendo "
"Vertical zoom out" = "Retrahe verticalis "
"Vertical zoom fit" = "Zoom apta verticalis "
"Vertical zoom in" = "Zoom in verticali "
"Zoom fit" = "Zoom apta "
"Devices Settings" = "Adinventiones Occasus "
"Use 64-bit Maths When Mixing Tracks (Uses More CPU)" = "Uti LXIV frenum vir quidam cum mixtione Tracks (utatur maiori CPU) "
"Use Realtime Priority Mode" = "Modus uti Realtime Priority "
"Only Show Enabled Devices" = "Monstrare tantum machinae enabled "
"Processors to Use" = "Processors utor "
"Max Monitoring Latency" = "Max Cras latency "
"Low Latency Buffer Size" = "Minimum latency buffer Size "
"Audio I/O" = "Ego audio / O "
"Device Settings" = "Fabrica Occasus "
"List of the available input/output channels" = "List of input Supersunt / output rivos "
"Whether to show all audio devices, or just the ones that are enabled" = "Ut ostenderet cunctis adinventionibus utrum audio, vel ones ut es enabled "
"Whether to make Tracktion run as a \'realtime\' application - may be dangerous!" = "Num facere sicut a Tracktion currunt \'realtime\' applicationem - ut esse periculosum! "
"Ff turned on, audio quality will be marginally better for edits that use a lot of tracks" = "Ff conversus, audio qualitas erit margine melius recensiones quod usus multum tracks "
"Number of processors to use for audio processing" = "Numerus processors uti audio processui "
"The maximum latency allowed through record enabled tracks when in low latency mode" = "Latency maximum liceat per recordum humilis enabled in vestigiis cum modus latency "
"The target buffer size to use when in low latency mode" = "Cum in mole buffer accumsan uti humilis modum latency "
"Warning!" = "Admonitio! "
"The Microsoft GS Wavetable synth MIDI device is enabled: using this can interfere with some audio drivers. If you have problems opening your audio device, try disabling the Microsoft synth!" = "Microsoft GS Wavetable synth artificio est enabled MIDI, usura is can interventurum aliqua coegi audio. Si vos have problems aperiens audio cogitatus tuus, frangere conantur synth Microsoft! "
"Control Surfaces" = "Imperium superficierum "
"Devices" = "Adinventiones "
"Add Custom Control Surface" = "Consuetudo Add Imperium Superficies "
"Add a custom control surface to control Tracktion" = "Addere more imperare imperium superficies Tracktion "
"Supported Control Surfaces" = "Imperium substentata superficierum "
"New Custom Control Surface" = "Consuetudo novum Imperium Superficies "
"Create a new custom control surface" = "Consuetudo novum imperium superficie "
"Delete Controller" = "Delete moderatoris "
"Are you sure you want to delete this controller?" = "Es vos certus vos volo ut delete is moderatoris? "
"Paths" = "Semitæ "
"Add Path" = "Add Callis "
"Remove Path" = "Semita tollere "
"Choose directory" = "Eligite album "
"Add directory to path" = "Accedit ad semitam album "
"Not a valid path" = "Non valet iter, "
"The directory XDRX does not exist. Do you still want to add it to the path?" = "Directorium XDRX non. Adde velit cursus nunc adhuc? "
"File Settings" = "File Occasus "
"Temporary Directory" = "Aliquam tempus "
"Auto-Save Edits" = "Salvum auto-edits "
"Undo Levels" = "Abrogare Campester "
"Cache Size" = "Latibulum Size "
"Saving Edits" = "Excepto recensionum "
"LAME Location" = "CLAUDIUS Location "
"Audio Clip Import" = "Audio Clip Import "
"Auto-Detect Tempos" = "Auto-deprehendere Tempos "
"Working directory for thumbnails, frozen tracks, etc..." = "Directorium thumbnails operantes, gelida vestigia, etc .. "
"Location of the LAME MP3 encoder" = "Location claudicantem encoder MP3 "
"Auto-saving disabled" = "Auto-saving erret "
"Auto-save every 1 minute" = "Auto-salvet unusquisque I minutis "
"Auto-save every 2 minutes" = "Auto-II minutes singulis salvum "
"Auto-save every 5 minutes" = "Auto-salvet unusquisque V minutes "
"Auto-save every 10 minutes" = "Auto-salva omnis X minutes "
"Auto-save every 20 minutes" = "Auto-salva omnis XX minutes "
"Toggles auto-saving of edits" = "Toggles auto-saving recensionum "
"When an edit is about to be closed, always ask the user whether to save it" = "Cum claudenda est recensere, an salvari usoris quaerere semper "
"When an edit is about to be closed, always save it without asking" = "Quando clausum est de edit, salvet semper sine postulantes "
"Choose what to do when closing edits" = "Elige quid agere cum operti recensionum "
"The number of actions that can be undone/redone$" = "Numerus actuum potest infectum esse quod / $ facta repetuntur "
"Number of seconds of audio data per file which should be cached" = "Secundis numerus of celebratio lima quod sit data per conditorio "
"Ask if file should be copied" = "Si quaeris file debet transtulerunt "
"Always copy file" = "Semper effingo lima "
"Only copy file if on network" = "Si tantum exemplar file network "
"Chooses default action when audio clips are imported" = "Cum audio clips defectu actionis eligit sunt invecta "
"Ask if tempo should be detected" = "Quaeritur si deprehensa sit tempo "
"Always detect tempo" = "Semper deprehendere tempo "
"Never detect tempo" = "Non est prudentia in tempo "
"Chooses default tempo detect action when audio clips are imported" = "Cum audio clips eligit defectu actionis tempo deprehendere sunt invecta "
"Select the temporary directory to use..." = "Temporaria album lego ad usum ... "
"You can\'t use a root directory as a temp directory!" = "Vos can non utor radix album quasi ten album! "
"Create a dedicated subfolder and use that instead." = "Partum a dedicated subfolder et pro ea. "
"This folder isn\'t empty - note that ALL files and subdirectories inside it will be considered temporary, and ANY files in this folder MAY BE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED to free up space." = "Is folder quod vacuum non est - quod omnes lima subdirectories intus censebitur temporaria, et quamlibet lima folder in hoc POSSUNT DELETED automatically ut liberare spatium. "
"So please make sure there\'s nothing important in there!" = "Nihil refert fac quod placitum; "
"This isn\'t a valid directory" = "Hoc non valet album "
"MP3 Encoder" = "MP3 Encoder "
"seconds per file" = "secunda per file "
"User Switch" = "User Cie "
"Footswitch" = "Footswitch "
"Keyboard Shortcuts" = "Tincidunt Shortcuts "
"Reset to Defaults" = "Fusce ut reset "
"Restores all the default key-mappings" = "Restaurat universa defectu-key mappings "
"View as HTML" = "Morbi facilisis "
"Shows a HTML version of this list (for printing)" = "Ostendit hanc versionem facilisis album (pro printing) "
"Save Key-Mappings" = "Key salva-Mappings "
"Saves the key-mappings to a file" = "Saluat-key ad file mappings "
"Load Key-Mappings" = "Onere-Key Mappings "
"Reloads some previously-saved key-mappings from a file" = "Quidam prius salvati Reloads-key, ex file mappings "
"Restore default Tracktion key mappings" = "Restitue defaltam Tracktion key mappings "
"Clear all mappings" = "Morbi mappings "
"Use \'Ableton Live\' style key-mappings" = "Uti Ableton vivere style-key mappings "
"Use \'Cubase\' style key-mappings" = "Uti Cubase \"style-key mappings "
"Set All Key Mappings" = "Constituitque omnem Key Mappings "
"This will overwrite all current key-mappings - are you sure you want to do this?" = "Hoc rescribiat omnes current-key mappings - Es vos certus vos volo efficio is? "
"Select a key-mappings file to save" = "Mappings-key desumo a lima ut salvum "
"Key Mappings" = "Key Mappings "
"The file you\'ve chosen already exists - are you sure you want to overwrite it?" = "Lorem iam electus est Lima - Visne rescribere tibi est? "
"There was an error trying to write to this file.." = "Erat errorem conantur scribere ad hunc fasciculum .. "
"Select a key mappings file to load" = "Key desumo a mappings file onero "
"There was an error trying to load this file.." = "Erat errorem conantur gravare hunc fasciculum .. "
"Installing LAME Encoder" = "Installing CLAUDIUS Encoder "
"Finding LAME encoder" = "Nacti CLAUDIUS encoder "
"Downloading LAME encoder" = "Maecenas CLAUDIUS encoder "
"Unzipping LAME encoder" = "Unzipping CLAUDIUS encoder "
"Installing LAME encoder" = "Installing CLAUDIUS encoder "
"Download LAME Encoder?" = "Download CLAUDIUS Encoder? "
"Due to patent restrictions Tracktion uses the LAME Encoder to export MP3s which is only available as a separate download. To download and install this encoder now press Download. You must have an active internet connection in order for this to work." = "Debitum ad constrictas patentes Tracktion utitur claudos Encoder exportare MP3s quod est tantum available ut a singulus download. Ut download quod install encoder hoc nunc afferéntia Download. Opus hoc agens, ut faceret penitus iunctio. "
"Sucess!" = "Sucess! "
"You should now be able to export to MP3 format." = "Iam vos should polleo ut patefacio MP3 format. "
"A Problem Occured" = "Queritur acciderunt "
"There was a problem downloading or installing the encoder please try again later or vist the LAME website to manually install the encoder." = "Quaestio erat Maecenas vel velit rursum post installing encoder vist vel claudum rutrum tincidunt ut install encoder. "
"Visit Website" = "Visit Website "
"Loop Settings" = "Ansa Occasus "
"User Loops Path" = "User ansas Callis "
"Loop Directories" = "Ansa Directoriis "
"Add Loops" = "Add ansas "
"File Types to Add" = "Lima typus ut adderetis "
"Loop Previewing" = "Ansa Previewing "
"Ask" = "Petite "
"Folder for user created loops" = "Folder usoris creata ansas "
"Directories to search for loops" = "Directoriis quaerere ansas "
"Search the loop directories for loops" = "Scrutamini ansa directoriis pro ansas "
"Sets the file types to search for" = "Ponit lima typus quaerere "
"How to handle tagged files" = "Quam tractare tagged files "
"Don\'t match tempo or pitch" = "Neque tempo inserere aut pice "
"Match tempo" = "Par tempo "
"Match pitch" = "Par pice "
"Match tempo and pitch" = "Par tempo et pice "
"loop previewing behaviour" = "ansa moribus previewing "
"Scan for new and changed loops" = "Scan novo immutatum ansas "
"Clear database and rescan all loops" = "Adiunctum patet database et omnes ansas "
"Rescan loops" = "Adiunctum ansas "
"This will clear your loop database and rescan all loop directories. Any custom loop tags will be lost." = "Adiunctum hoc permundabit vestri database et omnes ansa directoriis ansa. Consuetudo ansa tags peribunt. "
"Finished loop scan" = "Complevit ansa scan "
"Apple loops" = "Apple ansas "
"Acid loops" = "Ansae Acid "
"REX" = "REX "
"MP3/Ogg/etc" = "MP3/Ogg/etc "
"MIDI Settings" = "MIDI Occasus "
"Add Virtual MIDI Input" = "Rectum addere MIDI Input "
"Middle-C" = "Medio-C "
"MIDI Popup" = "Populus MIDI "
"Send the \'All-Controllers-Off\' MIDI Message When Playing Stops" = "Mitte cuncta moderatoris-off \"MIDI Nuntius cum ludens clausuris "
"Use MIDI Driver for MIDI Timing" = "MIDI utor enim MIDI Sincere Coegi "
"MIDI I/O" = "Ego MIDI / O "
"MIDI Devices" = "MIDI machinae "
"List of the available MIDI input/output devices" = "List of input praesto MIDI / output adinventiones "
"Add a virtual MIDI input that duplicates input from other MIDI devices" = "Add virtualis MIDI input effingo quod input de aliis cogitationibus MIDI "
"Use \"C3\" to represent middle-C" = "Uti \"C3\" repraesentaret medium-C "
"Use \"C4\" to represent middle-C" = "Uti \"C4\" repraesentaret medium-C "
"Use \"C5\" to represent middle-C" = "Utor \'C5 \"repraesentaret medium-C "
"Changes the way MIDI notes are named" = "Nuper mutata in via Nota nominantur MIDI "
"Show MIDI toolbar at the left of the track" = "Monstra in toolbar MIDI laeuo in track "
"Show MIDI toolbar at the left of the clip" = "Monstra in toolbar MIDI laeuo clip "
"The position of the MIDI pop-up keyboard and tool selector" = "Situs MIDI tincidunt pop-sursum et electrix tool "
"If turned on, MIDI all-controller-off messages are sent to all MIDI devices and filters" = "Si conversus in, omni-MIDI moderatoris-off nuntius missus ad omnes cogitationes, et odio MIDI "
"Use MIDI driver for MIDI timing instead of system clock" = "MIDI utor enim MIDI sincere pro auriga ratio horologium "
"Downloading Translation" = "Maecenas Translation "
"Unable to Download Language File" = "Lingua nequit File Download "
"There was a problem downloading the language file, please try again later" = "Quaestio erat in lingua Maecenas lima Aliquam post "
"Finding Translations" = "Nacti Translations "
"Looking for Updated Translations" = "Exspectantes Updated Translations "
"Checking Current Language For Updates" = "Vigens reprehendo lingua Updates "
"Plugins" = "Plugins "
"Always check for new plugins at startup" = "Semper novus plugins pro reprehendo procul satus "
"Enable ReWire" = "Enable ReWire "
"Add low-level noise to avoid denormalisation" = "Adaugeo Vox low-level vitare denormalisation "
"Adds a small amount of noise to counteract problems with Pentium 4 CPUs" = "Addit parvo strepitu contra quaestiones cum Pentium IV CPUs "
"Scanning and Sorting" = "ENARRATIO et diribitio "
"Tracktion will search for new plugins every time it starts" = "Tracktion quaeram omni tempore incipit novus plugins "
"Enables tracktion as a ReWire host." = "Facit tracktion quasi ReWire exercitus. "
"Enable/disable ReWire" = "Enable / disable ReWire "
"For these changes to take effect, it\'s necessary to quit and restart Tracktion" = "Nam ad eas operari, Sileo omittere necesse Tracktion "
"None found" = "Non est inventus "
"Disabled" = "Disabled "
"Virtual input" = "Rectum input "
"Default wave output" = "Default unda output "
"Click to make this the default" = "Click ad hoc defalta "
"Click here to enable/disable this device" = "Click hic ad enable / disable hoc artificium "
"Click here to make this device the default output" = "Click hic ad hanc artem de defalta output "
"Audio device - click to select it and edit its properties" = "Audio fabrica - click is quod lego edit proprietatum "
"User Interface" = "User interface "
"Username" = "Username "
"Import User Settings" = "User important Occasus "
"Export User Settings" = "User exportare Occasus "
"Track Resizing" = "Track Resizing "
"Renaming a Clip in an Edit Also Renames its Source Item" = "Clip renaming ut in Edit item fonte Item Renames "
"Rename Mode" = "Modus TRANSNOMINO "
"Show Colour Editor" = "Show Colorem Editor "
"Meter Response" = "Response metrum "
"Language" = "Linguam "
"Get Additional Languages" = "Etiam adepto Languages "
"Check For Language Updates" = "Coerceat linguam Updates "
"Peak Hold" = "Apicem Hold "
"Solo Behaviour" = "Solo Gestu "
"Filter Selection" = "Lectio Filter "
"Filter Sort" = "Sort Filter "
"Filter GUI Default" = "Etiam Default GUI "
"Default Marker Type" = "Default Venalicium Typus "
"GUI Rendering Mode" = "Modus GUI Reddendo "
"Default Freeze Point" = "Default Congelo Point "
"Name of the current tracktion user - this is saved in edits and projects" = "Nomen usoris current tracktion - hanc recensionibus et salvatus est in inceptis "
"Loads new user settings from a .trksettings file" = "Occasus novum a user onerat. Trksettings file "
"Save the current user settings to a .trksettings file" = "Occasus user ad nisi current. Trksettings file "
"Double-clicking a track toggles between small and medium height" = "Geminus-clicking semita toggles inter parva et medium altitudo, "
"Double-clicking a track toggles between small and large height" = "Geminus-clicking semita toggles inter parvum et magnum altitudini "
"Double-clicking a track toggles between small, medium and large heights" = "Geminus-clicking semita toggles inter parvum et magnum medii altitudines "
"The effect of double-clicking a track" = "Geminus-clicking effectus semita "
"Whether renaming a clip in the edit also renames the project item that it refers to" = "Utrum renaming a clip in edit quoque renames project item ut referatur ad "
"Always rename source file" = "TRANSNOMINO source file semper "
"Only rename source file if it is in the project folder" = "TRANSNOMINO source file folder si tantum est in project "
"Never rename source file" = "Source file numquam TRANSNOMINO "
"Whether renaming an item also renames its source file" = "Utrum etiam renames renaming an item fonte file "
"Chooses the speed at which level meters decay" = "Eligit celeritas in quo gradu metris labe "
"Chooses the time for which level meter peaks are shown" = "Velit tempus quo gradu metri iuga monstrantur "
"Cumulative solo" = "Solo cumulativo "
"Exclusive solo" = "Solo exclusive "
"Chooses how multiple tracks are soloed" = "Multiplex quam eligit vestigia soloed "
"Popup menu" = "Populus menu "
"Popup tree" = "Populus arbor "
"Chooses how filters are selected" = "Velit odio quam seligantur "
"Sort filters by disk location" = "Sort by orbis odio locus "
"Sort filters by category" = "Sort by category odio "
"Sort filters by manufacturer" = "Sort by odio opificem "
"Chooses how filters are sorted" = "Quam eligit odio sunt digestus "
"Unlocked" = "Reserata "
"Locked" = "Clausum "
"Chooses if filters are locked by default" = "Si voluerit odio sunt clausum per defaltam "
"Chooses the language for the user interface" = "Aliquam in velit risus verbis "
"Look online for additional translations" = "Respice online addito translationibus "
"Never" = "Numquam "
"At startup" = "In Satus "
"Now" = "Nunc "
"Choose when updates to the current language are checked for" = "Eligite updates cum current lingua repressaque "
"Sets the internal rendering technology used" = "Reddendo technicae usus facit internum "
"Absolute time code" = "Codicis temporis Absoluti "
"Automatic" = "Automatic "
"Chooses default marker type" = "Default typus titulum eligit "
"Pre-filters" = "Pre-odio "
"Pre-fader" = "Pre-fader "
"Post-fader" = "Post-fader "
"Chooses default freeze point positioning" = "Frigidus eligit defaltam punctum positioning "
"Shows the editor for customising colours" = "Ostendit editor pro customizing colorum "
"About Tracktion" = "De Tracktion "
"Unlock" = "Reserare "
"Close" = "Close "
"Visit the Tracktion forum at KVR" = "Visitabo in forum Tracktion KVR "
"Tracktion Version" = "Version Tracktion "
"This computer\'s machine number" = "Hoc apparatus scriptor computatrum numero "
"To purchase the full version of Tracktion, you can click the \'Buy a License\' button to go to the appropriate page on our website, and follow the instructions there.You can then click the \'unlock\' button below to unlock it for this computer." = "Mercari plena version Tracktion, vos potest click eme licentiam \"puga pyga ut ad aptam Page in nostrum site, et potest sequi mandatis there.You tunc click\" unlock \'bullam infra ad reserare eam propter hoc computatrum . "
"Select the tracktion key file to use" = "Key desumo tracktion file uti "
"Operation type" = "Operatio type "
"Do it!" = "Faciat! "
"Method" = "Method "
"Trim start" = "Circumcidet committitur "
"Trim end" = "Circumcidet finem "
"New bit depth" = "New frenum profundum "
"New sample rate" = "Certe novi sample "
"Peak level" = "Apicem gradu "
"Make mono" = "Fac MONO "
"Trim silence" = "Circumcidet silentium "
"Change sample rate" = "Sample mutare rate "
"Change bit depth" = "Mutare frenum profundum "
"Reverse" = "Converterent "
"Processing" = "Processui "
"Can\'t open the source file" = "Aperi source file nequit "
"Internal error" = "Error internus "
"Couldn\'t overwrite this file - check that it isn\'t write-protected or in use by another application." = "Non poterat hic rescribere file - verit, quod non est in usu vel per alium scribere-tuta patet. "
"Can\'t write to destination file" = "Potest non scribere ad file destination "
"Trimming at this threshold would produce an empty file" = "Qr ad hoc limen vacuum file produceret "
"Levels in this file are too low to normalise" = "In hoc sunt etiam humilis campester file ad normalize "
"Basic Audio File Operations" = "Audio basic File Operationes "
"Use average of all channels" = "Uti mediocris omnium rivos "
"Use left channel only" = "Tantum uti sinistram alveo "
"Use right channel only" = "Tantum ius utendi alveo "
"Couldn\'t parse this file correctly" = "Parse non recte hunc fasciculum "
"The type of operation to perform" = "Ratio operandi officium "
"The maximum level for the new file" = "In gradu maximo ad novum file "
"Performs the selected operation" = "Vicem delectis operatione "
"This will permanently change the source file and can\'t be undone." = "Hoc perpetuo fonte file mutare et mutari non potest. "
"Any edits using the file will be affected - are you sure you want to go ahead?" = "Quis recensiones file usura affici - Es vos certus vos volo ut antecedat? "
"Remove item from clipboard" = "Aufer a item Clipboard "
"Clear clipboard" = "Serena Clipboard "
"Shows the current contents of the clipboard" = "Ostendit current contentis Clipboard "
"Media clip" = "Media clip "
"Clipboard contents" = "Clipboard continebantur "
"Modified" = "Modified "
"Size" = "Size "
"Click to select this clip" = "Click ad lego hoc clip "
"To open this edit, just double-click on it" = "Recensere aperire, ut geminus-click in is "
"Clip not found" = "Tonde non inveni "
"Edits" = "Edits "
"Recorded Audio" = "Audio exposita "
"Exported Audio/MIDI" = "Exportatis audio / MIDI "
"Imported Audio/MIDI" = "Audio advectis / MIDI "
"Rendered Audio/MIDI" = "Redditur audio / MIDI "
"Before drag-and-dropping audio files, select a project to which they should be added." = "Quin etiam celebratio lima, et sagena ante eligit cui addendum elit. "
"You need to view a project\'s contents to be able to paste things into it" = "Opus ad considerandam contenta in project ad esse potest ad res crustulum in eam "
"Click on a column header to sort the list by that field" = "Click caput capitis in columna exstat catalogus per agrum "
"Start/stop playing this preview" = "Satus / hoc prohibere ludens Praevius "
"Drag this onto the wave file to create a new marker point" = "Fluctisona protrahar onto file novum titulum punctus "
"Marks an interesting point in the wave file - drag left/right to move" = "Notat Juvenal punctum in unda file - sagena left / ius movere "
"Can\'t change the markers in a read-only project" = "Immutare non possunt notari in read-tantum project "
"Can\'t read this file" = "Non potest hoc legi file "
"Rendering preview" = "Reddendo Praevius "
"Click to view the items in this project" = "Click ad considerandam items in hoc project "
"Unpack an archive into this project" = "EXPEDIO archivum, in hoc project "
"Close this project" = "Terminamus project "
"Click to open or create projects" = "Click ut patefacio vel creare eminet "
"Delete folder" = "Delete folder "
"Are you sure you want to delete this folder?" = "Phasellus egestas is folder debeas? "
"Load a project or archive" = "Oneratis seu archivum, in project "
"Create a new project" = "Partum a novus exertus "
"Load a library project" = "Oneratis bibliothecam project "
"Create sub folder" = "Partum sub folder "
"Changes the name of the current folder" = "Nuper mutata in nomine current folder "
"Adds an existing project to the active project list" = "Addit autem activa existens project Project list "
"Creates a new project" = "Partum a novus exertus "
"Creates a new sub folder" = "Partum a novus folder sub "
"Deletes the current folder" = "Delet current folder "
"Open a project or archive" = "Vel project aperiam archivo "
"Open multiple projects" = "Aperire multiplex inceptis "
"Load recent project" = "Recent project oneratis "
"Close all projects in this folder" = "Omnias inceptis in folder "
"Create a new subfolder" = "Novum subfolder "
"Close Projects" = "Projects Close "
"Are you sure you want to close all these projects?" = "Visne sunt omnia consilia conferre? "
"Search Recursively" = "Recursively quaerere "
"Search for All Files" = "Scrutamini pro totus lima "
"Root Directory" = "Radix Directory "
"Search Location" = "Location quaerere "
"Searching" = "Petet "
"Search Results" = "Search Results "
"File Preview" = "Praevius Lima "
"Show Unlocated Files" = "Show Unlocated Files "
"Relink Selected Files" = "Selected Relink Files "
"Relink Lost Files" = "Relink perditus Files "
"Folder to search" = "Folder quaerere "
"Sets the base folder to display" = "Ponit humiles folder ostentare "
"Sets the folder to scan for lost files" = "Ut scan lima folder ponit enim perdidit "
"Currently searching folder" = "Petet currently folder "
"Are you sure?" = "Certus es? "
"Scanning system folders can take a long time and give multiple results. Consider using a more specific folder." = "Longum et multiplex ratio intuens folders can praecessi. Subtilius considerare usura folder. "
"Project selector" = "Project electrix "
"Select all" = "Aliquam "
"Select none" = "Lego nulla "
"Projects" = "Projects "
"Keywords" = "Keywords "
"Select Projects" = "Lego Projects "
"Choose which projects to look in when searching" = "Elige quod inceptis ad respice in scrutans "
"Search Category" = "Quaerere Disputatio "
"Searches for the keywords in a category" = "Curabitur vitae luctus odio in genere quaerit "
"Search All" = "Omnes quaerere "
"Searches for the keywords in all selected projects" = "Quaero enim keywords in omnibus inceptis delectis "
"Search Results for \"XZZX\"" = "Search Results for \"XZZX\" "
"Search results for \"XZZX\" in category \"XCTX\"" = "Search Results for \"XZZX\" in praedicamento \"XCTX\" "
"Search results for category \"XCTX\"" = "Search Results for category \"XCTX\" "
"Search Keywords" = "Keywords quaerere "
"Copied to clipboard" = "Transtulerunt ad Clipboard "
"This function only works if there\'s an edit currently open" = "Hoc munus tantum officina si illic \'an patefacio edit currently "
"This function only works if you first select one or more items from a project" = "Quae opera, nisi a tincidunt dolor si primum elige unum vel plura "
"To add a MIDI clip, first select the track it should go into." = "MIDI elit addere, ut in primis eligit eum semitam. "
"No audio clips were selected" = "Non audio clips delecti "
"This function won\'t work if more than one item is selected" = "Item si quis non vult operari, quam est munus electi "
"General" = "General "
"Editing Functions" = "Edendis functiones "
"Transport Controls" = "Imperium onerariis "
"Help Functions" = "Functiones Auxilium "
"Moving/Zooming Controls" = "Movens / Imperium Zooming "
"Cut" = "Tonde "
"Copy" = "Effingo "
"Paste" = "Crustulum "
"Paste inserting" = "Crustulum interspirationibus "
"Copy and paste selected clips directly into current edit" = "Effingo quod crustulum in current directe recensere delectis cohibentes "
"Delete the selected clips and their source audio files" = "Delete delectae ac cohibentes fonte celebratio lima "
"Deselect all" = "Omnes Deselect "
"Show Tracktion\'s help documentation" = "Show Tracktion auxiliante documentis "
"Show Tracktion\'s reference guide" = "Ostendendum est scriptor refert duce Tracktion "
"Show popup help for whatever the mouse is currently over" = "Quicquid enim ostendam auxilium populus super muris sit amet "
"Enable/Disable the popup help" = "Enable / disable populus adjutórium "
"Flip between edit/project screens" = "Flip inter edit / exertus screens "
"Go to project screen" = "Perge ad project screen "
"Go to edit screen" = "Vade ad creare screen "
"Go to settings screen" = "Perge ad occasus screen "
"Save the current edit" = "Edit current salvum "
"Save the current edit as" = "Servo current quasi edit "
"Quit the application" = "Quieti applicationem "
"Zoom out to fit the entire edit on-screen" = "Retrahe aptare edit tota in-screen "
"Zoom in to show a few seconds around the cursor" = "Amplifica ostendere a paucis secundis per circuitum Cursor "
"Zoom in to show the marked region" = "Zoom in regione ostendere insignis "
"Zoom to show the selected clips" = "Zoom ostendere delectis cohibentes "
"Expand or contract the current track height" = "Capitulum contrahendum current semita altitudine "
"Rescale all tracks to fit on-screen" = "Rescale omnes vestigat apta in-screen "
"Set all tracks to the default track height" = "Constituitque omnem altitudinem vestigia ad defaltam track "
"Expand or collapse folder track" = "Capitulum folder vel concidat track "
"Turn looping on/off" = "Convertimini looping in / off "
"Turn snapping on/off" = "Convertimini snapping in / off "
"Turn click track on/off" = "Convertimini click track on / off "
"Turn punch-in on/off" = "Convertimini punch-in in / off "
"Turn scrolling on/off" = "Convertimini scrolling in / off "
"Turn lock automation to clip on/off" = "Convertimini ad clauditis Automation clip / off "
"Turn MIDI timecode chasing on/off" = "MIDI convertet super timecode persequimur / off "
"Toggle timecode between bars/seconds" = "Toggle timecode inter claustra / seconds "
"Start/stop playing" = "Satus / prohibere ludentibus "
"Stop playing" = "Ludens prohibere "
"Abort current recording, and discard anything recorded" = "APSTRAHO current memoratu et istam aliquid memoriae "
"Abort current recording, discard anything recorded, and restart" = "APSTRAHO current memoratu abiicias aliquid memoratur sileo "
"Move cursor to start of marked clips or edit" = "Move cursorem committitur conspicuus cohibentes vel recensendum "
"Move cursor to end of marked clips or edit" = "Move cursorem ad finem conspicuus cohibentes vel recensendum "
"Scroll up to top of tracks" = "Scroll vestigia usque ad verticem "
"Scroll down to bottom of tracks" = "Scroll tenus semita imum "
"Vertical zoom-in" = "Verticalis Zoom-in "
"Vertical zoom-out" = "Zoom de recto- "
"Zoom to fit horizontally and vertically" = "Zoom aptare horizontaliter et verticaliter "
"Show or hide the big input-meters" = "Ostendere vel occultare magnum metris input- "
"Show clipboard contents" = "Ostende contentis Clipboard "
"Show colour editor" = "Ostendere color editor "
"Turn End-to-End on/off" = "Convertimini ad finem-nem-/ off "
"Arm or disarm all input devices" = "Brachii input artes omnes aut Exarmare "
"Toggle safe record" = "Mutare tutum recordum "
"Stop safe recording" = "Subsisto tutus recording "
"Jump backwards to next cut point" = "Salire ad deinde retrorsum punctum sectis "
"Jump forwards to next cut point" = "Salire ad priorem punctum sectis Postero "
"Jump to the mark-in point" = "Salire ad punctum in Mark- "
"Jump to the mark-out point" = "Salire ad signum ex puncto- "
"Put the markers around the currently selected clips" = "Posuit autem venalicium currently circa delectus cohibentes "
"Nudge selected clips left" = "FODICO delectis reliquit cohibentes "
"Nudge selected clips right" = "FODICO cohibentes ius eximium "
"Nudge selected clips up" = "FODICO delectis usque cohibentes "
"Nudge selected clips down" = "FODICO delectis descendit cohibentes "
"Change to the previous take for a looped clip" = "Mutatio superioribus adsumere tragularum clip "
"Change to the next take for a looped clip" = "Mutare ad deinde adsumere tragularum clip "
"Select the item to the left of the current selection" = "Item lego ad sinistram de current lectio "
"Select the item to the right of the current selection" = "Item lego ad dextram de current lectio "
"Select the item above the current selection" = "Item lego current lectio supra "
"Select the item below the current selection" = "Item lego current lectio infra "
"Select the item at the top of the current selection" = "Item lego summo de current lectio "
"Select the item at the bottom of the current selection" = "Eligere item in imo de current lectio "
"Move to the previous marker" = "Movere ad priorem titulum "
"Move to the next marker" = "Movere ad proximum determinatione "
"Toggle the marker view mode" = "Mutare sententiam modum in titulum "
"Show or hide of the global track" = "Ostendere vel occultare of global track "
"Split selected clips at cursor" = "Cursor, ad scindendum delectis cohibentes "
"Move start of selected clips to the cursor position" = "Moventur committitur ad cursorem positio; ex delectis cohibentes "
"Move end of selected clips to the cursor position" = "Move cursorem positio ad finem eligenda cohibentes "
"Auto-Crossfade selected clips" = "Auto-lego Crossfade cohibentes "
"Move selected clips to back of z-order" = "Movere ad tergum z-ordinem delectis cohibentes "
"Delete marked region of selected clips, and move up selected" = "Delete regio insignis delectorum clips, et admoverent selecti "
"Delete marked region of selected clips, and move up all on track" = "Delete regio insignis delectorum clips, movere omnia atque in semita "
"Enable/Disable selected filters" = "Enable / selectis odio Disable "
"Change selected filter to its next preset" = "Mutare ad deinde sparguntur lectus sapien "
"Change selected filter to its previous preset" = "Sparguntur delectus mutare suum priorem sapien "
"Lock/Unlock the properties panel" = "Clauditis / proprietates panel reserare "
"Insert a new MIDI clip into the selected track" = "Interseri novum MIDI clip in track lego "
"Insert a new track into the edit" = "Interseri novum in edit track "
"Insert a new folder track into the edit" = "Interseri novum folder in edit track "
"Insert a tempo change at the current cursor position" = "Cursorem in current situ mutare tempo inserito "
"Insert a time signature at the current cursor position" = "Addita tempus signature in current situ Cursor "
"Insert a pitch change at the current cursor position" = "Addita pice mutatione ad situm current Cursor "
"Launch an external wave editor for the selected clip" = "Duc externo unda editor pro delectis clip "
"Show or hide the rack filters" = "Ostendere vel occultare odio eculeo "
"Show or hide the inputs section" = "Ostendere vel occultare section inputs "
"Show or hide the filters section" = "Ostendere vel occultare section odio "
"Show or hide the left pane" = "Ostendere vel occultare sinistram pane "
"Show or hide the control section" = "Ostendere vel occultare potest sectionem "
"Show or hide the inputs, filters and controls" = "Ostendere vel occultare inputs, et imperium odio "
"Show or hide the video window" = "Ostendere vel occultare video fenestram "
"Show or hide the mixer window" = "Ostendere vel occultare turpis fenestram "
"Reset all level meter overload indicators" = "Reset omni gradu metri cultro Indicatores "
"Mute selected clips" = "Muta delectis cohibentes "
"Pitch up 1 semitone" = "Figere usque I semitonium "
"Pitch down 1 semitone" = "Castrametabuntur I semitonium descendere "
"Pitch up 1 octave" = "I figere usque octabas "
"Pitch down 1 octave" = "I deorsum castrametabuntur octava "
"Mute selected tracks" = "Muta vestigia lecti "
"Solo selected tracks" = "Solo lego summo vestigia "
"MIDI selection tool" = "MIDI lectio tool "
"MIDI pencil tool" = "MIDI penicillo tool "
"MIDI paint tool" = "MIDI pingunt tool "
"MIDI eraser tool" = "MIDI eraser tool "
"MIDI line tool" = "MIDI linea tool "
"Toggle the \'controllers\' panel in MIDI editor" = "Mutare quod \"magistrae\" MIDI editor in panel "
"Toggle the \'velocities\' panel in MIDI editor" = "Mutare quod `velocitatum, in panel editor MIDI "
"Enable/disable step-editor mode" = "Enable / disable editor modum gradus- "
"Mute/Unmute MIDI note echo in the MIDI editor" = "Muta / note Unmute MIDI echo in editor MIDI "
"Show/Hide the MIDI pop-up toolbar" = "Show / absconde MIDI pop-sursum toolbar "
"Insert a rest when in MIDI step-entry mode" = "MIDI gradum in introitu-modus inserere requierant "
"Toggle auto display of MIDI toolbar" = "Auto Toggle ostentationem MIDI toolbar "
"Show the MIDI controller mappings window" = "Ostendat MIDI moderatoris mappings fenestram "
"Punch out of automation record mode" = "Ferrum de recordo modum Automation "
"Punch out of automation record mode, clearing any subsequent curve data" = "Ferrum de recordo Automation modum, purgandi data curva aliquam subsequentem "
"Toggle automation write mode" = "Toggle Automation modum scribe "
"Toggle automation read mode" = "Toggle Automation modus legere "
"Locks the properties panel to keep showing its current contents" = "Ut custodiant decuria seras proprietates current ostendens continebantur "
"Detail holder" = "Detail titulari "
"Contains details about any currently selected objects" = "Details contineat aliqua obiecta delectus currently "
"Nothing Currently Selected" = "Currently nihil Selected "
"Play or stop the currently selected file" = "Ludere aut lego lima prohibere currently "
"Auto-play" = "Auto-lascivio "
"Automatically play a file when it is selected" = "Automatically lego ludere cum file "
"Disable" = "Disable "
"Disable all filters in this track" = "Disable totus odio in hoc track "
"Enable all filters in this track" = "Morbi odio omnibus in hoc track "
"Select all filters in this track" = "Fusce sagittis odio in hoc track "
"Select all other filters of the same type" = "Lego odio omnibus aliis eiusdem "
"Select quick control parameter" = "Lego imperium vivos modularis "
"Clear all automation curves for this filter" = "Videlicet omnes curvas hoc enim filtrum Automation "
"Display an active automation curve" = "Propono activa curva Automation "
"Save selected filters as a preset" = "Nisi lego ut odio sapien "
"Replace this filter" = "Suppleri sparguntur "
"Wrap this filter in a new rack filter" = "Sparguntur in hoc induere novum colum eculeo "
"Wrap these filters in a new rack filter" = "Involvunt haec odio in eculeo novum colum "
"Delete this filter" = "Delete is sparguntur "
"Browse for image to load" = "Philoponus, nam imago est ad oneratis "
"Unable to add image" = "Non ad imaginem addunt "
"The selected image was unable to be added to the library because the image format could not be recognised. Try using a standard jpeg, png or gif image." = "Lego enim imaginem imaginis eius non ullamcorper lectus addi posset agnosci. Utere vexillum jpeg, vel GIF png imagines. "
"Use peak mode" = "Uti modus apicem "
"Use RMS mode" = "Uti modus RMS "
"Use sum + difference mode" = "Uti summam interest modus + "
"Set all to peak mode" = "Constituitque omnem modum ad apicem "
"Set all to use RMS mode" = "Constituitque omnem modum utendum RMS "
"Set all to use sum + difference mode" = "Constituitque omnem modum utendum pecunia differentia + "
"Reset all overload indicators" = "Reset cunctis cultro Indicatores "
"Back to Last Edit" = "Retro Edit Last "
"Open Project" = "Aperta Proiecti "
"Create Folder" = "Partum Folder "
"About" = "About "
"Help" = "Auxilium "
"Loading" = "Loading "
"Show Trackion\'s quick-start guide" = "Show Trackion dux scriptor velox satus- "
"Show Trackion\'s reference manual" = "Show Trackion scriptor refert manual "
"Turn off pop-up help" = "Averte pop-sursum adjutórium "
"Turn on pop-up help" = "Pop-sursum convertere in adjutórium "
"Use longer delay before popup help appears" = "Uti adiutorio populus moram antequam comparuerit "
"Show the Tracktion log file" = "Ostendat Tracktion stipes lima "
"Check for updates" = "Reprehendo pro updates "
"Show Folders" = "Show folders "
"Show Column" = "Show Column "
"Selection Tool" = "Lectio Tool "
"Pencil Tool" = "Penicillo Tool "
"Paint Tool" = "Pingunt Tool "
"Eraser Tool" = "Eraser Tool "
"Line Tool" = "Linea Tool "
"Paste (after selected)" = "Crustulum (post lego) "
"Paste (inserting at cursor position)" = "Crustulum (interspirationibus Cursorem in situ) "
"Delete (also deleting source files)" = "Delete (unde etiam deleting files) "
"Bring obscured clips to front" = "Adduc subobscurum cohibentes ad frontem "
"Edit using" = "Excepteur usura "
"Set start time to original start time of source BWAV" = "Statuit initium temporis initio ad originale principium tempore BWAV "
"Show the help pages" = "Show auxilium pages "
"About this version of tracktion" = "De hac versione tracktion "
"Opens an existing project" = "Aperit existente project "
"Creates a new top level folder" = "Partum a novus folder summo gradu "
"Autosaving" = "Autosaving "
"Demo Restrictions" = "Demo cohibita "
"Because this copy of Tracktion is unregistered, a hissing noise will be played every few seconds, and MIDI all-note-off messages will occasionally be sent to external MIDI devices" = "Quia hoc est rescriptum Tracktion INCENSUS, et in sibilum omnis canentium sonitum erit paucis secundis, et omnes MIDI-note nonnunquam erit off nuntius mitti ad exterius MIDI adinventiones "
"This edit contains references to plugin filters which are not installed on this machine" = "Recensere hoc continet quae ad ea pertine plugin installed in apparatus odio "
"MIDI events from this device aren\'t being played" = "MIDI hac subtilitate sermonum quorum non lusit "
"MIDI events in this track aren\'t being played" = "MIDI in hoc quidem non egit track sunt "
"MIDI events aren\'t being played" = "MIDI rerum, non lusit "
"Because \'Run audio engine when stopped\' is disabled." = "Quia \'currite audio machinam cum obstrúctum est saucium. "
"To enable this, make sure this item is ticked in the \'Options\' menu (bottom left)" = "Ut haec, fac hoc item est in ticked \'Bene,\' menu (imo sinistram) "
"Because the track doesn\'t output to a MIDI device or contain any soft-synthesisers." = "Eo limite non output ad MIDI consilium aut contineant mollis synthesisers. "
"To make the track output to a MIDI device, select the track and use its destination device list." = "Ut in output ad track MIDI cogitatus, cogitatus album lego track et usum destinatum. "
"Tracktion Demo Mode" = "Modus Tracktion Demo "
"Tracktion is currently running in demo mode on this computer." = "Est currently in Tracktion currit modum, in hoc demo computer. "
"In keeping with the open-source ethos, Tracktion 4 is FREE to use on Linux!" = "Cohaerenter cum aperta-source ethos, Tracktion IV usurpari in Linux est! "
"To unlock it, you\'ll need to register with us at, but unlike our Windows and OSX versions, there\'s no need to pay anything if you\'re using Linux!" = "Reserare, et nos in ipsum youll \'postulo, sed dissimilis formas OSX Fenestra nostrum, si quid opus reddere usura nulla adipiscing! "
"If you already have a account, just click \"Unlock\" to authorize Tracktion on this computer. Otherwise, click \"Learn More\" to visit the website and register, or \"Continue\" to carry on running in demo mode." = "Si iam habent rationem, iustus click \"reserare\" auctores Tracktion hoc computer. Alioquin click \"adipiscing\" et ut elit odio molestie vel \"Etiam\" gerere modo huc elit. "
"If you\'re new to Tracktion, we hope you enjoy the demo. When you\'re ready to unlock all of its features, click \"Learn more\" to find the right Tracktion product for you." = "Te novi Tracktion speramus frui elit. Cum tu ad omnem recludam eius features, quod click \"Lorem\" invenire ius Tracktion uber pro vobis. "
"If you have a valid license, click \"Unlock\" to authorize Tracktion on this computer. Otherwise, click \"Continue\" to carry on running in demo mode." = "Si valet licentia, quod click \"reserare\" auctores Tracktion hoc computer. Alioquin, quod click \"Perge\" gerere currit modum, in demo. "
"Learn More" = "Learn More "
"Continue with Trial" = "Iudicia permanebo "
"Click and drag to preview this clip" = "Click ad lacerandum et praemonstrare hoc clip "
"To get rid of this pop-up help, click on the \'help\' button at the bottom-left of the screen." = "Pop-sursum ad tollendam auxilium click auxilio, a sinistris, ima adipiscing elit. "
"Shortcut" = "Brevis "
"Press CTRL whist dragging to move more accurately" = "Ctrl torcular LAMENTARIUS trahentes movere accuratius "
"Click to change this file" = "Is lima quod click muto "
"Drag left and right to adjust the wet/dry mix levels" = "Dextra laevaque ad lacerandum adjust infectum / campester sicco misce "
"Dry" = "Siccare "
"Pass Through Filters" = "Transibit Filters "
"Tracks to Render" = "Tracks reddituri "
"Tracks to include" = "Tracks includere "
"No tracks in Edit" = "Non in vestigiis Edit "
"Select tracks all/none:" = "Selectis omnium vestigat / neminem: "
"Select the file to use" = "Utor lego lima "
"Dialog box" = "Alternis sermonibus arca archa "
"Settings^" = "Fundis ^ "
"Projects^" = "Incepta ^ "
"Minimises this window" = "Minimises hanc fenestram "
"Quits the application" = "Paenamque applicationem "
"Makes the window full-screen or resizable" = "Facit fenestram plenus-screen vel resizable "
"Click here to go to the projects screen" = "Click hic ad incepta screen "
"Click here to change settings for devices, keyboard, etc." = "Click hic ad mutare occasus pro cogitationibus tincidunt, etc "
"Click here to return to this edit" = "Recensere Duis patientiam "
"Delete unused takes" = "Delete assuetum sumit "
"Click to select one of the alternative takes" = "Click ad lego unus accipit alternative "
"Click to type in a new time, or drag to change this value" = "Click ad typus in a novus tempus, vel trahunt mutare valor "
"Tracktion Shortcut Keys" = "Brevis Tracktion Keys "
"Key shortcuts" = "Key shortcuts "
"Couldn\'t write to the key mappings file" = "Non scripsi clavem file mappings "
"Start-up Screen" = "Satus-usque collaborative "
"Version" = "Version "
"No movie open" = "Non aperta movie "
"End of file" = "Finis file "
"Hide window" = "Absconde fenestram "
"Keep window on top" = "Custodi super fenestram "
"Quarter size" = "Quartam moli "
"Half size" = "Media magnitudine, "
"Normal size" = "Moles normalis "
"Double size" = "Moles dupla "
"Quadruple size" = "Quadruplex moli "
"Mute audio track" = "Muta audio track "
"The ReWire system couldn\'t be shut down because a ReWire device is still in use." = "ReWire ratio est clausa non potuerit quia ReWire cogitatus adhuc in usu est. "
"Please close any other ReWire applications and press \"try again\". (Quitting without closing down ReWire properly may leave your system in an unstable state)." = "Quaeso, aliud prope ReWire applications et torcular \"rursum\". (Omissis sine clusit descendit ReWire ut licentia vestri ratio proprie inconstans in statu). "
"Try again" = "Ōmnium "
"Quit anyway" = "Alioqui quietus "
"Export Complete" = "Perficere exportare "
"Loading Thumbnail" = "Loading Thumbnail "
"Completing Export" = "Complens Export "
"Tracktion audio file" = "Tracktion audio file "
"The Propellerheads REX format is not installed on your machine!" = "REX installed in vestri apparatus Propellerheads autem format est non! "
"In order to work with rx2 files, please download the \"REX shared library\" installer from" = "In ut operari rx2 cum lima, placere download \"REX communes library\" installer a "
"REX2 file" = "REX2 file "
"No Time-Stretching" = "-Tempus neminem Extendens "
"Auto-Pitch" = "Auto-Pice "
"Root Tempo" = "Radix Tempo "
"Root Note" = "Nota radice "
"Pitch Offset" = "Castrametabuntur cinguli horae "
"Beat Points" = "Puncta percute "
"Auto-Crossfade" = "Auto-Crossfade "
"View Source Info" = "Info View Source "
"Stretch" = "Extendam "
"Adjust Markers" = "Adjust venalicium "
"Change Speed" = "Volo muto "
"Change Pitch" = "Mutare Pice "
"Set Source File" = "File Source statuerunt "
"Loop Start/End" = "Ansa Start / End "
"Selects which channels are used from the file" = "Quae adhibetur ex lima deligit rivos "
"Whether to use the left channel from this audio clip" = "Utrum uti sinistrum alveo ex hoc audio clip "
"Whether to use the right channel from this audio clip" = "Utrum recto alveo uti ex hoc audio clip "
"Active Channels" = "Activae rivos "
"Detecting tempo" = "Deprehendendi tempo "
"Sensitivity" = "STOMACHUS "
"Beat sensitivity" = "Percute sensibilitatem "
"Automatically creates a crossfade between overlapping clips" = "Sponte gignit crossfade inter overlapping cohibentes "
"The type of time-stretch algorithm to use for this clip" = "Typus of vicis-tractum algorithm ad usum huius clip "
"Playback speed ratio" = "Playback celeritate proportionem "
"Playback pitch ratio" = "Playback proportionem pice "
"Sets the playback pitch" = "Sets playback pice "
"Click to view the info for this clip\'s source media" = "Click ad considerandam info fons mediis ad hoc clip "
"Searches for the missing audio file that this clip refers to" = "Quaero enim audio file absentis quod hoc refertur ad clip "
"Reverses the source file non-destructively" = "Adversarumque rerum principium non-file PERNICIOSE "
"Adds/removes markers from this clip" = "Addit / venalicium removet ab hac clip "
"Loop Properties" = "Substantia ansa "
"Sets a clip to adjust it\'s pitch to match the global track" = "Ponit clip ad aptet par pice scriptor global track "
"Sets a clip to adjust it\'s tempo to match the global track" = "Ponit clip ad aptet par tempo scriptor global track "
"Root tempo" = "Radix tempo "
"Length in beats" = "In longitudine pulsat "
"Automatically sets the loop start and end points" = "Automatically sets ansa satus et finem puncta "
"Searches the source file for beat points" = "Quaero enim principium file pulsu punctis "
"Adds the current file to the loop library" = "Nitentem superaddit lima ut ansa bibliotheca "
"Only clips which refer to a valid source be looped" = "Cohibentes solum quae sunt ad validitatem fuerit principium tragularum "
"Couldn\'t find the source media object for this clip" = "Non potuerunt invenire fons mediis ad hoc obiectum clip "
"Can\'t change the markers for media belonging to a read-only project" = "Immutare non possunt notari pertinentia pro mediis ad read-tantum project "
"Add a marker at the cursor position" = "Adde situs determinatione ad cursorem "
"Move the nearest marker to the cursor position" = "Move cursorem positio proxima ad titulum "
"Delete the marker nearest to the cursor" = "Delete titulum proxima Cursor "
"This clip doesn\'t refer back to any source material" = "Hoc non refertur ad aliquod principium materiale clip "
"A clip must have a root note set before it can be set to auto-pitch" = "A clip habeat radicem note proposuit adsit auto-pice "
"+10 cents" = "X cents "
"+1 cent" = "I cent "
"Reset to original pitch" = "Reset ut exemplar pice "
"-1 cent" = "-1 Cent "
"-10 cents" = "-10 Cents "
"Unknown file" = "Ignota file "
"Auto Crossfade" = "Auto Crossfade "
"Crossfade at the start of this clip" = "Crossfade ineunte hoc clip "
"Crossfade at the end of this clip" = "Crossfade in fine huius clip "
"Crossfade both ends of this clip" = "Crossfade utrumque hoc clip "
"To use auto-crossfade, first select a clip that partially overlaps another" = "Uti auto-crossfade, primum elige quod partim overlaps aliud clip "
"Auto detect tempo" = "Auto deprehendere tempo "
"Double tempo" = "Duplex tempo "
"Half tempo" = "Dimidium tempo "
"Auto detect beat points" = "Auto deprehendunt capita pulsu "
"Add beat points at each beat" = "Pulsu addere puncta in singulis pulsibus "
"Clear all beat points" = "Patent omnia puncta pulsu "
"Set loop start to clip start" = "Pone ansa committitur satus tonde "
"Set loop end to clip end" = "Pone ansa finem finem tonde "
"Set loop start/end to clip start/end" = "Pone ansa satus / ad finem tonde satus / ad finem "
"Delete Unused Takes" = "Accipit delete assuetum "
"This will permanently delete all wave files that are listed as takes in this clip, apart from the ones currently being used." = "Hoc stabiliter delete lima quod omnes fluctus enumerantur in hoc capit clip, absque usu sunt currently. "
"Are you sure you want to do this?" = "Quod vis facere debeas? "
"Some of the wavefiles couldn\'t be deleted" = "Quidam wavefiles non delebitur "
"Length of fade-in" = "Fermentum elit in longitúdinem "
"Length of fade-out" = "Longitudo cecidimus de- "
"Set the shape of the fade-in curve" = "Pone fermentum elit in linea figura "
"Set the shape of the fade-out curve" = "Pone ex curva figurae cecidimus- "
"Can\'t add this kind of filter to a clip!" = "Non adjiciam hoc colum ad clip! "
"Can\'t add any more filters to this clip!" = "Non adjiciam ultra ut odio id elit! "
"Changes the length of the fade in/out" = "Nuper mutata transeuntes per longitudinem / et "
"Clip Loop Points" = "Tonde Loop Puncta "
"Copy Colour from Marker" = "Coloris a effingo Venalicium "
"Trim Clip from Marker" = "Clip de Trim Venalicium "
"Create Unique Copy" = "Exemplar Partum Unique "
"Render Property Set" = "Reddite Property Pone "
"Edit Properties" = "Substantia Edit "
"Sets the start/end points of clip from the edit" = "Meat satus / finem puncta clip a edit "
"Changes the colour of the clip to be the same as the marker" = "Ad idem color mutatur in titulum elit "
"Changes the length of the clip to be the same as the marker" = "Nuper mutata elit sit longitudo eadem determinatione "
"Creates a unique copy of the source Edit to use as a backup" = "Unicum exemplar partum a tergum quod utor principium Edit "
"Shows the progress of the edit render" = "Ostendit progressum edit reddat "
"Edit Clip" = "Clip Edit "
"Rending " = "LANCINATIO "
" of " = " de "
" nested clips " = " nidificarunt cohibentes "
"%" = "% "
"Waiting on nested edits..." = "Expectantes et nidificas in recensiones ... "
"Rendering Edit: " = "Reddendo Edit: "
"Whole edit" = "Totum edit "
"In/out marker points" = "In / titulum de punctis "
"Markers List" = "Venalicium album "
"Run Test" = "Curre Test "
"Recording Synchronization Test" = "Recording synchronization Test "
"Make sure your audio system is setup to loop the output from the device below into the input device." = "Planto certus vestri setup ut ansa est celebratio ratio input output de fabrica infra in fabrica. "
"Then click the button below, which will play a test signal several times and measure the time it takes to loop back in." = "Tunc click puga pyga quod infra test quod signum erit ludere plures temporibus et metire tempus necessarium ut ansa retro HI "
"This process requires at least one active audio output device" = "Hoc requirit saltem unum activum audio output machinam "
"Sets the input device\'s offset to this value" = "Sets cogitatus suus input nonummy ad hanc valentiam "
"Couldn\'t detect the test signal." = "Test deprehendere non potuit signum. "
"This might be because the output isn\'t being correctly looped back, or because the signal is too quiet or noisy (if you\'re using a microphone or other indirect audio path)." = "Quia hoc esset retro tragularum output est non recte, vel quia signum est etiam quiete, aut sonantis (si tibi usura tortor ligula, facilisis vel alia via indirecta audio). "
"Click \'run test\' to try again." = "Nullam \'currere test\' tendo iterum. "
"A consistent delay of 123 milliseconds was detected." = "Stat mora CXXIII milliseconds deprensum. "
"Click \'apply\' to set the input device\'s recording offset to this value." = "Click \'adicio\' ut input nonummy ad hunc valorem consilio gestum est. "
"Add to library" = "Adde bibliotheca "
"Audio Clip" = "Audio Clip "
"Reversing" = "Aversandi "
"This plug-in file no longer exists" = "Hoc obturaculum-in file non est "
"This plug-in failed to load correctly" = "Hoc obturaculum-in rite restituere conaris Defeci "
"Deactivated after failing to initialise correctly" = "Deactivated post deficientibus ad recte initialise "
"Clear list" = "Serena album "
"Remove selected plug-in from list" = "Aufer a lego obturaculum-in album "
"Show folder containing selected plug-in" = "Show folder contineret delectus obturaculum-in "
"Remove any plug-ins whose files no longer exist" = "Aufero ullus plug-ins quorum lima amplius nulla "
"Sort alphabetically" = "Modi alphabetically "
"Sort by category" = "Sort by category "
"Sort by manufacturer" = "Sort by opificem "
"Select folders to scan..." = "Lego ... folders scan "
"Scanning for plug-ins..." = "Pro scanning plug-ins ... "
"Searching for all possible plug-in files..." = "Petet omnia possibilia obturaculum-in lima ... "
"Scan" = "Scan "
"Plugin Scanning" = "ENARRATIO plugin "
"If you choose to scan folders that contain non-plugin files, then scanning may take a long time, and can cause crashes when attempting to load unsuitable files." = "Si vos sumo ut scan lima quod folders quod continent, non plugin ergo intuens diu ut capere, et potest esse causa fragosus conanti aggravat aliena lima. "
"Are you sure you want to scan the folder \"XYZ\"?" = "Es vos certus vos volo prospice folder \"XYZ\"? "
"Testing" = "Testing "
"Scan complete" = "Perficere scan "
"Note that the following files appeared to be plugin files, but failed to load correctly" = "Nota quod istae lima apparuit plugin lima, sed non recte oneratis "
"none" = "neminem "
"Show advanced settings..." = "Show proficiebat occasus ... "
"Error when trying to open audio device!" = "Dum conatur aperire erroris fabrica audio! "
"(no audio output channels found)" = "(Non invenit poros output audio) "
"active output channels:" = "activae output canalibus: "
"(no audio input channels found)" = "(Non invenit poros input audio) "
"active input channels:" = "activae input canalibus: "
"show this device\'s control panel" = "Indicant hoc artificio est scriptor imperium panel "
"opens the device\'s own control panel" = "aperit consilium suum imperium panel "
"output:" = "output: "
"device:" = "In fabrica: "
"Test" = "Test "
"input:" = "input: "
"sample rate:" = "Sample rate: "
"audio buffer size:" = "Audio buffer moles: "
"Audio device type:" = "Audio cogitatus type: "
"No MIDI inputs available" = "MIDI inputs non praesto "
"Active MIDI inputs:" = "MIDI inputs activa: "
"MIDI Output:" = "MIDI Output: "
"hello" = "Salve "
"1 week" = "Hebdomadam I "
"2 weeks" = "II weeks "
"1 day" = "I die, "
"2 days" = "II diebus "
"1 hr" = "I HR "
"2 hrs" = "II hrs "
"1 min" = "I min "
"2 mins" = "II mins "
"1 sec" = "I sec "
"2 secs" = "II secs "
"(no choices)" = "(Nulla electiones) "
"Velocity-sensitive mode" = "Velocitas modus sensitivus- "
"Use circular dragging" = "Uti circularis trahendo "
"Use left-right dragging" = "Uti sinistram-ius trahendo "
"Use up-down dragging" = "Uti-descendit trahentes "
"Use left-right/up-down dragging" = "Uti left-right/up-down trahendo "
"Rotary mode" = "Modus gyratorius "
"Auto-size this column" = "Auto-amplitudo ista columpna "
"Auto-size all columns" = "Auto-amplitudo omnia agmina "
"Add/remove items from toolbar" = "Add / aufero items a toolbar "
"You can drag the items above and drop them onto a toolbar to add them." = "Vos can extraho quod occumbo items super eos onto a toolbar apponere. "
"Items on the toolbar can also be dragged around to change their order, or dragged off the edge to delete them." = "Items et potest trahi a toolbar circum vertere ordinis vel trahi ore ad delete eos. "
"Restore to default set of items" = "Restituam paro of items ad defaltam "
"Show icons only" = "Show tantum icones "
"Show icons and descriptions" = "Show icones et descriptiones "
"Show descriptions only" = "Tantum ostendere descriptionibus "
"shortcut" = "brevis "
"(nothing selected)" = "(Nihil lego) "
"click to browse for a different file" = "click lima pro diversa ad pasco "
"file:" = "file: "
"Go up to parent directory" = "Ascendamus ad parens album "
"Choose" = "Eligite "
"Hard Drive" = "Ferreus Coegi "
"CD/DVD drive" = "CD / DVD coegi "
"New Folder" = "New Folder "
"File already exists" = "File praeexistente "
"There\'s already a file called: FLMN" = "Iam illic \'a lima nomen: FLMN "
"Are you sure you want to overwrite it?" = "Visne rescribere non sunt? "
"Please enter the name for the folder" = "Lorem ipsum nomen folder "
"Couldn\'t create the folder!" = "Non potuit creare folder! "
"(no recently selected files)" = "(No nuper lego lima) "
"Choose a new directory" = "Eligere novum album "
"Choose a new file" = "Sumo a novus lima "
"change..." = "mutare ... "
"Change folder..." = "Mutare folder ... "
"Add a folder..." = "Add a folder ... "
"Quit" = "Quieti "
"Copies the currently selected text to the clipboard and deletes it." = "Exempla in textu currently lego ut Clipboard et ea delet. "
"Copies the currently selected text to the clipboard." = "Exempla in textu ut Clipboard amet delectus. "
"Inserts text from the clipboard." = "I interserit Clipboard. "
"Deletes any selected text." = "Delet ullus lego text. "
"Selects all the text in the editor." = "Deligit omnem textum edidit. "
"Failed to open file..." = "Ut patefacio lima ... defecit "
"There was an error while trying to load the file: FLNM" = "Dum moliuntur aggravat peccatum erat file: FLNM "
"Error writing to file..." = "Error scribens lima ... "
"An error occurred while trying to save \"DCNM\" to the file: FLNM" = "Error occurrit nisi volens \"DCNM\" ad file: FLNM "
"Closing document..." = "Propinquus tabellae ... "
"Do you want to save the changes to \"DCNM\"?" = "Vis ad nisi mutationes \"DCNM\"? "
"Use this swatch as the current colour" = "Hac uti ut in current color swatch "
"Set this swatch to the current colour" = "Pone hoc in current color swatch "
"red" = "red "
"green" = "viride "
"blue" = "caeruleo "
"alpha" = "alpha "
"Adds a new key-mapping" = "Addit novam-key mapping "
"Click to change this key-mapping" = "Click ad mutare-key mapping "
"Change this key-mapping" = "Mutare-key mapping "
"Remove this key-mapping" = "Alcyonium-key mapping "
"New key-mapping" = "Novi-key mapping "
"Please press a key combination now..." = "A key iunctura ... nunc afferéntia placet "
"Currently assigned to \"CMDN\"" = "Currently assignari \"CMDN\" "
"Change key-mapping" = "Mutare-key mapping "
"This key is already assigned to the command \"CMDN\"" = "Hoc key iam assignata imperio \"CMDN\" "
"Do you want to re-assign it to this new command instead?" = "Vis re-ponere eam huic loco mandatum novum? "
"Re-assign" = "Iterum assignare "
"Reset to defaults" = "Reset ad defaltam "
"Are you sure you want to reset all the key-mappings to their default state?" = "Es vos certus vos volo ut reset ut default mappings-key omnes status? "
"reset to defaults" = "reset ad defaltam..."
"Melodic" = "Melodici "
"Percussive" = "Percussa "
"Polyphonic" = "Sanctus pleni sunt "
"Deletes this custom controller" = "Delet, ita esse moderatorem "
"Toggle beats/seconds mode" = "Mutare pellit / secundus modus "
"MCU Order" = "Ordo MCU "
"Map native plugins" = "Map patria plugins "
"Delete Plugin" = "Delete Plugin "
"Stop Mirroring" = "Desine exprimit "
"This plugin is currently mirroring:" = "Hoc speculum orci sit amet, "
"Drag-and-drop a plugin here to make this plugin mirror its parameters" = "Extraho quod occumbo-a, et, hic est orci id orci urna in speculo "
"Disconnects this plugin from its currently mirrored target" = "Ex hoc nunc per speculum orci orci adimit "
"Double-click to edit" = "Geminus-click ut emendo "
"ERROR! - This plugin couldn\'t be loaded!" = "Error! - Hoc plugin restitui non possunt; "
"Save As Preset" = "Ut sapien nisi "
"Deletes the selected plugins" = "Delet enim elegit plugins "
"Bypasses the selected plugins" = "Transit in electorum plugins "
"Save the selected plugins as a preset" = "Morbi a nisi quam lego plugins "
"Shows parameter assignments. Shift-click an assignment to remove it." = "Parameter officium ostendit. Assignatione derivare click transferre. "
"This plugin currently has no parameters mapped to MIDI controls. To make assignments enter MIDI Learn mode, move a plugin\'s parameter from the UI and then move the required MIDI controller." = "Hoc quam nihil sit amet orci urna MIDI mapped ad imperium. Ad officium intra MIDI Nunc modus est motus a plugin parameter a, et moveat UI MIDI arbitrium requiratur. "
"Delete Plugins" = "Commodo Donec augue "
"Disable all other return plugins on this bus" = "Disable omni bus aliis reditu in plugins "
"Enable all other return plugins on this bus" = "Ut omnia in se vicissim bus plugins "
"Disables all other return plugins that are using the same bus" = "Priuat redituras plugins sunt in eodem, sed diam "
"Enables all other return plugins that are using the same bus" = "Alia, quae in eodem bus reditum quemlibet plugins "
"Aux Return Plugin" = "Revertere in auge Plugin "
"Disable all other send plugins on this bus" = "Disable omnes misit in bus plugins "
"Enable all other send plugins on this bus" = "Ut omnia in se mittere bus plugins "
"Tracktion Aux-Send Plugin" = "Mitte Plugin Tracktion auge- "
"Disables all other send plugins that are going to the same return bus" = "Quia priuat aliam misit plugins sunt in eodem bus reditum "
"Enables all other send plugins that are going to the same return bus" = "Dat omnibus misit, qui ad eandem redire bus plugins "
"Tracktion Chorus Plugin" = "Chorus Tracktion Plugin "
"Tracktion Reverb Plugin" = "Tracktion Reverb Plugin "
"Tracktion EQ Plugin" = "EQ Tracktion Plugin "
"Midi Patch Bay" = "Patch quis bibendum eget "
"Tracktion Plugins" = "Vestibulum Tracktion "
"Create New Empty Rack" = "Suspendisse adipiscing New FALISCA "
"Open/close all folders" = "Open / Close omnes folders "
"There are some problems in launching a child-process to scan for plugins." = "Sunt enim nonnulli in res currit puer plugins ratiocinatione. "
"If you have a virus-checker or firewall running, you may need to temporarily disable it for the scan to work correctly." = "Aut si virus firewall scaccario cursus eget tempor disable ut bene operari ad scan. "
"Freezes the track" = "Haeret in track "
"Track will freeze up to this plugin" = "Track frigidam ad plugin "
"Level meter plugin" = "Lorem ipsum orci diam "
"Reset All" = "Reset Totus "
"Block All" = "Et obturaverunt cunctos "
"Tracktion Midi Patch Bay Plugin" = "Patch Tracktion quis bibendum eget Plugin "
"Resets all the mappings so no channel modifications are made" = "Omnem viam, non ita disponit in mappings modificationes facta sunt, "
"Blocks all channels" = "Cuneos omnes rivos "
"Block channel" = "Scelerisque varius "
"Patch Bay Plugin" = "Patch Bay Plugin "
"MIDI Patch Bay Filter" = "Patch MIDI bibendum eget "
"Block Channel" = "Scelerisque pretium "
"MidiPatch" = "MidiPatch "
"Tracktion Patch Bay Plugin" = "Patch Tracktion Bay Plugin "
"The type of pitch-shifting algorithm to use" = "Ratio-versis mediis uti algorithm "
"Tracktion Rack Plugin" = "Tracktion FALISCA Plugin "
"The rack that this plugin is feeding into" = "Quae in eculeo est plugin est; "
"Shows which of the rack\'s outputs comes out this plugin\'s left channel" = ", Ostendit, quod est in tormentis, outputs ex hoc iter laevum plugin "
"Shows which of the rack\'s outputs comes out this plugin\'s right channel" = ", Ostendit, quod est in tormentis, outputs ex hoc iure orci varius "
"Click to edit the rack" = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit aspernatur in tormentis, "
"Replace rack with plugins" = "Rursum cum eculeo plugins "
"MIDI input" = "MIDI input "
"MIDI output" = "MIDI output "
"Drag this into the rack to create a new plugin" = "Tracto in tormentis, hoc est, novum plugin "
"Delete Rack" = "Delete FALISCA "
"New Plugin" = "New Plugin "
"Drag this area to create an instance of this rack plugin" = "Trahite, ut de hac re nulla est instantia de eculeo plugin "
"The name of this rack plugin" = "Et hoc est nomen, equuleo plugin "
"Deletes this rack plugin" = "Tormentis, delet quidem plugin "
"Rack Plugin" = "Eculeo Plugin "
"Delete Rack Plugin" = "Delete FALISCA Plugin "
"Are you sure you want to delete this rack plugin?" = "Tu es certus vos volo ut delete hoc in equuleo plugin? "
"This can\'t be undone, and any instances of the rack will also be deleted from the edit." = "Quod non facit, et, equuleo tortus atque aliquis deleri de instantiis edit. "
"Reverb Plugin" = "Reverb Plugin "
"Couldn\'t start ReWire plugin" = "Qui non tincidunt orci rewire "
"ReWire Plugin" = "Rewire Plugin "
"Current status of this ReWire plugin" = "Mutationes status hujus rewire plugin "
"Selects the ReWire device to use for this plugin" = "Uti hoc in cogitationem depromit rewire plugin "
"Unable to Install ReWire" = "Cum ad Install rewire "
"You need to be running Tracktion as an administrator to install ReWire." = "Vos postulo ut currere Tracktion ut install an administrator rewire. "
"Please restart Tracktion and ensure this option is selected by right clicking the application icon and choosing Run as administrator." = "Obsecro ut hic et sileo Tracktion bene sit necesse sumo Run ut administrator iure tellus in elit dolor. "
"Overwrite Old ReWire Library?" = "Vetus Bibliotheca Overwrite rewire? "
"An older version of the ReWire library was found that is not compatible with Tracktion. Do you want to replace it with this newer version? Existing applications should be compatible." = "An senior rewire version de bibliotheca repertum est, non potest stare cum Tracktion. Newer version repone hoc vis? Vestibulum eget esse posset. "
"Load audio files into the sampler" = "Mors audio lima in sampler "
"Tracktion Text Plugin" = "Tracktion Plugin Text "
"Name of text plugin" = "Name of text plugin "
"Description of text plugin" = "Description of text plugin "
"Drag here to change the volume for all sub-tracks" = "Trahunt ad mutatio volumen et omnes gressus sub- "
"Enables/Disables this plugin" = "Dat / priuat plugin "
"Pan Law" = "Pan legis "
"Set to Default Pan Law" = "Pan Legem pone ut Default "
"Centre" = "Centrum "
"Drag here to change the volume; Alt-click to reset to 0dB" = "Trahunt ad mutatio volumen, velit, tincidunt ut tellus 0dB "
"Drag here to change the pan; Alt-click to reset to centre" = "Trahunt ad mutare et sartaginem, velit tellus, adipiscing ut centrum "
"Vol/Pan" = "No / Pan "
"Change the pan law" = "Mutare pan iure "
"Resets the pan law to the default" = "Pan iure disponere ad default "
"Sets this plugin to ignore a VCA plugin on a parent folder track" = "Ponit plugin ignorare VCA plugin in parentis folder semita "
"Deletes this volume plugin" = "Delet hoc volumine plugin "
"Volume & Pan Plugin" = "Pan, Volume Plugin "
"Test Note" = "Donec sit amet "
"MIDI Channel" = "MIDI Channel "
"Copy Note Settings" = "Donec luctus, per quem videam "
"Clear Channel" = "Morbi pretium "
"Randomise Channel" = "Randomise Channel "
"Shift Notes" = "Amoveo Notes "
"Toggle Every" = "Totam rem aperiam, omnia "
"Insert New Channel" = "Quisque pretium New "
"Delete Channel" = "Delete Channel "
"Sequencer Channel" = "Sequencer Channel "
"Channel 123" = "Pretium CXXIII "
"Channels 1,2,3" = "Vehicula 1,2,3 "
"Change the MIDI note of the selected channel" = "Mutare MIDI note iter delectis "
"Change the MIDI note of the selected channels" = "Mutare a lectus cursus MIDI note "
"Test the note" = "Sed probate note "
"Change the velocity of the selected channel" = "Velocitatem mutare via electorum "
"Change the velocity of the selected channels" = "Delectis velocitatem mutare canales "
"Change the MIDI channel of the selected channel" = "In vitae lectus est MIDI alveo alveo "
"Change the MIDI channel of the selected channels" = "Mutare cursus lectus MIDI alveo "
"The groove template to apply to this channel. Click to change this, or use by dragging the cursor up/down" = "In summo usque ad locum istum, luctus varius. Praesent id mutare, aut cursor in trahendo / descendit "
"Inserts a new channel before this one" = "Hoc unum alveum Interserit "
"Clear all notes in this channel" = "Nulla in hoc notat alveo "
"Randomise the notes in this channel" = "Randomise notis in canalem "
"Delete this selected channel" = "Delete istam lectus varius "
"Delete the selected channels" = "Delete lectus cursus "
"Shift notes to the left or right by 1" = "Laeva sive dextera a commentariis ad I Amoveo "
"Shift the notes left" = "Amoveo in notis ad sinistram "
"Shift the notes right" = "In dextro Shift notes "
"Toggle the channel notes in some consistent pattern. Useful for laying out drum grooves." = "Toggle alveo notitia in forma stat. Utile tympanum sicco tractus. "
"Reset Ratio" = "Ratio Reset "
"Create Comp" = "Aliquam IV "
"Render Clip" = "Reddite Clip "
"Add Empty Pattern" = "Nulla Suspendisse Modus "
"Delete Pattern" = "Delete Pattern "
"Delete All Patterns" = "Omnia exemplaria Delete "
"Clear All Patterns" = "Nulla exemplaria "
"Render to MIDI Clip" = "Reddite MIDI Clip "
"Add Channel" = "Morbi pretium "
"The scaling ratio for stretching the patterns and their notes" = "In ueris principium, et ratio propter rationes in notis ad tendens "
"Reset the scaling ratio to default" = "Reset ut default ratio generis saxaque "
"Adds a new pattern" = "Nova forma "
"Toggles all the patterns\' channels\' notes to an \'off\' state" = "Last omnium exemplaria, cursus cantus ad \'off quod status, "
"Remove a specific pattern. All instances of the pattern will be set to the first pattern." = "Aufer a propria forma. Quoties prima exemplaris forma poni. "
"Removes all patterns" = ", Omni forma "
"Adds a new channel" = "Nova varius "
"Render the entire clip to MIDI" = "Totum redde in clip MIDI "
"Combine the selected clips to a new comp clip" = "Miscere tondet delectus, ut novum incipit clip "
"Render the selected clips to a new audio clip" = "Redde delectus, ut novum audio tondet clip "
"Delete Pattern 123" = "Delete exemplar CXXIII "
"Step-Sequence Clip" = "Step Sequence Clip, "
"This clip already contains the maximum number of channels!" = "Hoc clip prius habet in se maximum numerum vias! "
"Set Pattern Length" = "Exemplum pone Length "
"Note Length" = "Note Length "
"Number of Notes" = "Number of Notes "
"Clear All Notes" = "Nulla Notes "
"Randomise" = "Randomise "
"Insert new empty pattern" = "Quisque novum ordinem vacuum "
"Insert a copy" = "Quisque a copy "
"Append a copy" = "Calumniari est a copy "
"Insert a new duplicate" = "Quisque a duplicata "
"Append a new duplicate" = "Calumniari novi nisi auctionem biduum "
"Remove Section" = "Praesent venenatis "
"Apply Common Groove" = "Vestibulum communis sulcus "
"Sequencer Pattern" = "Exemplum Sequencer "
"Change the length of the notes" = "Muta in longitudinem notes "
"Change the number of notes per channel" = "Mutato per canalis notularum numerus "
"Inserts another instance of this pattern" = "Interserit Altera xl "
"Appends another instance of this pattern at the end of the clip" = "Exemplaris in fine subdit exemplum clip "
"Creates a new empty pattern and inserts it before this one" = "Inanis hoc documentum novo creat et infundit eam "
"Creates a new copy of this pattern, and inserts it before this one" = "Exemplar autem huius edicti, Haec novum et ante hoc inserit "
"Creates a new copy of this pattern, and appeds it to the clip" = "Haec novum exemplum exemplar, et ad appeds clip "
"Toggles all notes to an \'off\' state" = "Last ad societatis, off quod status, "
"Sets all notes to a random sequence" = "Ut temere sequence Sets societatis "
"Apply a common groove to the channels" = "Aliquam a communi canalibus fossa "
"Renders the pattern to a MIDI clip" = "Ut faciat in forma a clip MIDI "
"Delete the instance of the pattern" = "Delete, sicut ex forma "
"Delete the instances of the patterns" = "Delete quaedam exemplaria "
"123 Bars" = "Vectes CXXIII "
"1 Bar" = "I Bar "
"123 Notes Per Bar" = "Bar Per CXXIII Notes "
"Pattern 123" = "Exemplum CXXIII "
"Left-click to flip cells; Hold shift to clear cells; Hold ctrl to fill cells; Right-click for options" = "Left click in flip cells, cellularum habe mutatio est, patet, habe implere amet accidit; Vox-click in felis "
"Insert Copy" = "Quisque Copy "
"Append Copy" = "Per quem videam, calumniari "
"Click to select this pattern. When selected, click to change the pattern" = "Donec ut velit ad hanc formam. Cum lego, consequat mutare exemplar "
"Delete MIDI Notes" = "Delete MIDI Notes "
"Show Note Automation" = "Show Note Automation "
"Multi Channel" = "Multi Channel "
"Create Audio Comp" = "Lorem ipsum Lorem IV "
"The scaling factor to apply to the note velocities on the output of this clip" = "In facto scalis nota applicet ad celeritatem in output de hoc clip "
"Sets the number of channels to use for overlapping notes" = "Nam ponit in numerum cursus ut imbricatis notes "
"Shows or hides not automation for this clip" = "Neque luctus, neque erat coriis Automation nam hoc clip "
"Creates a new audio clip with rendered takes" = "Haec novum audio clip cum redditur habet "
"Show/Hide MIDI Editor" = "Show / occultare MIDI Editor "
"Single channel mode" = "Aliquam varius modum "
"channels" = "ductus "
"Create a new audio comp clip" = "Partum a novus incipit audio clip "
"Replace with a new audio comp clip" = "Repone cum novo incipit audio clip "
"This will permanently delete all unused MIDI takes in this clip." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet semper insolita MIDI omnes habet in hoc elit. "
"SysEx Events" = "Events SysEx "
"X" = "X "
"Y" = "Y "
"Z" = "Z "
"Show keyboard to left of the track" = "Ostende tincidunt ut relicta semita "
"Done" = "Done "
"take" = "accipe "
"Add to selection" = "Aliquam dui "
"Remove from selection" = "Lorem Transi "
"This clip has more overlapping notes than the current maximum number of channels to play. Either increase the multi-channel property or set the clip to single channel mode." = "Hoc clip est in current, magis quam ejus operies notes maximum numerum vias ad ludere. Aut crescere in multi-alveo aut in rerum cursu ut uno modo medium. "
"Control Changes" = "Imperium mutata "
"MIDI SysEx Events" = "MIDI SysEx ipsum "
"Render Notes" = "Reddite Notes "
"Delete MIDI Note" = "Delete MIDI Note "
"Length of the note" = "Longitudo note "
"Displays note automation for the selected note" = "Propono nota Automation ratio pro electa "
"Renders the selected MIDI notes to an audio clip" = "Redit selectae notis ad MIDI audio clip "
"Initialising Audio Devices" = "Audio cogitationes Initialising "
"Initialising ReWire" = "Initialising rewire "
"Initialising Plugins" = "Vestibulum Initialising "
"Initialising Controllers" = "Initialising moderatoris "
"Linear" = "Linearibus "
"-2.5 dB Center" = "-2.5 DB Center "
"-3.0 dB Center" = "-3,0 DB Center "
"-4.5 dB Center" = "-4,5 DB Center "
"-6.0 dB Center" = "-6.0 DB Center "
"English" = "Anglicus "
"Authorisation via" = "CONFIRMATIO via "
"Mute/Unmute All Plugins" = "Lusus / Unmute omnes Plugins "
"Create Preset" = "Aliquam sapien "
"Removes this track from its parent folder" = "Tollit ex parentis folder semita "
"This track contains MIDI-generating clips which may be inaudible as it doesn\'t output to a MIDI device or a plugin synthesiser." = "Hoc itinere quo generans MIDI cohibentes, quod sit quod tacita, non consilium aut output ad a plugin MIDI synthesizer. "
"This track contains wave clips which may be inaudible as the audio will be blocked by some of the track\'s filters." = "Haec via, quam habet in fluctus, tondet tacita sit, ut non per se stetisse, quo audio de via ad odio. "
"Nothing to freeze" = "Non duratus "
"Track plugins" = "Track plugins "
"Insert new MIDI Clip" = "Quisque novum MIDI Clip "
"Insert new Audio Clip" = "Quisque novum Audio Clip "
"Insert new Edit Clip" = "Nullam Edit novum Clip "
"Insert new Step-Sequence Clip" = "Quisque novum gradum, Sequence Clip "
"Track Destination" = "Aliquam Track "
"Image" = "Image "
"Multiple Images" = "Multiple Images "
"Ghost Tracks" = "Spiritus Tracks "
"Mutes or un-mutes all the plugins in this track" = "Nec mutas nee mutis omnibus his plugins sunt in track "
"Create a preset from the selected items" = "Aliquam a sapien a lego items "
"Select the tracks to display behind this one" = "Aliquam et est metus, ut ostendam in unum, ad hoc "
"Sets the image to display on this track" = "Et ponit similitudinem, ut ostenderet in track "
"Freeze the selected tracks together" = "Congelo simul sumpta tracks "
"Freeze each track with a freeze point" = "Congelo unusquisque a via cum quo frigore "
"Freeze the entire track contents" = "Congelo tota contenta in eodem tramite "
"Freeze the track with a freeze point" = "Frigidus usque track cum rigéscunt "
"Render to a new track" = "Reddite nova track "
"Render replacing current track" = "Reddite ut pro current track "
"Open/Close" = "Open / Close "
"Use a single track for all types of marker" = "Uti uno tramite omnes genera venalicium "
"Bazaar Download" = "FORUM Download "
"Download cancelled" = "Download abolita "
"loop library" = "loop library "
"preset library" = "Morbi auctor "
"plugin list" = "your list "
"projects list" = "magna album "
"Download Complete" = "Lorem Lorem "
"All assests imported" = "Omnes assests importari "
"You can now find XYYX in your" = "In XYYX exquires "
"Unable to create Tracktion plugins folder" = "Ponere Tracktion folder plugins "
"Failed to unzip assets" = "Cecidit bonis unzip "
"Failed to copy file to loops folder" = "Cecidit effingo lima ansas folder "
"Failed to import file to loops database" = "Mentietur pertinet database file in loramenta "
"Downloaded Rack" = "Hits FALISCA "
"Failed to import preset" = "Morbi non important, "
"Failed to copy file to plugins folder" = "Cecidit exemplum lima ad folder plugins "
"Please run a plugin scan once the installer has completed" = "Vade ad instrumentum a plugin scan cum consummaverit "
"CD Drive" = "CD Coegi "
"Time to Record" = "Tempus referre "
"Render Clips" = "Reddite Clips "
"Leave existing clips" = "Relinque quae tondet "
"Replace selected clips" = "Curabitur lectus tondet "
"Creating comp file for \"XDVX\"" = "Proin proceditur file for \"XDVX\" "
"The selected clips were not long enough to render" = "Lego tondet non satis reddere "
"There was a problem rendering the selected clips" = "Erat quaestio redditur seliguntur tondet "
"Render the selected clip" = "Reddite lego clip "
"Render the marked region of the selected clip" = "Redde partem elegit notatis clip "
"Render the selected clip and replace it" = "Et elegit viros, et repone Reddite clip "
"Render the marked region of the selected clip and replace it" = "In quo iudicium est, et pro ea parte electorum clip "
"Render all the selected clips" = "Reddite omnibus delectus tondet "
"Render the marked region of the selected clips" = "Redde partem elegit notatis tondet "
"Render the selected clips and replace them" = "Et elegit viros, et pro illis reddite tondet "
"Render the marked region of the selected clips and replace them" = "In quo est iudicium, et eorum qui circa delectus tondet "
"You can\'t add an Edit which contains this Edit as a clip to itself" = "Vos non addunt, hoc est Vestibulum Curabitur ut elit, in quo se "
"Unable to load Edit from source file" = "Et cum non possent, a quo Aliquam ornare limae "
"New Audio Clip" = "New Lorem Clip "
"New MIDI Clip" = "New MIDI Clip "
"New Edit Clip" = "New Aliquam Clip "
"New Step-Sequence Clip" = "Step Sequence Clip New- "
"New Marker" = "New Venalicium "
"No MIDI input was selected to be the timecode source" = "Non MIDI input delectus, ut in quo timecode "
"Render to a file" = "Reddite lima "
"You can\'t paste an edit clip into itself!" = "Etiam non elit in ipsum crustulum in edit! "
"Rack types added!" = "FALISCA additur generi, "
"Click volume" = "Vestibulum volumine "
"Fit track on screen" = "Fit in screen track "
"Set track to default height" = "Pone track ad defaltam altitudine "
"Enable vertical scrolling over clip area" = "Morbi in elit amet elit scrolling "
"Enable vertical scrolling over MIDI clips" = "Morbi in dui dui scrolling MIDI tondet "
"Loading Edit" = "Ad Multos Edit "
"Create Archive" = "Lorem Ipsum "
"There was a problem creating the new Project for archiving" = "Aliquam novo creando archivum Quaestio erat "
"Render Errors" = "Reddite Errores "
"Render Automatically" = "Reddite Automatically "
"Live Render Preview" = "Vestibulum felis Reddite "
"Enables automatic rendering when options are changed" = "Cum reddendo bene facit automatic mutentur "
"Click to toggle this marker\'s type" = "Quod in quolibet genere est Lorem ipsum dolor Toggle "
"Archive Edit" = "Lorem ipsum Edit "
"Searching for missing files..." = "Investigationes deest files ... "
"Do you want to use the file \"XZZX\" as the new source for this item?" = "Si vis in lima, \"XZZX\" ut novam hanc rem? "
"Please choose a file to use as the new source for this item" = "Duis velit augue auctor lima uti nova "
"File to use:" = "Ad noctis: "
"Remove all notifications?" = "Amove libellos? "
"Are you sure you want to clear the list of notifications?" = "Visne libellos palam editis es? "
"Downloaded files will still be available from the various libraries." = "Ex variis bibliothecis adhuc available Hits purus. "
"Choose Controller" = "Lorem moderatoris "
"Choose Parameter" = "Fusce modularis "
"Loading Presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis tortor turpis "
"Preset Details" = "Etiam iaculis mollis tortor Details "
"And any number of tags separated by commas" = "Separata commatibus tags et numerus "
"unamed" = "unamed "
"Export Preset" = "Integer sapien "
"Couldn\'t Save Preset" = "Quidquid non sapien "
"There was an error saving the preset to the selected destination, please ensure you have have valid permissions to write to the folder and try again." = "Morbi id dictum sem ad delectis salutaris fuit error, ut, placerat quis erat accumsan folder validum quam eros. "
"Unable to Import Preset" = "Illi Import sapien "
"The selected file didn\'t contain a valid preset." = "Morbi id lectus a file non postulo a sequitur. "
"Import Preset" = "Import sapien "
"Create Archive..." = "Lorem Ipsum ... "
"Search for Unused Files" = "Lorem ipsum dolor insolens "
"Create Project" = "Aliquam Project "
"Are you sure you want to delete this template? There is no undo for this action." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ut hoc, tu es vis? Non enim per huiusmodi actionem abrogare. "
"123 Objects" = "Ea CXXIII "
"unnamed" = "sine nomine, "
"Delete Virtual Device" = "Vestibulum sit amet Device "
"Record to Note Automation" = "Record in Automation Lorem ipsum "
"If enabled, incoming controller events will get recorded to note automation instead of the clip" = "Si posset, venientem moderatoris adepto res legitur, sed in clip nota Automation "
"Whether MIDI controller events are available for mapping to plugin parameters" = "Utrum MIDI arbitrium rerum praesto elit orci ut mapping "
"Whether MIDI events from this device are passed through into its track\'s plugins" = "Utrum rerum MIDI hac subtilitate quae per vestigia eius in plugins "
"Deletes this virtual input device" = "Curabitur id diam fabrica delet "
"MIDI" = "MIDI "
"Input 123" = "Input CXXIII "
"Output 123" = "Output CXXIII "
"Files" = "Files "
"Audio file browser" = "Lorem ipsum pasco file "
"Go up to the parent folder" = "Surge, et ascende in parentis folder "
"Selects a folder to browse" = "Pasco ut a folder eligat "
"Notifications" = "Notifications "
"Clear All" = "Morbi "
"No Notifications" = "Non Notifications "
"Show Notifications" = "Show Notifications "
"No Results Found" = "Nullam diam "
"Search Plugins" = "Lorem Vestibulum "
"Category" = "Lorem ipsum dolor "
"Manufacturer" = "Lorem ipsum "
"Edit Preset" = "Vestibulum sapien "
"Are you sure you want to remove the selected preset from all projects? Note that this is not undoable!" = "Tu es certus vos volo ut aufero velit a sapien lectus? Et nota, quod hoc non est pervincendum; "
"You can only preview using four inputs at a time, only the first four in this list will be active" = "Curabitur sub tempore tantum quatuor inputs potes, tantum libeat quattuor agens sit "
"No selected inputs have end-to-end enabled so there will be no audible output" = "Nulla lectus est, inputs sunt ad finem, et sic non erit in fine posset audiri potest output "
"Task in progress" = "Negotium in progressu "
"Can\'t freeze plugins inside racks" = "Cur non possit intra quatit plugins "
"Freeze track up to this plugin" = "Congelo semita in plugin "
"Will unfreeze subsequent plugins" = "Numquid post REGELO plugins "
"Unfreeze track" = "REGELO track "
"Currently Performing Task" = "Lorem ipsum praestare officium "
"Wait for the current task to finish and then try again." = "Expecta current opus perficere, et sic iterum. "
"This will go through each track disabling the highest latency plugins until The maximum latency time is reached. This can be set from the main settings page.This may affect the audio signal being monitored." = "Hoc erit per se summum latency plugins quae invalidum track usque ad maximum latency ad tempus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet constituit ex occasus page.This afficiat audio signum viverra. "
"Show Selection In Edit" = "Lorem Show in Edit "
"Restores the plugin to one of the preset states" = "Morbi id dictum est plugin restituere de civitatibus, "
"Takes the current plugin settings, and stores them as a preset" = "Accipit plugin current occasus et reponit illas in Morbi id dictum "
"There aren\'t any presets defined for this plugin type" = "Etiam iaculis mollis orci genus definitur, hoc enim non sunt, "
"Are you sure you want to modify this preset?" = "Tu es certus vos volo ut modify hoc quippiam? "
"Once applied, this change can not be undone" = "Accommodari mutatio fieri infectum non potest "
"Can not change built in presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis justo, nec mutari in ædificavit "
"There was a problem changing the existing preset" = "Morbi consequat erat, sit mutatum esse, "
"Can not delete built in presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis tortor, nec quid in "
"notes" = "notes "
"You can\'t add a track\'s output to its own input!" = "Non addetis ad uestigia eius input output? "
"Parameter waiting to be assigned" = "Modularis velit assignare "
"Control waiting to be assigned" = "Imperium velit assignare "
"Listening" = "Audiebant "
"Assignment made" = "Delegatione "
"Assignment removed" = "Abstulit ATTRIBUTIO "
"Selected Plugin" = "M. Plugin "
"Hide" = "Averte "
"Hides the assignment overlay to enable clip plugin assignments" = "Auro latet munus elit orci ut provincias "
"Zoom" = "Zoom "
"Select Mode" = "Modus Select "
"Select Clip" = "Lorem ipsum Clip "
"Select Plugin" = "Select Plugin "
"Select plugin in track" = "Aliquam et orci in track "
"Up" = "Up "
"Down" = "Down "
"Zoom In" = "In Zoom "
"Zoom Out" = "Retrahe "
"Drag here to change the preview volume" = "Trahunt ad mutare volume ipsum dolor sit amet "
"To create a new clip, drag this button onto a track" = "Ut novum elit, luctus trahit hoc a track onto "
"Drag this onto a track to create a new clip or marker" = "Trahunt super hoc a track ad novum titulum elit vel "
"Drag this onto the outputs of the track where you want to create a new plugin" = "Super hoc tracto novum ubi vis outputs plugin vestigia "
"Zoom to fit" = "Ie aptare "
"Mute/Solo" = "Lusus / Solo "
"This track contains a synthesizer but doesn\'t output to a wave device, so the synth may not be audible" = "Haec via continet synthesizer, sed non est fluctui output machinam, ita ut non sit auditus, synth "
"This track contains a synthesizer after some other filters - these filters may not have any effect on the sound" = "Haec via continet synthesizer alium odio - hi odio non habent effectus in sanis "
"Can\'t insert that type of filter here!" = "Non est hic inserere, quod type of filter: "
"Copy the selected track to clipboard" = "Libros lego track to clipboard "
"Delete the selected track" = "Delete lego track "
"Select the clip in this track" = "Lego in hoc cursu track "
"Deselect the clip in this track" = "Deselect in clip in hoc track "
"Deselect track" = "Deselect track "
"Deselect all tracks" = "Deselect omnibus tracks "
"Select track" = "Lorem ipsum elit "
"Enable all tracks" = "Ut omnia vestigia, "
"Enable only selected tracks" = "Morbi sed lectus tracks "
"You can only create Edit clips from Edits in the same project" = "Vos can tantum facere Duis cohibentes in eodem proposito de proximis "
"The source Edit was empty" = "Vestibulum auctor erat inanis "
"Failed to create Edit clip" = "Mentietur creare Aliquam clip "
"Match Tempo?" = "Par Tempo? "
"Do you want to set this Edit\'s tempo to match the source of the new clip?" = "Vis ut hoc tempo Edit est compositus ex clip, novum? "
"Save Source Edit?" = "Salvum Source Edit? "
"The source edit XYYX has not been saved." = "Et est ratio, non fieret salva omnis XYYX edit. "
"Do you want to save it now?" = "Nisi nunc vis? "
"Drop Master Plugins Here" = "Vestibulum Vestibulum hic Magister "
"Can\'t add this kind of plugin to the master list" = "Hoc dominus non addunt plugin album "
"Panic" = "Terror "
"Panic! Reset the audio engine" = "Terror, Reponere audio ipsum "
"MTC" = "MTC "
"Set All to the Default Pan Law" = "Mitte ad omnem legem, Pan Default "
"Set all of the Edit\'s volume & pan plugins to the default pan law" = "Set omne quod est in Edit volumen sartagine, ad default pan iure plugins "
"Sets the master level by analysing the Edit\'s levels" = "Magister ponit in gradu dividendo, per gradus eius Edit "
"Master Volume" = "Magister Prima "
"Drag here to change the master pan" = "Trahunt ad mutare dominum pan "
"Master Vol/Pan" = "Magister Vol / Pan "
"Double-click this scrollbar to zoom to fit" = "Geminus-click to zoom hoc scrollbar aptare "
"CPU Cores to Use" = "Et hordei coros totidem utor CPU "
"Internal Buffer Multiplier" = "Internum sensum tactus multiplicator "
"maxLatencyInfo" = "maxLatencyInfo "
"lowLatencyInfo" = "lowLatencyInfo "
"interBufferInfo" = "interBufferInfo "
"Audio Devices" = "Audio cogitationes "
"Audio Settings Page:" = "Audio luctus Page: "
"Select your audio hardware from the input and output lists and then the desired sample rate and buffer size." = "Lorem ipsum sit amet audio de input et output amet elit et est quiddam desiderandum et in lists molis. "
"From the channels list, enable those you will be using and press the \'Test\' button to make sure your hardware is configured properly." = "In cursus lectus, ut ea te comprimunt, et per \"Lorem ipsum\" puga pyga ut planto certus vos non bene recte formatur. "
"You should hear a sine tone from all of your hardware outputs." = "A te audire de se ab omnibus peccatis vestris, odio outputs sonus. "
"The internal buffer size to use when processing non-live tracks" = "Internum, ut, cum in processus magnitudine buffer non vivunt tracks "
"If turned on, audio quality will be marginally better for edits that use a lot of tracks" = "Si conversus in, audio quale sit margine melius Titulus uti multum tracks "
"Resets all audio settings back to their defaults" = "Audio disponit omnia loca ad defectus eorum "
"samples" = "samples "
"Low latency mode allows you to limit the maximum latency introduced by a track\'s plugins. Plugins will be disabled (highest latency first) in order to reach the time set here." = "Minimum latency modus sino vos ut maximum latency modus introducta in plugins track. Vestibulum sit amet elit (summum latency prius) in ordine ad tempus elit. "
"Low latency mode is useful if you need to play a software instrument and want to reduce a track\'s latency in order to monitor without noticeable delay." = "Minimum latency modum utilis est, si quid agere velit, luctus et instrumenta in ut reducere elit scriptor latency pede non noticeable moras. "
"When recording audio, it is usually best to monitor directly through your hardware device to obtain the lowest latencies possible. However, this is not always possible so low latency monitoring helps you decide what to disable in order to reduce round trip latency to the desired amount." = "Ubi dicit audio ratio plerumque obtinere optimus amet monitor imum per se latentiae potest. Sed hoc non semper aestimare quid ad te iuvat magna tamque latency disable ut eam ad illam summam latency circuitu iter. "
"To activate low latency mode and for more detailed information on plugin latencies open the CPU information window by clicking on the CPU meter in the top right." = "Ad low eu latency ad modum et accuratiorem notitia in plugin latentiae est aperire fenestram CPU notitia strepitando in CPU meter in summo. "
"When in low latency mode, your audio device\'s buffer size will be reduced in order to limit the round trip latency introduced by the computer. This number is the target buffer size to be used." = "Latency in modum cum humilitate, audio ratio est quiddam in ordine ad mensuram et modum in circuitu iter latency reducuntur, introducti a computer. Hic numerus magnitudine quiddam esse signum. "
"This is equivalent to temporarily reducing the Audio buffer size value above." = "Quod idem est ac dapibus tempor Audio magnitudine buffer putant. "
"Making the audio buffer size smaller will reduce the delay between audio and those signals monitored through Tracktion. However, smaller buffer sizes are more CPU intensive so the risk of audio dropouts increases." = "Ipse, cum audio quiddam magnitudine minor deducemus mora inter eos, et audio signum in Tracktion viverra. Sed intensive et texisti, ut minores sunt magnitudine buffer periculum auget dropouts audio. "
"When recording you should aim to reduce CPU usage as much as possible to avoid any potential problems. This can be achieved by disabling plugins, freezing tracks and using a larger buffer size. For the lowest latency possible you should monitor directly from your audio hardware device." = "Ubi dicit, quantum possibile est, ut propositum est ne usu CPU risus pulvinar elit. Quod quidem fieri poterit per plugins quae invalidum reddit, metus in malis, et per maius quiddam magnitudine. Etenim latency potest ut immediate a audio pede odio elit. "
"To activate low latency mode and for more detailed information on CPU usage, open the CPU information window by clicking on the CPU meter in the top right." = "Ad low eu latency ad modum et accuratiorem notitia in usu CPU, aperi fenestram CPU notitia strepitando in CPU meter in summo. "
"In order to reduce CPU load whilst maintaining a buffer size suitable for low latency monitoring, Tracktion can internally use a larger buffer size in certain circumstances." = "CPU sarcina in ordinem redigere, dum servandum low apta magnitudine buffer latency magna, Tracktion potest interius magnitudo usum maius quiddam in temporibus. "
"This is set as a multiple of the default buffer size and is only used on tracks without enabled input devices or with cross-track plugins such as aux send/receives and racks." = "Hoc est, ut a pluribus in defectu magnitudine quiddam est, et in vestigiis, non dabat solum input artes et track transtris plugins sicut misit aux / recipit et excruciat. "
"Some trial and error should be used here as very large buffer sizes may be detrimental to CPU usage. Typically you should set your hardware Audio buffer size above to a suitably low enough size in order to monitor without noticeable delay. Then increase this buffer multiplier to give a buffer size that is usually stable with your system." = "Aliquam sit amet iudicio errorem, ut hic, quod moles magna quiddam usu CPU sit ad nocumentum. Vestibulum ut hardware tuum Audio magnitudine buffer satis est ut a low corporis congruentia, ut pede non noticeable moras. Et multiplicabo illud, ut sit quiddam multiplier ut quiddam fieri solet cum certa ratione."
"This effectively enables you to use two buffer sizes, one very small one for recording tracks and a large one for playback tracks." = "Hoc efficaciter operatur ad quiddam moles duas, unam ad minimum ex memoria tacere, et alia multa tracks playback. "
"Reset Audio Settings?" = "Reponere Audio luctus? "
"This will reset all the settings on this page to teh default settings. You can also reset the input and output devices." = "Lex ad hoc defectu tincidunt venenatis venenatis tellus omnis. Aliquam input output reset excogitavit. "
"Reset input devices" = "Reponere input adinventionum "
"Reset output devices" = "Reponere cogitationes output "
"Set as default" = "Ponite ut default "
"Create New Custom Control Surface" = "Control Lorem New Lorem Superficies "
"External Controller Settings:" = "Tempus externum moderatoris; "
"If you have any external control surfaces or MIDI controllers, you can enable or add them here." = "Aut si superficiebus MIDI externos moderatoris regere potest hic addit aut ferat. "
"Once enabled you can edit their mappings by selecting the surface from the list." = "Iam vos can creare posset, eum summa ex numero eorum mappings. "
"When Starting Tracktion" = "Cumque profecti Tracktion "
"Go to Language Wiki" = "Ad Language Wiki "
"Default Pan Law" = "Aliquam legem Pan "
"Freeze Point Creation" = "Id quod creatio frigoris "
"Default Drag X-Fade" = "Default Trahunt Fade X- "
"Comping X-Fade Time" = "X, dies Comping Fade "
"Audio Cache Size" = "Audio Cache Size "
"General Behaviour" = "General Gestu "
"General Settings Page:" = "Tempus Generalis Page: "
"This section contains a range of options for user-interface behaviours and user settings." = "Lorem ipsum dolor habet a range of bene pro user interface, user partum et occasus. "
"Opens the translation Wiki so you can edit the language files" = "Wiki Latin aperit lima, ut possis audire Duis "
"Go to the project page" = "Vade ad paginam "
"Go to the settings page" = "Ite ergo ad exitus loca page "
"The launch behaviour of Tracktion" = "In Lorem moribus Tracktion "
"Auto-save every minute" = "Auto-nisi minutatim "
"Law for panormamic mixing of left and right audio channels" = "Lex enim mixtionem panormamic cursus et audio rivos "
"OpenGL renderer" = "OPENGL renderer "
"Absolute timecode" = "Absolute timecode "
"Manually freeze tracks" = "Tincidunt CONGELASCO tracks "
"Freeze track when a freeze point is created or copied" = "Congelo track cum glacies a quo creata est et exemplis "
"Enables default track freezing" = "Default track possit bruma "
"Off by default" = "A default "
"On by default" = "Sed per defectum "
"Chooses default drag X-Fade setting fo audio clips" = "Default occasus Fade fo-X unc velit audio tondet "
"Number of milliseconds to crossfade between comp sections" = "Number of milliseconds Crossfade in medio partium ostendimus"
"Key Shortcuts Page:" = "Catena Aurea Key Page: "
"This page lets you view and edit the shortcut key-mappings." = "Lorem ipsum dolor lets vos videre, et edit, brevis key mappings."
"Loop Database" = "Loop Database "
"Loop Settings Page:" = "Tempus Page ansam veniat, "
"Here you can add any folders where you have audio loop files and then click \'Scan for Loops\' to make them available from the loop-browser side-bar panel." = "Hic potes ansa audio lima ubi addas Nullam folders, ansas Scan \'pasco latus, ut in-loop a tellus dolor. "
"Create New Virtual MIDI Input" = "Lorem New Lorem input MIDI "
"Refresh MIDI Device List" = "Fabrica paululum MIDI List "
"MIDI Devices Page:" = "Page MIDI cogitationes: "
"Enable your attached MIDI devices from the input list. These could be things like keyboards or pads." = "Aperi oculos tuos a input adinventionum MIDI coniuncta ponit. Vel esse possit, quae res keyboards pads. "
"If required, also enable any MIDI devices in the output list. These could be external hardware synths or similar devices." = "Et si opus fuerit, etiam cogitationes in in output MIDI ut nullo numero. Haec et similia multa synths sit externus bene agit. "
"Force a rescan of all the MIDI devices" = "Adiunctum vim omnium cogitationum MIDI "
"Couldn\'t find any translation files online, please check online at for more details" = "Non invenitur aliqua text lima elit, Lorem ipsum at elit "
"There appears to be a problem contacting Please verify you are connected to the Internet and try again" = "Quod videtur esse inconveniens contingentes. Vestibulum consequat et cognosce coniuncta sunt "
"Unable to Find Language Files" = "Et cum non possent invenire Language dolor "
"The selected will be applied once the download has completed." = "Et elegit viros, et applicabitur ad download semel complevit. "
"Tracktion language files are automatically generated by Google Translate, however, they are constantly being improved and updated online. You can make sure you stay up to date by setting the \"Check For Language Updates\" option to \"At startup\"." = "By Google Translate Tracktion linguam lectus credat, cum tamen jugiter et amet cursus turpis. Sed pretium turpis eu potes proposito fac \"reprehendo adipiscing linguam\" bene \"In satus\". "
"Additionally you can help improve the language files yourself by clicking the \"Go to Translations Wiki\" button in the \"User Interface\" settings and editing the page for your required language. Simply search for the phrase you want to change and save the changes. Tracktion will then download the updates the next time it starts up." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer est tibi, lectus ipse a nisi in oratione \"Vade ad Wiki Latin\" puga pyga in a \"User Interface\" occasus pro vestri page editionum et sermone opus. Quaerere et salvum facere quod dicitur vis mutare Aliquam consequat. Et tunc download Tracktion updates in eo incipit tempus. "
"Downloading Language" = "Maecenas Language "
"Plugin Selector" = "Orci, faucibus ut, "
"Selector Sorting" = "Artem, faucibus ut, "
"Opening Plugin Windows" = "Suspendisse posuere Plugin "
"Pinning Plugin Windows" = "Fixum est Plugin Windows "
"Enable Rewire" = "Morbi rewire "
"Changes the type of plugin selector panel" = "Mutata ratio orci tellus et electrix "
"Sort by disk location" = "Sort by orbis situ "
"Chooses how the plugin list is organised" = "Quam eligit in orci elit inconveniens "
"Single-click on a plugin to open its GUI window" = "Aliquam a orci click in ut aperire fenestram GUI "
"Double-click on a plugin to open its GUI window" = "GUI Duplex fenestram aperiat plugin adipiscing "
"Plugin windows are unpinned by default" = "Plugin fenestra, per default unpinned "
"Plugin windows are pinned by default" = "Plugin fenestra, per costas ferrum emineret, default "
"Chooses whether plugin GUIs are pinned by default" = "Eligat, an, quae veniam pro defectu orci GUIs "
"Tracktion was unable to install the ReWire shared library." = "Potuit instituere Tracktion rewire commune elit. "
"Plugins Page:" = "Vestibulum Page: "
"If you have installed any third-party plugins click the \'Scanning and Sorting...\' button to detect these plugins." = "Si quis velit consequat in tertia pars plugins: Accedunt Clavis Metrica, quae artem ... adumbrare elit his plugins. "
"They should then appear in the list and be available from the plugin menu when you\'re editing." = "Et tunc apparebit quid illi amet elit a lectus plugin es emendo. "
"Tip: as well as scanning, you can also drag-and-drop plugin binaries onto the list to add them." = "Tip: etiam intuens, et detrahent te: et sicut stillicidium plugin binaries super numerum addere. "
"Settings" = "Tempus "
"Originally created by Julian Storer in 2002." = "In principio creavit by Storer in MMII. "
"With many thanks to everyone who\'s contributed over the years, including Philip Meehan, multiple Mackoids, Woody, Dave Christenson, Dave Rowland, Joel Langlois and all the usual suspects at KVR." = "Et omnis, qui per multos annos in collata est, etiam Philippi Meehan multiple Mackoids, lignea, Dave Christenson, Dave, Danus, Joel Langlois et nonummy at KVR. "
"Built with the JUCE cross-platform GUI toolkit -" = "Morbi a crux crucis-suggestus JUCE GUI toolkit - "
"Ogg-Vorbis and FLAC compression -" = "OGG Vorbis, et compressionem FLAC - "
"ReWire technology by PropellerHead Software -" = "Lorem ipsum dolor rewire PropellerHead per - "
"VST, VST3 and ASIO technologies by Steinberg GmbH  -" = "VST, et VST3 Cuckoo Steinberg GmbH vitae per - "
"Elastique Efficient by zplane.development -" = "Elastique efficiens per zplane.development - "
"ARA technology by Celemony Software GmbH -" = "Lorem ipsum in ara Celemony GmbH - "
"123 items" = "CXXIII items "
"1 item" = "Item I "
"Today" = "Hodie, "
"Relink All Files" = "Relink omnia Files "
"This tool helps you find lost files by searching your computer to find matching file names. To use it, select a directory from the Search Location list. This will then be displayed in the Searching field." = "Hoc succurro vos reperio lima lima amissam ab ipso, ut pulvinar ornare limae nomina. Uti a velit Curabitur Lorem Aliquam album. Quod tunc ager scrutantes ostenderetur. "
"To change the directory displayed in the in the list, change the Root Directory path." = "Aliquam elit ostenderetur mutare, commutare viam radix presul."
"To include sub-directories in the search ensure Search Recursively is checked." = "Etiam ad sub-directoriis in a quaero ut felis recursively cohibetur. "
"If you want to list all project files, not only those that are missing check Search All Files." = "Valerius ipsum dolor si vis, non desunt qui tantum quaerere reprehendo dolor. "
"Search recursively, including sub-folders" = "Quaerere recursively, etiam sub-folders "
"Include all project files in search" = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit in omnibus quaerere "
"Any missing files will appear in red below, non-missing files will appear in white. Once suitable matches have been found they will appear as a list under the file name. Select the required file to match, you can preview the file to right to ensure it is correct." = "Quis erit in rubro cursus absentis infra, non erit missing dolor in album. Par iam inventa sunt apta videntur lacus lima nomen. Lego inserere oportet lima te ut Curabitur accumsan accurate recta lima. "
"Once you have finished, click either the Associate Selected Files or Associate All Files buttons to complete the match." = "Quondam vos have perfectus, consequat vel Aggregatus vel Aggregatus, M. dolor dui dolor perficere, omnes habet. "
"You cannot undo this command." = "Non ergo praeceptum abrogare. "
"Choose a match from the results found for each file" = "Eligite de singulis fasciculum volutpat a match "
"Show files with no current matches found" = "Ostende purus non nunc facilisi "
"Associate the selected files" = "Versare lego lima "
"Associate all files" = "Versare omnibus lima "
"If you are sure you want to proceed, press OK." = "Si vero ex vis, premere velit. "
"Turn playback-in-stop on/off" = "Convertimini, in tincidunt in playback / off "
"Panic reset the audio engine" = "Terror Duis autem audio ipsum "
"Enable/Disable selected plugins" = "Morbi / Disable delectus plugins "
"Change selected plugin to its next preset" = "In vitae lectus orci sapien, ut per alteram "
"Change selected plugin to its previous preset" = "Morbi id lectus vitae sapien orci pristinae "
"CPU usage. Click for a more detailed display" = "Usu CPU. Wisi enim ad accuratiorem propono "
"Save selected plugins as a preset" = "Morbi a nisi quam elegit plugins "
"Add new plugin" = "Aliquam orci "
"Replace this plugin" = "Curabitur plugin "
"Wrap this plugin in a new rack plugin" = "Circumda plugin in tormentis, a plugin "
"Wrap these plugins in a new rack plugin" = "Circumda his plugins novum in tormentis, plugin "
"Delete this plugin" = "Delete plugin "
"Loading Images" = "Ad Multos Images "
"Delete Image" = "Delete Image "
"Can\'t Delete" = "Non Delete "
"The selected image was unable to be added to the library because the image format could not be recognised. Try using a standard JPEG, PNG or GIF image." = "Lego quod imago imaginis poterat addi elit auctor nec agnoscunt. Try usura a vexillum jpeg, et PNG GIF imaginem. "
"New Project..." = "New Aliquam ... "
"Open Project..." = "Patefacio Vestibulum ... "
"Create Folder..." = "Aliquam Folder ... "
"Bazaar!" = "Emporium! "
"Visit the Trackion Help Website" = "Aliquam in elit Trackion Auxilium "
"Shows the Tracktion bazaar tab" = "Ostendit Tracktion foro tab "
"This edit contains references to plugins which are not installed on this machine" = "Haec sunt quae ad edit plugins sunt installed in apparatus "
"Bazaar" = "EMPORIUM "
"New Tab" = "New Tab "
"New Edit" = "New Edit "
"Drag this tab to un-dock it and create a new window" = "Trahite, ut in-tab hoc facere, et hoc navale quis tortor "
"Properties Panel" = "Aliquam Panel "
"This panel displays properties and settings for any objects that are currently selected (e.g. clips, tracks, plugins, etc.)." = "Hic aperte ostendit, quod ad propria loca ad aliquid dicunt, delectos (eg cohibentes, vestigia plugins, etc.) "
"Most things are selected by clicking on them, and they\'ll get a red outline (or some other similar effect) to indicate that they\'re selected. A short description of what\'s selected is always shown at the top of this properties panel." = "Pleraque a nisi electa, et red tincidunt delineatum (vel alium similem effectum) ad designandum quod non scribuntur. Brevis descriptio rerum selecti hoc est semper in summa panel. "
"If you want to deselect everything, the default keyboard shortcut is CTRL+D. Often, if you\'ve selected something like a track or clip, pressing CTRL-A will select all related objects (but this only makes sense for certain types of object)." = "Si vos volo ut omne deselect defectus CTRL + keyboard brevis sit, D. Saepe, aut si youve delecti semita quasi elit, instans res pertinet eligere CTRL-A (sed solum ad sensum, quia quaedam est). "
"Projects Screen" = "Lorem ipsum dolor collaborative "
"Click here to swap to the projects screen, where you can manage your projects and the material that they contain." = "Adipiscing elit Pellentesque RES ad quas habent materiam lacus exertus. "
"Settings Screen" = "Tempus collaborative "
"Click here to edit global settings related to audio/midi devices, plug-ins, user interface, loop/file support, key mappings, and control surfaces." = "Ut wisi enim ad global occasus creare ad audio / plagam Midianis in cogitationes, quod plug-ins, user interface, loop / file adipiscing, amet mappings, superficies, et imperium. "
"Edit Screen" = "Screen Edit "
"Click here to show the editing screen for this edit.  This is where the bulk of your work will be done." = "Nullam consectetuer elit ut in hac edit. Fiat voluntas tua, opus est haec moles. "
"Undo/Redo" = "Preolio / redo "
"Tracktion keeps a list of the operations done to an edit, and you can step back through them using these buttons, or the keyboard shortcuts (which default to CTRL+Z and CTRL+SHIFT+Z)." = "Tracktion habet a album of rebus gestis ad edit, et non per se, usura haec retro puga pyga, aut keyboard shortcuts (quae est default CTRL + et Z CTRL + MUTO + Z). "
"It would take up too much memory to keep an unlimited history of what\'s been done, but you can change the list size if you think it\'s currently too small (go to the settings page and click \'file settings\')" = "Infinita esset, ut ne nimis est historia quod factum memoria, sed, si tibi videtur mutare amet numero curta magnitudine (paginae click ad occasum \'occasus lima) "
"Note that once an edit has been closed (e.g. to open a different one), its undo history is erased. You can, however, keep a permanent checkpoint to which you can revert (see the pop-up help on the \'Save\' button for more info)." = "Et nota, quod aliquando factum est per clauditur edit, (ut alia aperire), historia eius abrogare, induxit. Quisque sed LAPIS ad quam perpetuo redire servare (videatur in opera pop-up \'nisi\' Suspendisse pili). "
"Click this row to select the clip and see more options and information about it." = "Mauris elit ac magis hoc ordine ad lego bene compertum est. "
"Clips in a project are references to either an audio/midi file or an edit; if it\'s an audio/midi file, you can double-click to preview it; if it\'s an edit, double-clicking will open it for editing." = "Aut in consilio sunt solum de Clips audio / edit quis bibendum vel lima si illud audio / Midianis lima te ut Curabitur consequat duplex: si recensere amet, consectetuer geminus-clicking aperit. "
"If a clip is selected, you can copy it to the clipboard by pressing CTRL+C, or by dragging it down to the clipboard component (bottom-right of the screen)." = "Si elit eligitur ad Clipboard imitari potest accidit + C macula vel trahit ad partem Clipboard (imo elit ius). "
"You can also drag the clips to different positions in the list, or if there\'s an edit open, dropping a clip onto the edit\'s tab (at the top of the screen) will paste it into that edit at the cursor position." = "Et tondet ut vos can extraho in loco, in quo album, si ibi est an patefacio edit, distillans a elit eu velit edit est (ad verticem screen) et crustulum eam edit, quod cursor in loco. "
"This is the source file to which this item refers." = "Item de hoc quod est, inde ad lima. "
"If this filename is a fully-qualified (absolute) path (e.g. \'C:\audio\myfile.wav\'), Tracktion simply looks for that filename;" = "Si hoc plane, quid sit filename (absolute), viam (ut si dicatur C: \ audio \ myfile.wav), videtur quod simpliciter Tracktion filename, "
"If however the filename is a " = "Si vero sit a filename "
"relative" = "aliquid "
" path (e.g. \'myfile.wav\'), this is taken as being relative to the " = " uiam (ut \'myfile.wav) respectu ad hoc quod est "
"project" = "project "
" directory. (Relative paths make it easier to move your material about on disk without breaking any links)." = " Aliquam erat. (Secundum orbis iter sine materia facilius moventur praefregissent nexus). "
"You can click the button at the right-hand-side of the filename to rename the file or choose a different file (but remember that making it point at a different file will affect all edits which use it)." = "Donec id metus a ipsum a latere dextro et eligere diversa filename lima lima TRANSNOMINO (meminerim recensiones faciendo demonstravisse ad omnes qui ad alium usum, Gloria Patri.) "
"This will look through all the audio files used by the currently selected edit, and if it finds any that belong to another project, it will import these files into the current project, optionally updating the edit to refer to these newly imported clips." = "Hoc audio de te per omnia lima, quibus nunc edit lectus, et si habet aliquid quod pertinet ad consilium, quod pertinet ad praesentem dolor sit amet, ut ad libitum edit adaequationis ad recens advecta illis cohibentes. "
"No actual files will be copied, but this means that you\'ll be able to close or change other projects without affecting this edit." = "Ipsum dolor sit amet, non transtulerunt, hoc est enim quod mutatur, vel in aliis inceptis iam posse haec salva edit. "
"Some clips can be assigned to a number of categories, which you can search for using the \'search category\' button on the search panel." = "Quidam uero plures cohibentes tribui posse, quam quaerere usura perquisitio somniemus, tellus ipsum in quaero. "
"Clip Preview Window" = "Clip Aliquam libero "
"Clicking and dragging in this window lets you play parts of the clip; you can also start/stop the playback by pressing the spacebar or double-clicking the clip\'s row in the project list above." = "Maecenas et in hac et lets vos ludere partes trahunt clip, potest quoque satus / ad playback subsisto urgendo neque, bibendum spacebar geminus-clicking in cursu est scriptor in ordine ad ipsum est album. "
"This marks a point in the wave file that is useful in some way." = "Hoc signat aliquid utile punctum lima unda. "
"Drag it left/right to move it around, or drag it off the top or bottom of the window to delete it." = "Dimisit detraxerint / ius movere eam, aut fundus aut fenestra ad trahant proident summitatem. "
"When moving through an edit using page up/down to jump between cut points, this will also jump to any markers it finds. Also, when dragging the cursor around an edit, you can hold down the CTRL key to indicate make it snap to the nearest cut points, and this will also snap to markers." = "Cum autem mobile per page edit usque / ad inciso jump inter quae eius, et salire ad aliquod notari invenerit. Porro cum cursorem circa trahens edit potes liber fieri tenerent CTRL proxima amet sectis indicat, et hoc etiam ad venalicium disrumpam. "
"If a clip contains just one marker, then when pasted into edits the clip will be positioned with its marker at the cursor position, rather than the start of the clip." = "Si in quolibet elit habet unum, tunc crustulum in proximis, in quo posita erat in cursu, cum in quolibet cursor in loco, sed in clip de principio. "
"Drag-and-drop this onto the waveform on the left to create a new marker." = "Super hoc lætabitur, et gutta, waveform novum titulum ad sinistram. "
"This lets you choose a subset of the loaded projects in which searches will be carried out." = "Hoc lets vos sumo magna quam onustus quærit subset peragatur. "
"If any of the projects contain categorised sounds, this lets you perform a search within one of those categories." = "Si elit sonorum genere contineantur haec praedicamenta intra quos sinit facere inquisitionem. "
"Keyword Search" = "Clerodendrum "
"Enter one or more keywords in the text box above, and click the \'search\' button to perform a search." = "Super keywords vel lacus suscipit in, adipiscing ac, quaero, quaerere ipsum facere. "
"To choose which of the currently loaded projects you want to search within, click the \'select projects\' button on the left." = "Elige unum quod volueris ex oneratus dolor sit amet, ut vos volo ut scrutarentur in, consequat in, delectis elit, rutrum in. "
"As well as searching for the keywords you type in, Tracktion will also look for " = "Atque in huiusmodi inquisitione keywords, etiam expecto Tracktion "
"related words" = "se habent verba, "
", e.g. plurals, synonyms, mis-spellings, etc." = ", E.g. plures, luctus et lacrymatio, male Audite, etc "
"Boolean expressions are also supported, e.g. \'bang or crash\' finds clips with either word in them; \'bang and not crash\' finds ones with \'bang\' but not \'crash\'; \'bang crash\' is the same as \'bang and crash\'. You can also search for \'all\' to get a list of all clips in all projects." = "Boolean etiam sublevatus e.g. \'CREPITUS, aut ruina, tondet et invenit in eis vel verbo; abeo, et non est sonus, qui cum invenit, CREPITUS,\' non fuit ruina \',\' CREPITUS ruina \', idem est, et abeo fragore. Etiam et sapien totum dixit ad tondet in indice totius elit. "
"This control lets you enter a value directly by clicking on the text and typing into it. Press " = "Hoc lets vos imperium intra a pretium posuere, super illud, et per se, per typing in ea. Press "
"return" = "reditum "
" to apply the new number you\'ve typed, or press " = " iam novus numerus typed adhibere, aut premere "
"escape" = "fugam "
" to undo your typing and reset it to the previous value." = " ut tellus et factum infectum reddere typing in priore valorem. "
"Dragging the slider will also change the value - if you need to make fine adjustments, hold down the CTRL key while dragging." = "Trahentes autem inducent etiam mutare valor - si vos postulo ut facere adjustments, tenerent CTRL key, dum trahunt. "
"Tip:" = "Tip: "
" If you have a mouse wheel, this will also change the value when the mouse is over the control." = " Si rota mus, mus, cum hoc sit in potestate ipsius mutare. "
"Drag this slider to change the value - if you need to make fine adjustments, hold down the CTRL key while dragging." = "Hic labor lapsus ut tracto mutare valor - si vos postulo ut facere adjustments, tenerent CTRL key, dum trahunt. "
"To edit a timecode, you can click on one of the digit fields and drag the mouse up/down to change that digit field." = "Lorem a timecode, et agri, et ipsi trahunt vos can click de murem digiti usque / ad mutare figuras agro. "
"Alternatively when you\'ve clicked on a part of the timecode and it\'s highlighted in red, you can type directly into it - press either the return key or the escape key to commit or undo your typing." = "Vel, cum iam in partem timecode clicked et in rubro \'illam extulit, potest ratio recta in eam - aut redire key press key exitus aut solvere vel facere typing vestris. "
"Default Devices" = "Default cogitationes "
"Clicking here will make this the default wave output device." = "Maecenas in turpis nisi, in hac unda, ad default output machinam. "
"The default wave output device is the one that gets chosen to play audio previews, and is used for tracks whose output destination is set to \'default wave device\' rather than a specific named device." = "Ad default output ratio est, quae movet ad undam electi ludere Praevius audio, et qui est, ut metus, ut tincidunt sit amet, undam ratio default, magis quam a propria ratio nominatur. "
"Clicking here will make this the default MIDI output device." = "Maecenas in turpis nisi, in hac default output machinam MIDI. "
"The default MIDI output device is the one that gets chosen to play previews of MIDI files, and is used for tracks whose output destination is set to \'default MIDI device\' rather than a specific named device." = "Ad default output ratio est, quod gets MIDI electi ludere Praevius de MIDI purus, et pulvinar metus tincidunt elit sit ad quem, MIDI defectu cogitatus, et non in nomine speciei notae. "
"Device Enable/Disable" = "Morbi Device / Disable "
"Click here to enable or disable this device." = "Vestibulum ut disable, aut arte. "
"You\'ll probably want to disable all the devices you rarely use, to make it easier to see which is which. Having less devices enabled also consumes less memory and CPU power." = "Youll \'forsit volo ut disable raro utuntur omnes artes, quae ad facere est facilius. Posset aliquis minus et minus cogitationes et memoriae CPU posse. "
"This is particularly useful for input devices, as disabled inputs don\'t appear in the list when choosing an input for a track. Output devices that are disabled don\'t appear in the \'destinations\' list for tracks." = "Input artes maxime utilis, ut non erret in inputs Eligendo input numero semita. Cogitationes quae non sunt disabled output in in \"destinations, lectus metus. "
"Click and drag this control to set the volume for previewing clips." = "Lorem ipsum dolor trahere, et hoc imperium, ut in Parte Prima, quia previewing cohibentes. "
"These are Tracktion projects that have been loaded." = "Haec opera sunt, quae sunt Tracktion portantes. "
"Left-click on one of these to see a list of the clips and edits it contains." = "Haec ad sinistrum index Nullam ac cohibentes recensiones continet. "
"Right-click on them to get more options." = "Vox-click ut eorum magis bene. "
" You can also open a project file or import a Tracktion archive file by dragging-and-dropping the file into this window." = " Aliquam aperiret lima a project importatur et trahendo a file Tracktion archive iactura ligula tortor in. "
"The active project list contains the projects you are actively working on." = "Agile ipsum dolor album habet agens operatur. "
"Any projects that are being used as read-only resources, e.g. for sound effects, can be put in the \'Library projects\' list to keep them out of the way.  You can also add your own folders to further organize your projects." = "Quisque mauris elit, quae modo lecta est, esse, ut quia sonus effectus, potest in bybliotheca elit, custodiant viam elit. Addunt etiam ad organize vestri folders Donec elit. "
"You can right-click on this folder to open or close active projects." = "Vox-click in folder potest claudere aperire activa elit. "
"Library projects are projects that are used as a resource for searching, but which aren\'t being actively worked on." = "Adhibentur in consilia Bibliotheca subsidium investigationis incepta, quae tamen non actualiter elaboratum. "
"Right-click here to add or remove library projects." = "Ius elit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit addere, nec auferre. "
"This represents one of the available input devices you can use to make a new recording. Click on it to select it and get more options." = "Haec posse unum novum artes recording amet diam. Duis ac plus ad eligendam bene. "
"To make a recording from this device, drag it up/down (and to the right) so that its arrow points into the track you want to record into. (Devices that haven\'t got an arrow are inactive). Then hit the record button, and depending on the type of input this is, either an audio or MIDI clip will be recorded and added to that track." = "Ut a recording hocque illud trahere / descendit (et iure) ut in eius acta sagitta vis in via. (Cogitationes: non enim habes, quod non operantur sagitta). Et luctus lorem in memoriam, et secundum hoc est input in forma, sive sit sive audio MIDI clip erit exposita ad eam, et semita. "
"Dragging this area with the mouse lets you quickly scroll the tracks up and down - drag with the right button to resize the tracks." = "Mus tibi velociter in hac provincia volumen Trahentes inambulatioque vestigia - sagena resize recta vestigia risus. "
"When the mouse is over this side of the screen (or over the plugins on the right of the screen), you can use the mouse-wheel to scroll the tracks up/down." = "Hinc cum mus elit est (vel elit in dextro plugins) vestigia possis in volumine mus rota / descendit. "
"And if you hold down CTRL whilst mouse-wheeling, it\'ll zoom all the tracks vertically around the mouse position." = "Et si tenerent CTRL-mus, cum caelum metabimur illis, est directe circa zoom vestigia muris posuit. "
"New Plugin Generator" = "New Plugin Generator "
"This lets you insert new audio plugins into tracks or clips, by dragging this icon over to wherever you want the new plugin to go.  Plugins are Effects, Instruments, Racks, and other routing tools such as Aux Sends/Returns and Rewire." = "Hoc lets vos inserere novum tracks, aut in plugins audio tondet, traxisse, ubi hoc ad imaginem novi plugin ut vos volo. Commodo Donec effectus, instrumenta, tormenta, et alia instrumenta, ut fuso auge mittit / rewire et ultrices. "
"As you move over the track\'s plugin area, red highlights will appear to show places that can accommodate a new plugin; then when you let go of the mouse, a menu appears to let you choose which plugin you want to insert." = "Sicut vos movere per spatium itineris plugin est, rufus erat, haudquaquam apparet ut nova, quæ a plugin possis, et sic cum nolite dimittere mus, a menu videtur quod tibi placet inserere voles orci. "
"Audio clips can also contain plugins which apply just to the duration of that clip - just drag this tool onto a clip to add a plugin." = "Audio cohibentes continere potest, quae valent tantum ad tempus plugins sunt in comam, - haec iustum est trahant onto a tortor a orci elit, adde. "
"Master Output Plugins" = "Magister Output Plugins "
"This shows the set of plugins that will be applied to the mixed output of the whole edit before it goes to an output device." = "Inde patet, quod dicitur esse mixtus plugins posita Vestibulum ante omnis exit edit ad output elit. "
"You can drop plugins onto it and drag them round just like track plugins." = "Vos can stillabunt plugins super eam, et trahere in circuitu, sicut plugins track. "
"(If the edit is being sent to multiple output devices simultaneously, each device will have its own copy of this set of plugins)." = "(Si quod edit ad output multiple fabrica, simul et suam habere et singulis cogitationis, de his plugins exemplum). "
"Shows the range of notes being displayed in the MIDI editor window." = ", Ostendit per hoc quod ea in range of notis MIDI Vestibulum dui. "
"To " = "Ut enim "
"scroll" = "liber "
" this up and down, drag it with the left mouse button." = " et hoc usque ad sinistram mus felis trahant. "
"To zoom in and out, drag the buttons at the top or bottom of the keyboard." = "Amplifica et trahunt tincidunt dui superius aut inferius. "
"If you have a mouse wheel, you can also scroll by moving the wheel whist the mouse is over this keyboard, or zoom by moving the wheel with the CTRL key held down." = "Mus rota Si potes hoc volumine est tincidunt mus tacent rotam movet, aut rota movendo CTRL clavis zoom teneatur. "
"Holding down CTRL and clicking a key will select all the notes at that pitch. (You can then click again to deselect them)." = "Et tenens CTRL posuere sit amet velit non omnes notat ibidem, qui fuit. (Potes deselect Nullam eos iterum.) "
"Right-clicking the keyboard will pop up a menu with more options." = "Maecenas tincidunt dextra menu mos pop sursum magis bene. "
"This will take all the selected MIDI clips, and merge their MIDI data into a single clip, keeping all the note positions as they were." = "Haec erit in omnibus, lego MIDI tondet, et confundantur in eorum notitia MIDI in uno elit, secundum situm, ut omnibus per se nota. "
"The clips needn\'t be adjacent, and can be spread across more than one track." = "Non est, quod adiacet tondet, et itinere uno sparsere plus quam potest. "
"Note that doing this will discard some of the clips\' characteristics, such as their individual channel numbers." = "Et nota, quod hoc facere non recedunt de clips \"quis, varius ut, sua quisque numerus. "
"This will apply a pitch change to the selected set of notes." = "Lego progreditur ad futuram mutationem paro of notis. "
"This line indicates the join between subsequent loops; drag it with the mouse to stretch the loop length, or hold down the CTRL key and drag to move the loop start position." = "Et hoc pertinet ad ordinem ora sequentis iungentium, trahunt cum mus tendere loop longitudo, et sacrificabit reti movere key CTRL + aut per se prima ansa. "
"Drag this to change the length of the fade in/out on this clip." = "Hoc mutare cecidimus tracto in longum / et hoc elit. "
"This built-in plugin alters the volume and/or pan of the audio or MIDI signals passing through it." = "Hoc constructum-in plugin novam sphaeram, et / vel in caldariam, aut in MIDI audio signum transiens per eam. "
"Drag the rectangular area with the mouse to change the volume, or drag the white horizontal line to change the pan." = "Trahunt ad rectangulum area mus mutatio volumen aut mutare ducere linea alba elit. "
" If you hold down CTRL when you start dragging the panning, you can change both the pan and volume simultaneously." = " Si vos satus tenerent CTRL panning trahentes, mutare et sartaginem, et simul liber. "
" To drag the plugin to another position, you can pick it up by clicking on the very edge of the plugin." = " Plugin trahere statu, sicubi a nisi quis ipsum ore orci. "
"Existing plugins can be dragged onto other tracks and positions in the same way the \'new plugin\' tool is used." = "Vestibulum eu plugins trahi se in vestigiis, et in eodem loco per \"novum orci, sit amet tortor. "
"Create new plugins with the new-plugin-generator tool at the top-right of the screen." = "Suspendisse tortor plugins generante, cum novas ad summo ius plugin elit. "
" When a plugin is selected, you can use the ALT + cursor keys to move the selection to adjacent plugins." = " A plugin cum sit necesse, et vos can utor Alt + Lorem ipsum movere cursorem claves plugins ut adiacens. "
"This is a VST plugin plugin; click on it to select it and edit its settings." = "Hoc est a plugin VST plugin, consequat ut velit illud et ex occasus creare. "
"Existing plugins can be dragged onto other tracks and positions. Holding down CTRL before dragging a plugin will create a copy of it." = "Vestibulum et metus plugins trahi super alia loca. Trahentes ad partum a plugin CTRL tenens prius exemplar. "
"Level Meter Plugin" = "Lorem NUMERUS Plugin "
"This plugin monitors the level of signals passing through it." = "Plugin Monitors hoc gradu signa per eam. "
"When an input signal peaks over 0 dB, red warning bars will appear at the top of the plugin, and these remain visible until you reset them by clicking on the meter." = "An input cum signo 0 dB per iuga, et vectes, et apparerent summitates eorum admonent red orci, manent, et apparet usque ad reset eos in diam a nisi quam. "
"You can use as many level meters as you need to see the levels at various points in a chain of plugins. Selecting a level meter plugin provides a bigger levels display and more options." = "Quod tot modis oportet possis videre ordine ad diversa gradus plugins in catena. Delectos a orci eu diam dolor sit amet elit et magis pompa nulla. "
"4-Band Equaliser Plugin" = "IV, ubi cohors Equaliser Plugin "
"This is a 4-band parametric equaliser; select it to edit its settings." = "IV, haec est manus modularem, aequatore, sumsi, ut recenseas in fundis. "
"Drag the centre of this circle to move the equaliser parameter." = "Proripite aequatore centrum movetur sed. "
"To change the cut-off sharpness, drag the outer area of the circle." = "Acumen abscissum mutare trahunt circulo exteriori. "
"To reset this parameter, drag it off the top or bottom of the window." = "Modularis haec tellus, aut de summo fundo fenestra trahant. "
"The sampler is a soft-synth that allows a set of audio files to be triggered by MIDI events." = "In mollis, est sampler synth patitur a paro of lima ut audio res MIDI Urguet. "
"This indicates the key for which the currently selected sample will be played back at its original speed." = "Aliquam sit amet quam clavem Inde porro delectus celeritate retro in sua originali. "
"To change it, drag this triangle left and right." = "Mutare, ita triangulum sagena dextra. "
"Sampled note range" = "Gustatum note range "
"This shows the range of notes over which the " = "Inde constare potest quod per iuga tonorum "
"currently selected" = "Donec lectus "
" sample is active. A single key can trigger multiple samples if their ranges overlap." = " Aliquam sit activum. A singulis key felis multiple samples eorum non sunt inventi parte. "
"Drag either the left or right ends to alter this range." = "Trahunt sive ad sinistram, et justitia eorum ad mutare range. "
"Click here to browse for audio files to use as samples. Any files you choose will also be imported into the project." = "Aliquam sit amet est scelerisque purus ut audio, ut exempla. Quisque cursus velit esse et habebat in consilio. "
" You can also add files to the sample list by dragging-and-dropping them from a Windows explorer box or from the Tracktion Browser." = " Vos can quoque adaugeo-purus Vestibulum ac lacus ut eos trahendo, vel consequat a Fenestra Tracktion Pasco inventore. "
" Another way to add samples is by copying clips from a project or edit to the clipboard, then pasting them into the sampler." = " Alius est apponere, per exempla secuti cohibentes in a exertus aut edit Clipboard: et preteritus in sampler. "
"Click here to remove the currently selected sample from the list." = "Nullam eget lectus cursus ut auferat a elit. "
"Turning this on means that each time the sample is played, it is allowed to carry on playing without being cut off by either a MIDI note-up event or the same key being played again." = "Quo modo, ut quoties in libero amet, licet exercere nota amet elit nec elit MIDI interceptus aut eadem aut etiam amet libero. "
"Be careful when using this with long samples, as it\'ll quickly use up all the available voices!" = "Cave iam usu hoc exemplo, ut pateat omnibus mature uti vocibus; "
"This is the extra volume to apply to the " = "Hoc volumine ratio esse extra "
" sample." = " sample. "
"(Double-click to reset the volume to 0 dB)." = "(Geminus-click ut reset ad 0 volumine dB). "
"This is the panning to use for the " = "Haec est enim, ut panning "
"(Double-click to reset the panning to the centre)." = "(Geminus click panning reset ad centrum). "
"Sample Preview" = "Lorem ipsum dolor "
"This shows the section of the waveform that the currently selected sample will play." = "Inde patet quod in praesenti sectione delectus waveform Aliquam ludere. "
"To trim the start and length of this section, you can click and drag the ends of the waveform to the left and right." = "Initium et tandem folia huius waveform Nullam potes ad finem trahunt dextra. "
"CPU Meter" = "CPU Meter "
"This bar indicates how much of the computer\'s available CPU is being used for audio playback; the more plugins and tracks an edit contains, the more CPU power is needed to play it back without glitching." = "Duis id augue ornare ostendit quantum audio playback CPU sit amet, quaedam magis edit plugins sunt vestigia, magis ad ludere eam requiratur virtus sine glitching CPU. "
"If this bar starts to reach levels over 90%, you could try freezing or muting some tracks to make it less demanding." = "Si bar initio usque ad gradus, super XC%, posset conari in malis, vel metus, ut si aliquid minus severe muting. "
"You can choose whether to view your edit in terms of bars/beats, or minutes/seconds." = "Vos can sumo utrum vos: ut in edit ex vectes / pulsat, vel minutes / II. "
"Changing between different timecode types won\'t actually alter the edit\'s contents, but when changing the tempo, you can optionally adjust the timing of the clips in the edit to reflect this change by using the " = "Transfiguratus in actu, non variat rationem inter timecode edit de contentis in eodem, sed tempo mutato, ad libitum potest adjust in sincere de tondet in edit reflectere super hoc, et per "
"remap on tempo change" = "remap in tempo mutatio "
" property for each clip." = " res enim se elit. "
"This is the master volume applied to all output devices (both audio and MIDI). Click and drag it to change the volume, in the same way as any other volume control plugin." = "Hoc est, Domino, ad omne volumen output cogitationum (sive et MIDI audio). Click ad trahant mutatio volumen volumen aliud, sicut in eu orci. "
"Click to select the master volume and get extra options for setting the levels, etc." = "Donec eget nibh Vestibulum lego libri ponere gradus dominus etc "
"This shows the edit\'s current tempo, time-signature, and pitch. Click on one to change the settings." = "Quantum tempo hodiernus edit, tempus auctore ac pice. Nullam muto occasus. "
"Click on this track to select it (you can hold down CTRL when clicking to multiply-select tracks)." = "Vestibulum in elit ut velit illud (ut multiplicentur tibi tenerent CTRL-lectos pertinet, cum tellus metus). "
"To resize a track, drag the area just below it; you can also double-click a track to make it bigger or smaller." = "Semita resize trahunt regione imae, tu geminus-click Etiam ut semita, maior vel minor. "
"If you have a mouse with a wheel, you can hold down CTRL and move the wheel to resize all the tracks, centring them around where the mouse is." = "Si vos have a muris cum rota, rota tu tenerent, et movere CTRL resize vestigia, centrum circa quod ubi mus. "
"Track Advance" = "Track Veni "
"The contents of individual tracks can be played slightly earlier than the other tracks, in order to compensate for delays that are introduced later in the track\'s signal path, e.g. by plugins, external MIDI devices, etc." = "Tenores vero tracks in singulis non suppetit alia tracks, quam paulo ante, ut moris est, propterea quod postea introducti sunt in track in via, signum est, ut plugins per externa, cogitationes MIDI, etc "
"If \'auto-advance\' is selected, the track will be advanced by the sum of all the delay times for its plugins (which may be 0 ms, as not all plugins introduce a delay). Manually entering a time in the \'advance\' box will override this." = "Si, ante auto-, quae sit, si quae vel ab ipsa via, et pro more suo in summa omnium plugins (0 ms, quid sit, quod non importat dilationem plugins). Intrantes autem in tincidunt tempus, ante, et consequat dominari hoc. "
"The output of each track can be directed to either:" = "Vestibulum vel quisque possit in via: "
"An audio output device, either a specifically named device, or just the \'default audio output\', which can be set on the settings pages. If a track goes to an audio output, any MIDI clips in the track will be inaudible (unless you\'re using a soft-synth plugin in the track to render this MIDI data into audio);" = "Audio output fabrica fabrica vel nominata, proinde defaltam audio output, quod possit super fundis elit. Si quis venit ad track audio output, erit aliqua MIDI cohibentes in a track tacita (nisi vestri \'usura a mollis orci synth in viam in predicta MIDI notitia audio); "
"A MIDI output device, which can likewise be set to \'default MIDI output\'. Any non-MIDI clips in the track will be inaudible;" = "A MIDI output machinam, quae possunt esse, ut \'default output MIDI. Quis non MIDI cohibentes in a track tacita sit, "
"Another track, where the signal will be passed through that track\'s plugins along with the track\'s own contents. This is useful if you want a group of tracks to all pass through the same plugin chain - e.g. a set of MIDI tracks all sharing the same soft-synth." = "Alia via est, ubi datum signum sit, per viam, quæ est in via sua plugins pariter continetur. Utile vestigia coetus vis eadem per omnem seriem plugin - turata a paro of tracks MIDI omnes sub eodem synth mollis. "
"Click on the left-hand-side of a row to select that device or track." = "Suspendisse in sinistro latere aut ab arte, ut ordine eligendi elit. "
"(Bear in mind that if you select output devices specifically by name, the track won\'t play back on other computers with different audio hardware. So for portability, it\'s best to stick to default devices)." = "(Sciendum est quod, si velit, tincidunt in specie cogitationes ex nomine, et semita, nec aversus sum ab aliis aliter audio Vestibulum accumsan, odio. Nam ut portability, suus \'optimus ut cum defaltam fecerit cogitationes.) "
"This will render the selected tracks, and it will then either replace those tracks with the newly rendered version or add the new track to the edit." = "Hoc faciet vestigia lecti, et pro iis, aut version tracks, cum de novo red addere nova track ad edit. "
"This lets you insert new, empty clips into the track." = "Hoc lets vos inserere novum inanis cohibentes in semita. "
"Use it to create new MIDI clips for editing." = "Lorem ipsum dolor s in novum MIDI cohibentes. "
"Drag here with the left mouse button to resize this track vertically." = "Semita tracto resize hic verticem sinistram mus felis. "
"Drag with the right mouse button to resize all the tracks above it." = "Trahunt vestigia cum resize supra ius mus felis. "
"Click on the M and S to Mute or Solo the track." = "Suspendisse pharetra mutum S M semita. "
"Right-click on it for more options." = "Vox-click in is magis bene. "
"Tracks that are inaudible (either because they\'re muted, or because other tracks are soloed) are shown with a big red cross." = "Tracks tacita, quae (vel propter verum, conticescit, vel quod alia sunt vestigia soloed), ostensa sunt, cum magna cruce rubra. "
" holding CTRL or SHIFT whilst clicking on a solo button will let you solo only a single track at once." = " Dum TRANSMUTO CTRL tenens vel ipsum tellus a solo dimittam te, nisi a solo track uno simul. "
"TimeBar" = "TimeBar "
"You can drag this with the left button to scroll left/right.  Holding down the SHIFT or ALT key when dragging will move the cursor position and moving up and down will also zoom in and out." = "Donec id felis et sinistram sinistro trahere potes / ius. ALT trahens clavis quando tenens aut mutationem et motum sursum et deorsum movebitur etiam positio cursorem et Zoom. "
"Dragging with the right mouse button will \'stretch\' the zoom level, keeping the cursor position constant. (Because this effectively stretches the distance between the mouse and the cursor, it\'ll only work if you don\'t start dragging too close to the cursor)." = "Voluntas ius mus felis rapto \'Tractum zoom gradu dignitatis cursorem secundum constantem. (Et quia efficaciter mus distantia cursor tendit, si voltis Noli laborare nimis prope segnius cursorem). "
"Clicking and dragging here with the left button will move the cursor around." = "Maecenas et ipsum movere cursorem circa trahens hic a sinistris. "
"Hold down SHIFT while dragging to keep the cursor still and move the background." = "Sed usque trahit et ut tenerent subcinctus movere cursorem in background. "
"Hold down CTRL while dragging to snap the cursor to the nearest cutpoint." = "Tenerent CTRL, dum trahunt disrumpam et ad proximum cursorem cutpoint. "
"Hold down ALT and drag to lasso multiple clips. (ALT + SHIFT adds to the current selection; ALT + CTRL removes clips from the current selection)." = "Tenerent Clementine_Vulgate et sagena LAQUEUM, ad plures cohibentes. (Clementine_Vulgate + MUTO addit current lectio, alt + accidit tollit tondet a current lectio). "
"Right-click and drag left/right to zoom in/out on the area between the cursor position and the mouse pointer (for this to work you have to click at least a couple of centimetres away from the cursor position)." = "Vox-click ituros reliquit / zoom iure / cursorem super loco et murem area inter (hoc tibi ad click a duobus saltem positione cursoris centimeters). "
"In/Out Markers" = "In / ex figunt "
"Drag these markers around to set the mark in/out points." = "Congrega ad venalicium circa signum posuit in / de punctis. "
"You can also move the in or out point to the current cursor position by using the default key shortcuts \'I\' and \'O\'." = "Etiam in motus vel a positione cursoris usura default punctum Aurea clavis I et O. "
"Drag this bar to move the selected clip\'s position and track." = "Trahunt bar moveri in hoc opinionem lectus elit et elit. "
"If the CTRL key is held down when you first click here, a new copy of the selected clips will be made." = "Si primus CTRL consequat deorsum clavis habetur, delegit exemplar novum fiet cohibentes. "
"Keeping CTRL held down whilst actually dragging will turn snapping off (if it\'s turned on)." = "Servans CTRL teneatur ipso tempore vacuitatis: et convertam trahunt (si suus \'verto). "
"Holding down the SHIFT key will let you drag the clips up and down without affecting their start time." = "Tenens mutationem clavis trahat te ad tondet, et salva animam eorum, tempus eu. "
"Dragging this button trims the start of the clip, without moving the clip\'s contents." = "Trahentes autem hoc ipsum initium elit Saturni dente relictam persequitur, inito clip est contenta. "
"If snapping is turned on, holding down the CTRL key while dragging will temporarily turn snapping off." = "Si snapping est conversus, tenens in CTRL key, dum trahunt in tempore vacuitatis: converte off. "
"If you hold down the ALT key before starting to drag this button, this will let you stretch the clip." = "Si hoc ipsum trahere disco clavis ALT tenerent, hoc te tendere elit. "
"Dragging this button moves the start of the clip, and also its contents." = "Ipsum quod movet et trahens elit initium et continet. "
"Dragging this button trims the start and end of the clip without moving the clip\'s contents." = "Hoc principium et finem in trims et trahens elit elit elit inito argumenta. "
"Dragging this button moves the clip\'s contents without affecting its start or end positions." = "Ipsum quod movet et trahens elit vel argumenta sine fine circa ortum loco. "
"Dragging this button moves the end of the clip, and also its contents." = "Ipsum quod movet ad finem elit Trahentes et continet. "
"Dragging this button trims the end of the clip, without moving the clip\'s contents." = "Hoc ipsum elit Saturni dente relictam persequitur ad extremum trahens, inito clip est contenta. "
"An audio or MIDI clip - click on this to select it and get more options." = "Aut clip MIDI audio - et plures eligere consequat id elit. "
"To select multiple clips, you can hold down CTRL or SHIFT when selecting. You can also lasso a bunch of clips by holding down the ALT key and dragging with the left mouse button. (ALT + SHIFT adds to the current selection; ALT + CTRL removes clips from the current selection)." = "Eligere, ad plures cohibentes, vel mutare, potes CTRL tenerent, cum L. Scipio. Vos can quoque Lasso fasciculum tondet tenendo per antes, et trahens key sinistram mus felis. (Clementine_Vulgate + MUTO addit current lectio, alt + accidit tollit tondet a current lectio). "
"If clips overlap and one ends up hidden behind another, you can right-click to get the clip\'s menu and choose \'bring obscured clips to front\' (or use the key shortcut B)." = "Si tondet parte et tandem aliud latet, quod vos can adepto ut vox-click in menu clip est eligere, adduc obscuratum est ante cohibentes, (vel ut brevis key B). "
" double-clicking an audio clip will play a preview of just that clip, without any plugins or other tracks." = " Maecenas et ipsum a felis elit audio in bis quae nunc elit, vel alia tracks nulla plugins. "
" double-clicking a MIDI clip will expand the clip for editing the MIDI notes." = " geminus-clicking MIDI a clip in clip de pinguedine MIDI notae editionum. "
" using ALT + cursor up/down/left/right will select the clips adjacent to the currently selected one (and pressing ALT + SHIFT + cursor keys will multiple-select adjacent clips)." = " ALT cursor sursum usura + / descendit / left / ius eligendi ad tondet adiacentibus amet, electa sunt (et hoc instans trabea + alt + cursor-multiple claves velle adiacet selectis tondet). "
"This shows a list of the alternative takes that were recorded for this clip whilst using looped-record mode, and lets you choose which one to use." = "Inde constare potest, aliter fit a album de haec, quae scripta est in cursu, cum per recordum Solomon modo, et quo placuerit tibi licet uti. "
"This operation will scan the edit for peak levels, and then set the master level to be the maximum possible without clipping." = "Et haec quidem operatio in edit ad cernenda non liquere cacumen gradus, et tunc ad gradum magistri fieri potest sine esse PRAECISIO. "
"Right-click this meter to change the type of reading it uses." = "Nullam id genus diam legeret dextra utitur mutant. "
"The delay speed can be calculated as a multiple of the length of a beat." = "Quia multiplicata ratione celeritatem mora longa pulsant. "
"The phaser rate can be calculated as a multiple of the length of a beat." = "Quia multiplicata est phaser longitudine quidem ratione potest pulsant. "
"If two clips overlap, this will automatically set their fade in and out lengths so that the overlap becomes a crossfade." = "Si ponantur duae tondet, pone in hoc ipso de longitudinibus et cecidimus in ut volet, et erit Crossfade. "
"Looping a clip will cause it to repeat a section of its source file for the length of the clip." = "Pars clip looping manare faciet repetere longitudinem fasciculum elit. "
"Once looped, a clip can be trimmed to extend the number of loops, and the section which is looped can be modified using the divider lines which appear within the clip." = "Cum Solomon, ornaverunt a clip, potest se extendere ad multa ansas, et etiam quod est mutari potest, tragularum per separator lineae, quae, in elit. "
"Record adjustment" = "Record temperatio "
"When playing and recording at the same time, there is a delay between audio being played out, and the same sounds coming back in. The length of this delay depends on factors including the latencies of the input and output devices used, and any other external devices that may be in the audio chain." = "Simul ac memoria lascivio, quod peractum est mora inter audio et reversus Sonos possidet adipiscing latentiae tandem de rebus ex mora consiliis uti input output et aliis exterioribus ut audio in catena cogitationes. "
"The \'time adjust\' value is the time, in milliseconds, by which audio recorded through this input device should be shifted in order to compensate for the delay." = "In tempore accommodent, hoc pretium est, quo tempore, in milliseconds, per hoc quod audio exposita ratio Moveri input in ordine ad damna morae. "
"To help calculate this length for your current hardware set-up, click " = "Ut sit amet rationem is in vestri current paro-usque, click "
"auto-detect" = "deprehendimus, auto- "
" to run a utility which will play a sound, and measure how long it takes for the sound to be re-recorded." = " quae autem ad utilitatem sana cursus et mensura, e quo sonus fit tempus refertur. "
"This will chop any selected clips into two halves." = "Etiam nulla lectus tondet conciderunt in duas partes. "
"This will copy to the clipboard all the parts of any selected clips between the mark-in and mark-out points." = "Hoc est autem exemplar erit Clipboard omnes partes describite: et pones cor: ex delectis tondet inter puncta. "
"This will delete this item from the project. Any clips in edits which refer to this will no longer be playable." = "Hoc item turpis a dolor. Omne, quod ad hoc, non erit in proximis tondet in playable. "
"You can optionally delete the source file which it references, or just remove the item from the project without affecting any files." = "Delete file libitum potest ex eo quod agitur, et auferre de item ad ipsum pertinent, non quis purus. "
"This will delete the file to which this item refers." = "Item ad hoc quod dicit hoc delete lima. "
"This will produce a list of all those items in the project which are referenced by this edit." = "Hoc ipsum facit in numero, quae insunt per memorati edit. "
"Exporting an edit will create a new project, and new copies of any audio files required to play this edit correctly." = "Quod edit non novum project elit et novum copies cuiuslibet audio files requiritur ad hoc ludo vere edit. "
"You can either produce a directory full of the new files, or a single Tracktion archive file which contains the same data in a compressed format, and which can be decompressed by loading it back into Tracktion." = "Aliquam novo producere possunt plena te lima lima aut continet unam eandem notitia in archivo compressam Tracktion forma, in qua non potest oneratis a Tracktion decompressed. "
"When making copies of the audio that the edit requires, it can either export all these files in their entirety, or can just export enough excerpts to replay the edit." = "Ut exempla audio quod edit quaerit, non possunt omnia illa exportare lima in totum, vel iustus satis exportare Catullus vituperante laudatur, et edit. "
"This lets you import audio files into the project, either from somewhere on a hard disk, or from an audio CD." = "Hoc dat vos audio lima pertinet ad opus, vel in aliquo a ferreus orbis, vel ex Hardcover. "
"When on the edit screen, you can also import a wave file directly into your edit simply by dragging-and-dropping the file onto wherever you want it to go." = "Cum edit, in screen, vos potest etiam important directe in vestri file fluctus edit tantum trahendo et distillans a file, super quo non vis venire. "
"This will create a list of all the clips within the project that are not used by any of the edits." = "Hoc consilium, quod facit in numero, non in usu omnis tondet recensiones aliqua. "
"Freezing Tracks" = "Tracks Mediolanum Capta Est "
"If there are a lot of tracks in your edit, or if some of them use a lot of plugins (and hence CPU), you can cut down on the resources required to play them by freezing some of the tracks that you\'re not currently working on." = "Si multum tibi recensere uestigia, vel aliqui ex eis uti multum plugins (adeoque CPU) opibus requiritur succides tibi rigentem quidam ludere non tu nunc vestigia opus. "
"When a set of tracks are frozen, they are rendered and mixed into a hidden wave file, so that subsequent playback will use almost no CPU power." = "Cum a paro of tracks sunt congelata, in abscondito fiunt, et elevabit fasciculum mixta, sic ut iis fere nulla, uti et sequentibus playback CPU posse. "
"Doing this doesn\'t lose any information though, so at any time you can easily \'unfreeze\' tracks to edit them." = "Facere hoc non amittet qua indicium quidem, ut ad tempus te potest, REGELO, orbitis editor. "
"If the speed setting of this clip is not 1.0, clicking this button will adjust all the note times so that they remain in their current positions, but setting the speed back to 1.0." = "Si velocitas ad occasum, non est hoc clip 1.0, hoc ipsum a tellus ut mos adjust omnibus semper nota, quod in suo praesenti loco, sed quasi dirigens ad celeritatem 1.0. "
"This lets you either:" = "Hoc lets vos aut: "
"- insert a MIDI program change message at the cursor position (if the cursor is within the extent of this clip)" = "- Inserere a positione cursoris MIDI ratione mutationis est, nuntii (si est cursor in, quatenus in hoc clip) "
"- or remove any existing program changes from the clip and insert one at the start." = "- Et aut demeret, unam esse rationem motus ab initio elit. "
"This lets you set the input program number from a list of named programs." = "Hoc lets vos posuit numerum in ipsum album of input nomen progressio. "
"Setting this to a value other than \'any\' will cause a channel number to be applied to all the messages that get recorded from this device." = "Quam pretium Hac \'quilibet\', omnis adhibenda erit cursum elit adepto numerus, ab arte. "
"If set to \'any\', the channel numbers of incoming messages are left unchanged." = "Statuit, ut, si ullo, refert multos ex recepta sunt nuntii ad sinistram non est immutatus. "
"Setting this to a value other than \'none\' will insert a program change message at the start of any MIDI that gets recorded through this input device." = "Hac ad valorem aliud quam \'non\' in principio Verbum, et mutatio de ratione addita, quod MIDI gets input haec scripta sunt in cogitatione. "
"If this option is enabled, then MIDI messages that are recorded into a track will be merged into any MIDI clips that are already there." = "Si bene valeant, et verba quæ scripta sunt in track MIDI erit in aliqua confusa MIDI cohibentes, quod non iam sunt. "
"If disabled, MIDI messages are recorded into new clips which are laid over any existing ones." = "Si debiles, MIDI verba hæc scripta sunt in novum cohibentes, quod sunt aliqua, quae supra sunt. "
"This will apply a quantisation to the currently selected MIDI notes." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet lectus applicare ad quantisation MIDI notis. "
"Partial Quantise Control" = "Partialis Quantise Imperium "
"This lets you adjust the proportion by which notes are moved towards their quantised positions." = "Hoc lets vos adjust secundum quod notat moventur, ad loca quantised. "
"0% is completely un-quantised; 100% is completely quantised." = "0% omnino un-quantised, plene C% quantised. "
"The timing of a MIDI output device can optionally be adjusted by a number of milliseconds, in case external devices have special latency requirements." = "In tincidunt, leo a MIDI ratio reddi potest, ad libitum in multas milliseconds, ita in externis, praesertim latency consiliis usus. "
"If this is enabled, this input device will continuously feed its input into any track it is record enabled on." = "Hoc est, si posset, hunc in ratio input input sine intermissione pascat in omni via posset illud in monumento. "
"This value is the size of buffer you want to use when recording from this device." = "Quod cum pretium redigere magnitudinem vis ut quiddam ab arte. "
"The lower the value, the less latency there will be, but it becomes more difficult for the computer to keep up." = "Pretium inferior, minus erit latency sed computer est difficilius sursum. "
"For reliable recording, it\'s probably best to keep this quite high (256 samples or more)." = "Quamquam enim certissimis, satis habere forsit optimus princeps (sive exempla CCLVI). "
"If you\'re doing simultaneous playback/recording, it\'s a good idea to re-test the synchronisation (with the \'auto-detect\' button) after changing the latency." = "Si vestri \'simul playback / memoria, suus\' a bona idea temptare synchronization iterum (per \"auto-deprehendere\" puga pyga) mutato latitationem. "
"Triggered Recording" = "Gradus Recording "
"If this value is set to a value greater than -INF, then when a recording is started, this device will wait for the input signal to reach this level before actually starting to record the audio." = "Si maior curae posuere pretium inf-tum cum actum incipit, ad hoc signum diam fabrica nibh expectabo referre incipiens prius furor. "
"This monitors the levels coming in through this device." = "Monitores et hoc per gradus, in hoc consilium venire. "
"New Filename Pattern" = "Novum exemplar Filename "
"This pattern defines the way Tracktion names new files that it makes when recording from this input device." = "Exemplum hoc novum lima, quod dicatur quod per nomina Tracktion facit cum input a recording fabrica. "
"The name can either be a normal path, e.g. \'C:\myaudio\audiofile_\', in which case Tracktion will create files like \'C:\myaudio\audiofile_1.wav\', \'c:\myaudio\audiofile_2.wav\'." = "Nomen, esse in communem viam, e.g. , C \ myaudio \ audiofile_, quae in se et facere Tracktion files ut \'C: \ myaudio \ audiofile_1.wav\', c \ myaudio \ audiofile_2.wav. "
"The name can either be a normal path, e.g. \'/Users/dave/audio/audiofile_\', in which case Tracktion will create files like \'/Users/dave/audio/audiofile_1.wav\', \'/Users/dave/audio/audiofile_2.wav\'." = "Nomen, esse in communem viam, e.g. / Volutpat / Dave / audio / audiofile_, quae in se et facere Tracktion files ut \'/ Users/dave/audio/audiofile_1.wav\', \'/ Users/dave/audio/audiofile_2.wav. "
"It can also contain the following special patterns:" = "Potest etiam rationes quibus haec praecipua: "
" - this is replaced by the current project\'s \'Recorded Audio\' folder" = " - Hoc est, per quam eius current project \'Exposita Audio\' folder "
" - this is replaced by the name of the edit" = " - Edit nomine locum istum "
" - this is replaced by the name of the track into which it\'s recording" = " - Qui hunc locum suus nomine gesta devia "
" - replaced by the current date as DDMMMYYYY" = " - Ut alios reponi pro his qui nunc date DDMMMYYYY "
" - replaced by the current time as HHMMSS" = " - Tempus et locum, ut HHMMSS "
" - replaced with the number of the recording take" = " - Accipere actum numero reponenda "
"The default path is \'%projectdir%\%edit%_%track%_take_%take%\' which would make files like the following:" = "Minim via est, projectdir%% \ _%%% edit _take_ elit%%% sumo, quod esset sicut sequitur dolor; "
"This is the latency to use for this device." = "Uti est latitationem arte. "
"Lower latencies make the audio output respond more quickly, which is good for things like playing soft-synthesizers with live MIDI input devices, but latencies are limited by the hardware device, and CPU speed." = "Latentiae est inferioris ut audio output citius, quod est bonum, sicut in his quae ludo mollis synthesizers MIDI input adinventionum suarum vivunt, et latentiae, quae limitatur per artem bene, et CPU celeritatum. "
"If you set this to a low value and the output contains glitches or breaks up, try increasing the value until playback is ok." = "Tu autem, hoc est a vili, et undecim glitches vel minuitur, tentant crescere, donec pretium sit amet playback. "
"Dithering" = "Vacillantem "
"This will add dithering (very low-level random noise) to the output signal for this device, which can improve the conversion quality from 24 bit files to 16 bit output devices.  Most modern hardware supports 24 bit playback so normally you will leave this off for playback and add it only when exporting for burning to CD." = "Hoc addam vacillantem (humilitate humiliabitur-level temere vox), ad output, hoc denique signum, quo melius potest, qualis est, ex conversione ad XVI frenum XXIV amet purus tincidunt felis. Etiam tempor accumsan, suscipit XXIV amet playback ideo regulariter non remanebit de eo et de playback addant, nisi ad comburendum et CD elit. "
"Clip History" = "Clip historia "
"Shows the original source of this clip, and the steps through which it has passed, such as being compressed and archived, etc." = "Ostendit hanc originem clip, qui praeterierit per gradus, ut et scrinium compressionis, etc "
"This lets you launch an external wave editor to manipulate this audio file." = "Hoc lets vos mittere cedent externam, redigit hoc audio Vestibulum est. "
"This is the name of the file that this project is stored in." = "Id est, qui reconditur adipiscing lima nomen "
"This is the MIDI channel number that will be used for all MIDI events within this clip." = "Hic est numerus ut MIDI viam ejus ad omnium rerum MIDI in hoc elit. "
"This will expand or contract the clip\'s track height, so that the MIDI editor is made visible or invisible." = "Lorem crescere altitudo track clip contrahendum, ut fit visibilis vel invisibilis MIDI editor. "
"Any other method of stretching the track height will also show the MIDI editor." = "Altitudo quoque aliter quam ostendere viam MIDI extendens editor. "
"This will start or stop the edit playing. (The keyboard shortcut for this is the spacebar)." = "Lorem ipsum dolor amet recensere aut prohibere. (Hoc enim et spacebar keyboard brevis). "
"This will start recording from any input devices that are assigned to tracks and record enabled." = "Hoc primum a memoria tacere, et deputantur ut input artes referre posset. "
"This will stop the current recording and delete any material that has so far been recorded." = "Etiam augue tincidunt nunc qualibet materia memoria hucusque exposita. "
"This will stop the current recording, delete any material that has so far been recorded, and start the recording again." = "Hic nunc actum est, stabit, delete quae hucusque exposita materia, et iterum memoria oritur. "
"Looped Playback/Recording" = "Solomon Playback / Recording "
"If you have set the mark in and out points to be a distance apart, turning on looping will cause playback to continuously loop around this region." = "Et si quae sit in signum posuit distent, semper versatur circumducit playback looping tellus faciat. "
"During recording, loop clips can be made allowing you to find the best take after a series of recording passes." = "In memoria, loop tondet potest accipere post a series sino vos ut optime actum transit. "
"Punch-in Recording" = "Ferrum in recordationem, "
"To use punch-in recording, turn this on, put the cursor at a time before the mark-in position, and start recording." = "Uti ferrum in memoria, convertere pone-cursorem signum simul positi ante satus recording. "
"A recording will only be made when the cursor reaches the mark-in point, and will stop after it reaches the mark-out point." = "Tantum fit recordatio, cum in puncto cursorem signum perveniat, et signum, si ad punctum quiescit. "
"Turn this on to enable the click-track." = "In hoc, ut possit convertere ad-click elit. "
"Click-track options are available from the \'click track\' button in the bottom-left region of the screen." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, elit nibh sunt a, adipiscing elit, rutrum in, ad imo in sinistram partem elit. "
"If snapping is turned on, then when dragging clips or MIDI notes, the times are snapped to the nearest whole interval of whatever time-signature and tempo is active." = "Si snapping est conversus, et, cum trahens MIDI tondet aut etiam, id quod est spatii et temporis sunt, fractum est, ad proximam omnis coeli et tempo-tum est actu. "
"The snap interval also depends on the current zoom level - to snap to a finer granularity, zoom in further." = "Franguntur et ad tempus ex nunc zoom in ordinem - disrumpam et ad granularity subtilius, magis, in Zoom. "
"Master Output Levels" = "Magister gradus Output "
"These are the master levels showing the overall output from the edit." = "Hi sunt magistri gradus altiore ostendens output ex edit. "
"When the signal exceeds the maximum value and clipping occurs, red warning bars appear at the top of the meter, and remain there until you reset them by clicking on the level-meter. Because this is the master level, clipping means that the output is being distorted, and you should lower the master volume." = "Et signum cum tonsura maximam excedit, fit admonitio rubrum vectes et apparerent summitates ad metri et ibi manete donec tellus a tellus diam gradu. Quia dominus est aequum quod output est tondere depravatum et inferior te dominus in solidum."
"Click here to get more options and see a higher resolution level display." = "Et superiorem fortiter Amicus magis bene gradum sistunt. "
"Time-Stretching" = "Sub-tendere "
"These options let you choose how the clip should be pitch-shifted/time-stretched:" = "Haec, ut bene sit tibi, eligere, quam in elit pitch-shifted/time-stretched: "
"\'no time stretching\' adjust the length and pitch of the clip at the same time by resampling it.  Stretching the clip will lower the pitch; compressing the clip will raise the pitch." = "\'Non est extensio temporis, et tandem ad adjust in elit culmen simul per id resampling. Tendens in ipsam, pice clip erit, compressis clip resuscitabo diximus. "
"\'transient\' is best for rhythmic instruments like drums.  Length and Pitch can be adjusted independently." = "\', Transit, ut est melius, in organis et tympanis numerum. Aliquam et urna sine pice. "
"\'tonal\' is best for melodic instruments like strings and vocals.  Length and Pitch can be adjusted independently." = ", Adipiscing, melius est, ut instrumentis chordae, et melodic vocales. Aliquam et urna sine pice. "
"If a clip refers to a file that has been deleted or moved, this lets you search for a replacement file." = "Si deletum elit file movetur ad hoc lima sinit tortor petis. "
"These buttons let you choose the shape to use for the fade in/out curves." = "Haec figura est usus in buttons tibi placet deficere in / de curvarum. "
"In general, convex curves are best for crossfading between clips, and concave curves are smoothest for fading into silence." = "In genere, quantum ad convexam curvae sunt inter se crossfading tondet, et curvae parte concava, levissimae, quia longiores factae sunt in anima. "
"If a clip contains a stereo wave file, this allows you to either use both channels, or just the left or right channel alone." = "Si sunt a clip in Stereo, elevabit fasciculum, aut hoc sino vos ut uti oratio, vel ad sinistram, nec ad dexteram medium solus. "
"Edit Notes Mode" = "Notes Aliquam Modus "
"Enable this to edit the MIDI notes in the clip." = "Duis in hoc notat MIDI Morbi elit. "
"Edit Controllers Mode" = "Aliquam Modus moderatoris "
"Click this to choose a type of MIDI controller to edit." = "Praesent id velit typus MIDI arbitrium sit aspernatur. "
"(In the menu, controllers shown in green are those which already appear somewhere in the clip, those in red aren\'t yet present)." = "(In menu moderatoris iam ostensa sunt, quae videntur aliquando in viridi elit, quae nondum sunt duplicibus.) "
"When in controller-editing mode, the MIDI notes can\'t be edited - click the \'edit notes\' button above to return to this mode." = "Cum in controller-s secundum modum, non autem in notis MIDI edi - a Nullam \'notes edit, ipsum est, ad hunc modum. "
"N.B. before changing to \'note velocity\' mode, a subset of notes can be selected, in which case only the velocities of these notes will be editable." = "N.B. prius mutatum est, note velocitas modus, a subset of notitia esse potest, quam in casu sola velocitate erit his commentariis convallis. "
"Keyboard shortcuts" = "Claviaturalia "
"This lets you view and change the assignment of keyboard shortcut keys." = "Hoc lets vos videre tincidunt munus brevis keys mutari. "
"It also includes a handy option to show a HTML version of the keystrokes so it can be printed out as a quick reference guide." = "Etiam nec justo commodo keystrokes versione sic ostendere HTML imprimendos velox quantum potest duci. "
"Create a new Tracktion project from scratch or from a template." = "Curabitur a ipsum interdum a Tracktion aut a template. "
"This lets you open a Tracktion project (a .tracktion file), or a Tracktion archive (a .trkarch file)." = "Hoc lets vos patefacio a turpis Tracktion (a. Tracktion file), aut tabulis Tracktion (a. Trkarch file). "
"When opening an archive, you\'ll need to specify a directory into which it is first decompressed." = "Cum soluta archivum, in quo necesse est te primum attinet decompressed justo. "
" You can open a project or archive file by dragging-and-dropping the file into this window." = " Vos can patefacio et consilium aut trahendo iactura lima lima in archivo tortor. "
"Options to let you save the current edit, or throw away your changes and revert to the state it was in when last saved." = "Edit ad te current, nisi felis, et revertetur ad paginam aut dimittis quando erat in statu demum salvantur. "
"This shows the items that are currently on the clipboard." = "Inde patet in his quae Clipboard amet. "
"You can copy clips to the clipboard by dragging them down onto this panel, (or of course by using " = "Trahendo eos imitari potes istum Clipboard panel ad tondet (uti sane aut "
"CTRL" = "CTRL "
"+C). This panel also shows other types of item that may be on the clipboard, such as plugins, tracks, etc." = "+ C). Et hoc aperte ostenditur, quod non in alio genere item Clipboard, sicut plugins, metus, cetera "
"-click an item for more options, including removing an item, or clearing the clipboard." = "Nullam enim nibh, an item, item quos removendo, vel sese Clipboard. "
"Plugin Presets" = "Etiam iaculis mollis tortor Plugin "
"Click here to restore a previously created plugin preset." = "Aliquam restituere prius creata a orci sapien. "
"Plugin presets are stored as part of your user preferences (which can be imported and exported from the \'miscellaneous\' section of the settings screen)." = "Etiam iaculis mollis Plugin congregantur, quae est tua praeferentias (quod est importari, et exportata, insedit, section of occasus in screen). "
"Click here to save this plugin\'s current settings as a new preset." = "Aliquam sit amet nisi orci, hoc est, ut a Morbi nunc occasus. "
"You can either choose to overwrite one of the existing presets with these new settings, or create a new preset." = "Nulla nec velit iaculis mollis rescribere ex novis, quae loca, vel novum Morbi id dictum. "
"Click here to delete an existing preset." = "Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, an sit Morbi id dictum. "
"User Settings" = "Nullam luctus "
"User settings include things like current keyboard mappings and plugin presets." = "Curabitur venenatis tincidunt nunc mappings, et his similia, in quibus orci iaculis mollis. "
"They can be imported or exported to copy settings between different Tracktion installations." = "Et in hunc modum potest importari vel occasus describere, ut quae inter Tracktion installations. "
"This lets you copy a project, and all the audio files needed to recreate the project." = "Hoc consilium tibi licet, et renouare omnis celebratio lima opus elit. "
"It can either create a directory full of the necessary files, or a compressed Tracktion archive file." = "Sed ut, justo vel mauris purus, plena est necesse, sive compressum Tracktion tabulis est. "
"This lets you select which of the output card\'s channels to play through (if it has more than one stereo pair)." = "Hoc lets vos ludere per canales card risus quis velit (si plures stereo par.) "
"Realtime mode will make Tracktion the highest priority task running on the computer, which will probably help to reduce the minimum latency possible." = "Realtime modus erit Tracktion munus putabunt ante in cursus, quae auxilium ad reducere forte latency ad minimum potest. "
"The most serious problem with realtime mode is that some VST plugins can freeze the operating system when you click on their interfaces. (This is caused by the way the plug-ins\' interface code is written, and there\'s nothing Tracktion can do to fix the problem!)" = "Gravis est modus rei, qui aliquo Realtime VST plugins frigore ratio operandi, quod quando vos click in adipiscing. (Hoc fit plug-ins, qua \'est dapibus risus, et nihil possumus Tracktion forsit) "
"It can also cause less dangerous side effects such as making the computer unresponsive when the CPU load is high." = "Aliquam ornare facere possent facere parte effectus, ut si minus periculosum onus CPU excelsus. "
"Best way to find out if it works well on your PC is to try it." = "Optimus via ut expiscor si vestri PC operatur bene experiri. "
"End-to-End" = "Finem, in finem, "
"If enabled, this means that all the plugins in your edit will keep playing even when in stop mode." = "Si posset, hoc est, in vobis in omni plugins edit custodiant ludens, cum in modum finis. "
"This lets you play soft-synths, listen to live inputs going through effects, etc., but in edits that use a lot of CPU power, it can slow down editing operations." = "Hoc lets vos ludere mollis synths audi perambulabat inputs vivere effectus, sed in potentia Titulus CPU uti multum potest tardius consectetuer operationes. "
"Scrolling" = "Scrolling "
"If enabled, this will smoothly scroll the user interface to follow the cursor while playing." = "Si posset, in hoc volumine, et dapibus leo, prosequi, dum cursor egestas. "
"If turned off, the display will move along a screenful at a time. This is more efficient if the CPU is being heavily used." = "Si avertit, screenful a tempore movebitur per spectaculi. Haec est efficiens magis CPU quod si dicitur quod sit gravis. "
"Overall Position" = "Lorem Lorem "
"Shows the proportion of the whole edit that\'s currently visible on-screen." = "Ostendit quod proportio totius edit screen visibiles actu. "
"Click and drag this left/right to scroll to another part of the edit." = "Praesent ac protrahar left / volumine alia parte dextra edit. "
"ReWire" = "Rewire "
"This selects which of the output channels from this ReWire device should be played." = "Hoc eligitur, qui ex cogitatione in risus cursus a rewire ut ipsum."
"ReWire devices can have multiple input buses, each of which can have multiple sub-channels - this lets you select which of these bus/channel combinations to use as the target for MIDI events being sent into the plugin." = "Cogitationes enim potest habere multiplicem rewire input elit, quorum quilibet potest esse multiplex esse sub-ductus est - quae tibi, quam illis eligere bus / accumsan varius ut, sicut signum ad MIDI rebus mitti in orci. "
"VST Plugin Searchpath" = "VST Plugin Searchpath "
"This is the list of directories that will be searched for VST plugins. Sub-directories will also be searched, and the directory structure will appear on the plugins panel when adding new plugins." = "Hic est qui quæretur VST plugins venenatis. Sub-directoriis et non investigabitur, cum tabula et indice opus erit in plugins plugins nova. "
"To alter one of the directories in the list, double-click its row." = "Directoria flectere in indice duplici serie tincidunt. "
"Anti-Denormalisation Noise" = "Anti-Denormalisation vox, "
"If enabled, this will add a small (about -500dB) amount of noise to the signal path, to counteract \'denormalisation\' problems with Pentium 4 CPUs." = "Si posset, hunc addere parva (de-500dB) amount of vox signum semita ut, contra, denormalisation, Pentium IV CPUs problems. "
"Denormalisation can cause playback to stutter and overload the CPU, and happens when some plugins use numbers which are too small to be calculated correctly." = "Denormalisation potest expletus in CPU et playback balbutire, et, cum aliquid plugins ratione recte uti, qui sunt minores. "
"Most modern plugins won\'t suffer from this problem, and AMD and Pentium 3 CPUs are less badly affected." = "Most modern plugins non pati ex hoc problemate, et AMD Pentium III CPUs et minus, male affectus est. "
"This curve controls the way one of the parameters of a plugin changes through the course of the edit." = "Curva via ducit a plugin ambitum ex edit mutationes cursum. "
"To select the parameter and see its properties, just click anywhere on the curve." = "Eligere et moduli eius, iustus click usquam in ea. "
"To add a point to the curve, simply double click at a point along the curve and drag the new point to wherever you want it to be." = "Curvae punctum ad minim veniam, consequat sed ad duplum momentum puncti ubi curva nova vis ituros esse. "
"To move a point, click and drag it. Holding down " = "Ad punctum moveri, consequat, et trahemus eam. Tenens "
"command" = "imperium "
"+SHIFT while dragging a point will also move all the points that follow it." = "+ MUTO cum trahens a quo moventur puncta omnia etiam quae sequuntur. "
"To move a section of the curve between two nodes, click and drag it.  Holding " = "Curva duo sectio inter movendum nodis trahant consequat. Lucre: "
" while doing this will add two nodes on either end making a new segment." = " hoc tarnen novam utraque parte duorum nodorum. "
"To delete a point, double-click it, or select it and click " = "Hoc enim ad minim veniam, consequat, duplo vel eligendam click "
"delete" = "vel deleri, "
" in the properties panel." = " proprietates in tabulis. "
"In between nodes, a curve node can be seen.  Dragging it allows you to create a curve transition between nodes." = "Mediae nodis node curva potest. Transitus trahit curva dat esse inter nodos. "
"Automation Read Mode" = "Modus Read Automation "
"This shows whether automated parameter movements will be played back when playing the edit." = "Inde constare potest, si motus parametri et sollicitudin libero in tergo ludens cum edit. "
"Automation Write Mode" = "Aliquam Modus Automation "
"This controls whether the live movements of automatable plugin parameters will be recorded while playing the edit." = "Hoc imperium est tam viva motus automatable elit orci ut dum eorum scripta est in edit. "
"To record the movements of one or more parameters:" = "Unus vel plures, ut conligam motus parametri "
"1. Use this button to enable write mode (or press the key shortcut for it)." = "I. Uti hoc ipsum scripsi ut modus (neque enim est brevis key press). "
"2. Start playing or recording the edit." = "II. Suspendisse venenatis vel recordatio edit. "
"3. Start changing the parameters you want to automate - Tracktion will use the first movement as a trigger to start recording, and this button will flash to let you know automation is being recorded." = "III. Aliquam elit mutatis velis automate - Tracktion uti quidem, ut a felis eu memoria, et hoc ipsum quod coepit ut sciatis Automation amen. "
"4. When you want to stop recording, either stop playback or press this button to punch-out. There is also a \'punch-out-to-end\' option (click on the automation options button, bottom-left of the screen, or press its shortcut key)" = "IV. Quamquam ubi sistere neque playback subsisto ferrum aut ad extra sequor hoc puga pyga. Est etiam, ut ferrum, Out-finem bene (Automation Nullam nibh fermentum elit ima reliquit, aut pressa suis brevis key) "
"Using \'punch-out\' will stop any active parameters from recording and merge the newly recorded movements into the existing curve for that parameter without stopping playback." = "Qui per \'ferrum\' ex \'activa elit et tincidunt et confundantur, et memoria de novo esse motus in curva, ut scriptum est, sine parameter playback. "
"Using \'punch-out-to-end\' will do the same, but when it merges the recorded movements into the existing curve, it deletes all the curve data that occur after the punch-out position - effectively leaving the parameter set to the value it had when you punched out." = "Qui per \'ferrum\' est, de fine, et non est idem, sed abit cum scripta est motus in id quod est linea, et linea data delet omne quod fit, ut ferrum ad se ex - posuit, ut valeat cum effectu relinquentes Parameter quod, cum sit ex pugnis. "
"Both punch-out and punch-out-to-end have key shortcuts." = "Et ferrum, ferrum, et ex fine, ut ex-key shortcuts. "
"Track Automation Selector" = "Track Automation, faucibus ut, "
"This button selects which automatable parameter curve to display on this track." = "Et hoc ipsum quod est elegit, ut ostendam in hac curva automatable modulo vestigia. "
"Click it to choose from a list of available parameters." = "Duis velit lectus porttitor tincidunt. "
"You can also drag-and-drop this onto a plugin and then choose from a list of that plugin\'s parameters. (Plugins that are suitable for automation will change colour as you drag it over them)." = "Et detrahent te: et stillavit super hoc a orci et est porttitor a, diam ut orci. (Vestibulum ut Automation et sunt laudabilia ad colores, ut trahant eos). "
"Also, if the parameter you want to edit is on-screen (e.g. one of the sliders in a plugin\'s properties panel), you can drag-and-drop directly onto that parameter." = "Item si vis Duis modulo screen est (ut ex proprietatibus a plugin Linguis tabula), et gutta, et trahemus directe onto parametri. "
"To automate the master volume or pan, drag-and-drop onto the master volume control." = "Ut automate volumine, vel in Domino: hoc lætabitur, et gutta, et super librum potestate domini. "
"This bar shows all the tempos and time signatures set in the edit." = "Bar et tunc patet, quod omnia tempos signorum seriem in edit. "
"Click here to select a section so you can change the settings at that point." = "Duis velit mutare sic fundis ad punctum sectionis. "
"To insert a tempo change, move the cursor to the position you want the change to occur and select \'insert tempo change at cursor\' from the tempo menu (bottom-left)." = "Mutare tempo inserere movent cursorem mutare vis fieri positionem atque \'uti ad cursorem mutare tempo\' tempo ex menu (imo reliquit). "
"Tempo Ramping" = "Tempo rapiens "
"If this is enabled, the tempo will gradually change over the length of this tempo section into the tempo that follows it." = "Si possit, quod longum tempo tempo sensim transeunt in tempo sectione sequenti agitur. "
"This will insert a break in the tempo sequence at the cursor position, creating a new tempo section which you can then edit." = "Hoc autem erit in tempo intermissione in ordine ad locum cursor, section qua vos can partum a novo tempo igitur creare. "
"Shows or hides the outputs section of the edit." = "Capitulo ostendit edit outputs abscondit. "
"Shows or hides the input device icons." = "Ostendat occultetve consilium icons input. "
"Shows or hides the bottom properties panel, menu buttons, and transport controls." = "Imo panel proprietates ostendat occultetve, lectus dui, et traduceret in. "
"Input device" = "Input cogitatus "
"This shows which input will be used to record into this track." = "Ex his constare potest, quod memoria sit amet diam in elit. "
"Click it to change the input device it\'s using or access other options; click on the \'R\' button to arm or disarm recording for this track." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit input mutare consilium suus accedere, vel per alia bene, consequat in, R, et formam vel actum, quia hoc ipsum ad arma capienda dat. "
"Clicking a device will also select the device and let you change various properties." = "Maecenas et inventum et mutas consilium eligere diversas proprietates. "
"Reassign an input to another track by simply dragging the icon to another track." = "Reassign an input ad track per aliud ad aliud trahit imago in via."
"Input/output node" = "Input / node output "
"Each available input or output channel on a plugin is shown as a node. Click-and-drag from one node onto another one to create a new connection between them." = "Quisque varius sollicitudin input vel output notitia in plugin ostenditur. Super hoc lætabitur, et alium a Nulla ad novum node connexionem. "
"You can drag these plugins around to reposition them - and dragging them off the edge of the rack lets you move them onto another rack or track." = "Congrega ad repositionis plugins circa te - et habitare vos faciam in eculeo ore trahens eos in alienum eculeo movere aut via. "
"Rack plugin editor" = "Vestibulum orci FALISCA "
"Drag-and-drop plugins into this area to add them to the rack." = "Extraho quod occumbo-plugins sunt in hoc area, et addere ad Pan illud. "
"Clicking here will select the rack and let you access its properties." = "Maecenas in turpis inveniet accessum, equuleo et effectu. "
"Shows or hides the MIDI note velocity editor." = "Ostendat occultetve MIDI note velocitas editor. "
"Shows or hides the MIDI controller editor." = "Ostendat occultetve MIDI controller editor. "
"MIDI Pencil Tool" = "Tool MIDI Penicilio "
"Use this tool to create new notes or draw freehand controller curves." = "Hoc tool usus in nova et notes ducatur curva freehand controller. "
"It can also be used to drag or change the length of existing notes, and to change note velocities." = "Adhiberi potest esse longitudinem notes trahere mutare et mutari velocitates annotare. "
"MIDI Eraser Tool" = "Tool MIDI Eraser "
"Use this to delete notes or controller events." = "Aliquam id turpis Ioab controller est. "
"MIDI Selection Tool" = "Lorem MIDI Tool "
"This tool can be used to select or lassoo multiple notes, and also to move the selected notes around." = "Hoc ferrum aut eligere potest multiplex lassoo notas notis selectis et movere circum. "
"MIDI Line Tool" = "Line MIDI Tool "
"This can be used to draw straight lines of notes, controllers, or note velocities." = "Haec recta duci potest a notis moderatoris, aut velocitatibus annotare. "
"Note Velocity" = "Note: celeritas "
"This is the velocity that will be used when a new note is added with the pencil tool." = "Sit amet, nova est ratio velocitatis penicillo additur tortor. "
"Click here to change the velocity. If any notes are selected when you change this value, their velocities will be changed to reflect this." = "Ut wisi enim ad velocitatem mutare. Si vis mutare notae cum delectis, cogita hoc mutari eorum velocitates. "
"Selecting a note will also update this value to reflect that note\'s velocity." = "Delectos a, pretium eget, etiam ut sint, quod est ratio velocitatis."
"This is the length that will be used when a new note is added with the pencil tool." = "Novi autem dies nota sit amet additur quod penicillo munus. "
"Click here to change the length. If any notes are selected when you change this value, their lengths will be changed to reflect the new value." = "Pellentesque mutare longitudine. Si mutare cum notis pretium lectus, reflectere longitudinibus valorem mutabitur. "
"Selecting a note will also update this value to reflect that note\'s length." = "Delectos a, pretium eget, etiam ut sint, quod est nota sunt. "
"Note Colour" = "Lorem ipsum colorem, "
"This is the colour that will be used when a new note is added with the pencil tool." = "Haec est nota cum nova sit amet additur color penicillo munus. "
"Click here to change the colour. If any notes are selected when you change this value, their colours will be changed to reflect the new value." = "Colorem mutat ad minim veniam. Si vis mutare notae cum delectis, mutabitur color valorem cogitare. "
"Selecting a note will also update this value to reflect that note\'s colour." = "Delectos a, pretium eget, etiam ut sint, quod est ratio similis. "
"Enable step record by clicking the Step button.  MIDI notes will be entered one at a time following one another.  They will be entered at the specified length." = "Morbi a nisi quam memoria step Gradus ad ipsum. Singulatim referri sonos MIDI post. Et intravit ad certum finem. "
"Enable external MTC chase by clicking this button.  Tracktion will follow incoming MIDI Timecode from the input designated in the " = "Morbi a nisi quam externum, hoc ipsum in visione Isaiæ fugent. Venientibus de input Timecode MIDI Tracktion erit in eo designari "
"timecode > MIDI time code input device" = "timecode> Mauris diam fabrica nunc MIDI "
" menu." = " menu. "
"Click the \'L\' button to enable looping for the clip.  Audio and MIDI clips can be looped." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit \'L\' looping ad ipsum ut elit. Audio, et tondet potest MIDI Solomon. "
"File Browser" = "Pasco fasciculum "
"This displays a file browser allowing you to navigate through your drives to find files to add to Tracktion.  Files can be dragged from the browser onto a track." = "Hic ostendit, quod sino vos navigare in vestri lima, pasco mittit ad files ut adderetis Tracktion. Dolor eu pasco trahi a semita. "
"Bookmarks can be made to your favourite folders allowing you quick access to any folder on your drive(s).  You can also view files from the open project here as well." = "Ventus bookmarks folders posse aliquam sino vos velox obvius vestri coegi folder (s). Intueri potes hic quoque ipsum dolor sit apertum a. "
"Automatically play the selected file in the browser for quick auditioning with your edit." = "Automatically lascivio in lego lima, pasco ocius enim auditioning cum edit. "
"Play the selected file in the browser for quick auditioning with your edit." = "Donec lectus a file in vestri pasco velox auditioning edit. "
"Loop Browser" = "Pasco Loop "
"The loop browser allows easy searching of all the loops on your system.  Searching can be done by instrument, genre, descriptor, key, or keyword." = "In loop quod sino elit Lorem investigationis omnium ora in vestri ratio. Searching potest fieri per instrumentum genre, descriptor, key et keyword. "
"Simply click a button to search for that type of loop.  Multiple buttons may selected at once to fine tune your search.  You can also narrow the search by choosing a key or typing in text if you know the name of the loop you are trying to find." = "Vestibulum adipiscing rutrum id genus quaerendi loop. Et de buttons delectus, ut simul tune in fine quaestionis. Adspectum graciliorem potes clavis aut quaero typing in eligendo nomen textus ansam nosti reperire conantur. "
"Preview the loops in the tempo and key of your edit and then drag the loop you like onto a track." = "Cras mollis scelerisque nunc in ora sagi alterius, ut amet te, et edit, et in tempo trahunt vos ad loop super semita. "
"Filter your loops by instrument type.  Loops matching any of the selected instruments will be shown." = "Etiam tuo ora per modum instrumenti. Quis paria arma sumpta ansas ostendetur. "
"Filter your loops by genre.  Loops matching any of the selected genres will be shown." = "Etiam ex genere tuo, ora. Pulvinar lectus genera ansas de ostendetur. "
"Filter your loops by descriptor.  Loops matching any of the selected descriptors will be shown." = "Etiam in ora sagi alterius, descriptor tua. Ansas ulla priorum lecti descriptors ostendetur. "
"Filter your loops by key.  Only loops matching the selected key will be shown." = "Etiam key per ora vestra. Sed sit amet lectus pulvinar ansas ostendetur. "
"Filter your loops by typing in a text string.  Only loops containing the text string in the file name will be shown." = "Etiam ora te typing in a text tendit. Sed in est ansas chorda continens nomen littera g. "
"The Marker List shows all the markers in your edit.  Double click a marker to jump to that position.  Selecting a marker in the list will display its properties at the bottom of the screen.  Markers can be added by clicking the add button at the button of the list, or deleted by selecting a marker and pressing delete." = "List est Venalicium in venalicium ostendit omnes edit. Titulum Geminus click illico locum. Cito corrumpit Eligentium imo titulum elit elit. Add in venalicium ad addi potest felis a nisi lectus, placerat vel dempserint urgeat titulum eligendo. "
"Click " = "Click "
"add" = "Adde "
" to add a new marker to list at the current cursor position" = " ad titulum elit in positione cursoris minim "
"Also, create a new marker at the cursor position by typing in a number for the new marker and pressing \'return\'.  Pressing return without typing a number first will create a marker and automatically give it the next available number." = "Item, in quolibet cursor in novum situ per typing in a numerus de novo quolibet concipere et reditum. Instaret reditus non amo partum a venalicium a numerus primus ipso, et dabo proximo available multis. "
"Recall the marker by entering the number again and pressing \'return\'." = "Memini numerus titulus, per hoc quod concipere et reditum. "
"Playback just the marker by typing a marker number and pressing CTRL + return will playback just the length of the marker.  CTRL + return will also play the length of any selected clip." = "Playback iustus per typing in quolibet venalicium CTRL + instans numero, et reversus est ad longitudinem in playback iustum titulum. Longum accidit + ullus lego ludere reditum elit. "
"Click \'delete\' to delete the selected marker(s) in the list." = "Nulla, placerat, turpis lego titulus (s) in album. "
"The marker clip designates a section of your edit for easy location.  Marker clips come in two types: Bars and Beats, and Absolute." = "Venalicium section of vestri edit clip est potentia ad ubi elit. Venalicium tondet venit in duo genera: sedes, et vectes, et absolute. "
"A Bars and Beats marker is defined by its position in bars and beats.  It changes its length and position according to tempo changes." = "A vectes et seras, et sedes proximi sit secundum ordinem ad se in vicem. Longum tempo mutat secundum locum mutatio. "
"An Absolute marker is defined by its absolute timecode position.  It always remains at its specified timecode position and does not shift with tempo changes.  These are useful for live recordings or video work that may not have a valid tempo map." = "Sed necessarium est absolute timecode proximi sit secundum ordinem dignitatis. Semper manet in suo statu, et speciem timecode non mutare cum mutatio tempo. Hi sunt ad bene vivere, neque tabulas, ut video, non opus habent validi tempo map. "
"The marker type can be toggled by clicking the appropriate icon on the marker clip." = "In quolibet genere sit congrua imago toggled a nisi quam in titulum elit. "
"Create a new marker at the cursor position by typing in a number for the new marker and pressing \'return\'.  Pressing return without typing a number first will create a marker and automatically give it the next available number." = "Partum a venalicium in loco cursor per typing in a numerus de novo quolibet concipere et reditum. Instaret reditus non amo partum a venalicium a numerus primus ipso, et dabo proximo available multis. "
"Playback just the marker by typing a marker number and pressing CTRL + return will playback just the length of the marker.  " = "Playback iustus per typing in quolibet venalicium CTRL + instans numero, et reversus est ad longitudinem in playback iustum titulum. "
"CTRL + return will also play the length of any selected clip." = "Longum accidit + ullus lego ludere reditum elit. "
"This special track shows the markers in the edit as marker clips.  It can be hidden or shown by clicking the \'marker\' button on the top right.  The track can be shown in a split view showing Bars and Beats markers and Absolute markers on separate tracks, or a combined view showing them on the same track." = "Et hoc maxime patet in track in venalicium venalicium sicut tondet in edit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit occultum, vel est posuere tristique in, titulus \"puga pyga in caput capitis est. Quod sic manifestari potest in via findit ostendens conspectu serae, et sedes, et absolute venalicium venalicium tracks in singulis, et a fine coniuncta ostendit eis in eodem vestigio manet. "
"New markers can be created from the properties panel when selected." = "New venalicium potest esse creatum ex tabulis, cum res coepta est. "
"The global track shows tempo, time signature, and key changes.  New tempo, time signature, and key changes can be added at the cursor position from the properties panel when the global track is selected." = "In elit nunc tempo ostendit, quo signum, et key mutationes. Novo tempo, tenuit tempore, et potest addi ad cursorem key motus in tabula positio, a proprietatibus quae sit amet elit. "
"This indicates a global time signature change.  Changes can be added at the cursor position from the properties panel where the time signature for that section of the edit can also be changed.  Time signature changes affect the playback of MIDI clips and auto-tempo audio clips." = "Inde nunc est, tempus mutatio coeli. Addi potest ex mutationibus status cursorem quia proprietates utriusque parte tabula tempus quo transmutatur etiam edit. Tempus motus afficiunt playback signature de MIDI tondet et auto-tempo audio tondet. "
"These changes can be dragged to new positions as desired." = "Cum libuerit possunt trahi ad ea ex munia. "
"This indicates a global pitch change.  Changes can be added at the cursor position from the properties panel where the pitch for that section of the edit can also be changed.  Pitch changes affect the playback of auto-pitch clips." = "Inde a global mediis fiunt. Addi potest ex propria sententia mutata cursorem panel edit eam partem qua transmutatur etiam bitumen. Sulphure, et bitumine linies mutationes afficiunt playback of auto-cohibentes. "
"This curve controls the tempo changes through the course of the edit.  All MIDI and audio clips with " = "Curva tempo imperium recensere mutationes cursum. Et cum audio tondet omnes MIDI "
" enabled will follow these changes." = " sicut patet in mutationibus posset. "
"To select the tempo curve and see its properties, just click anywhere on the curve." = "Et proprietates eius tempo velit linea iustus click usquam in ea. "
"To add a tempo change to the curve, simply double click at a point along the curve and drag the new point to wherever you want it to be." = "Tempo mutatio ad minim curva curva punctum simplex geminus click ad trahunt novum vobis pervia esse. "
"To move a tempo change point, click and drag it. Holding down CTRL+SHIFT while dragging a point will also move all the points that follow it." = "Ut a movebitur mutatio tempo re, consequat, et trahemus eam. Trahens tenens dum punctum moveri accidit + MUTO puncta sequentia. "
"To move a section of the curve between two nodes, click and drag it.  Holding CTRL while doing this will add two nodes on either end making a new segment." = "Curva duo sectio inter movendum nodis trahant consequat. Dum hoc adjiciam duo habentes nodorum CTRL novam utraque parte. "
"To delete a tempo change point, double-click it, or select it and click \'delete\' in the properties panel." = "Mutare tempo re ad minim veniam, consequat, duplo vel eligendam click \'delete in proprietatibus panel. "
"Click to show or hide the global track." = "Suspendisse tincidunt occultes ostendere viam. "
"Click to show or hide the marker track." = "Ostende uel abscondere Aliquam titulum elit. "
"Auto Tempo" = "Auto Tempo "
"The auto tempo button when enabled will make the clip conform to the number of beats defined in loop properties.  Tracktion will time compress or expand the clip to fit the current tempo and the clip will follow any tempo changes." = "In tempo auto cum posset elit elit faciunt secundum numerum esse animalia quaedam in loop. Tracktion et tempus aptum ad compriment, vel produceretur in current elit et elit tempo mutatio tempo sequatur. "
"Auto Pitch" = "Auto pice "
"The auto pitch button when enabled will make the clip conform to the global pitch of the edit.  It will pitch shift the clip the appropriate amount from its root-note." = "Auto et bitumine linies ipsum facere posset, cum de duabus quae ad global pice edit. Fuge ab ea radice donee debitum clip deest. "
"Choose the colour of the selected clip." = "Fusce in lectus elit in colore. "
"Set the time signature of the selected clip." = "Posuit signum in tempus lectus elit. "
"Displays the root tempo of the selected clip.  This is calculated from the number of beats and the length of the selected clip." = "Propono de radice tempo delectus elit. Impressiones et quod longum ratione sumpta ex numero elit. "
"Set the root note for the selected clip.  This is used to pitch shift the clip by the appropriate amount if auto-pitch is enabled." = "Set quia radix ratio elit lectus. Hoc est debitum ad a clip si auto-tentiam pix transferre valeant. "
"Set the number of beats in the selected clip.  This is used to time stretch the clip by the appropriate amount if auto-tempo is enabled." = "Posuit autem numerus pulsat lego in elit. Quod si ad tempus debitum ad auto-tempo extendere valeant elit. "
"Set the pitch offset for the selected clip.  The clip will be transposed up or down by this amount if auto-pitch is enabled." = "Set in picem felis lectus elit. In elit neque transferri poterit uel per accidens ex hoc, si quid posset mediis. "
"Click this button to add the selected clip to your loop library.  This will allow it to be searchable through the loop browser.  You will be able to name the loop and add instrument, genre, descriptor, and key tags." = "Nullam id auctor elit adde vestra loop clip delectus. Ita pasco per loop investigabiles esse concesserim. Poteris, ut addat, et nomen loop instrumentum genre, descriptor, et amet felis. "
"This menu contains commands for adding beats to your clip.  This allows you to mark rhythmically important parts of the audio with a beat point.  Once marked, these the time stretch algorithm will place them accurately." = "Hæc sunt mandata menu pulsus apponens elit tuo. Is sino vos ut hoc signo percussio numerum cum audio partes. Cum insignis, quo haec tendunt algorithm Et fundabo eos, diligenter. "
"This can be done automatically with an adjustable sensitivity, or at every beat.  You can also drag manual beat points from the top right of the wave display." = "Et hoc non potest esse, cum ipso eget sensus, et ad omnem feram. Vos can quoque manuum pulsant trahent a vertice ius puncta fluctus multis. "
"Zoom-in, vertically increasing track height." = ", Ie, in directum in summo crescit elit. "
"Zoom-out, vertically decreasing track height." = "Ie, e vestigio ad verticem summum decrescentes. "
"Fit your entire edit vertically on screen." = "Aptet vos in omni edit verticem screen. "
"Scroll your edit up." = "Donec tuum in edit. "
"Scroll your edit down." = "Donec edit tui est. "
"Zoom in horizontally showing the portion of your edit around the cursor in more detail." = "Ie in plano horizontali, ostendit aliquid ex edit circa cursor in specie. "
"Zoom out horizontally showing more of your edit." = "Ie horizontaliter, et faciens ex eo edit tui. "
"Fit your entire edit horizontally on screen." = "Aptet vos in omni latitudine edit screen. "
"Scroll your edit left." = "Donec sinistram tuam edit. "
"Scroll your edit right." = "Donec iustum tuum, edit. "
"This file system path is used by Tracktion to store Loop files you create." = "Haec via est, a file ratio Tracktion congregem ansam veniat cursus mauris. "
"Directories to search for loops.  Loop files found in these directories will be added to your library for easy searching and adding to your edit using the loop browser.  Use the buttons to Add/Remove paths to search and organize them in them in search priority." = "Directoriis in ora sagi alterius, ut quaerere. Pellentesque sit amet ansam veniat, quae in lima facile quaerere ad bibliotheca ad te, et consummatio in edit pasco usura a loop. Donec in velit Add / et procul quaerere vias ad organize se in illis quaerere elit. "
"Search the loop directories for newly added files to use with Tracktion.  Any loops found meeting the specified criteria will be added to your library for easy searching and adding to your edit using the loop browser." = "Fusce venenatis pro loop advenientem de novo, cum lima, ut Tracktion. Occurrens criteria certa omni ora invenitur voluntas tua, ut lobortis sit amet elit quaerere de addendo ad vestra, et edit \'usura a loop pasco. "
"Choose which file types to search for and add to your loop browser." = "Elige ex tuis adaugeo lima typus Ansam quaerere pasco. "
"When you select \'Add to Library\' from a clip\'s loop property, the clip is added to your library for easy searching and adding to your edit using the loop browser.  This setting allows you to choose if the file should be imported and copied to your user loops directory, or whether the path of the file should be added to your loop directories search paths so all the loops in the same directory can be added as well.  If you want, you can also choose to have Tracktion ask you each time." = "Cum in \'Ad bibliotheca, ex duabus rebus loop est, in auctor elit addatur quaerere commodum addendo ad vestra, et edit pasco usura a loop. Ordinatio eligere permisit ad transcribendum ac si tuas importari ansas file Aliquam file viam aut addentur tibi omnes vias quaerere ansam ansas in directoriis addi potest Aliquam est. Sis, vos can quoque sumo habeo uobis Tracktion singulis. "
"Set the speed for a clip.  The operation of this setting depends on the type of stretch mode selected." = "Pone enim celeritas elit. Tractum operatio quaedam secundum modum ordinatio lego. "
"Increase the Speed to make the clip shorter." = "Brevior ut augeat celeritas elit. "
"Decrease the Speed to make the clip longer." = "Aliquam ut elit non minui. "
"If Auto-Tempo is enabled for a clip, the speed setting will have no effect and the control will be hidden." = "Quia si possit Auto clip Tempo celeritas absconderis penes occasus atque effectum habent. "
"Change the speed of the clip using standard values." = "In vitae elit celeritate usura vexillum valores. "
"Set the pitch for a clip.  This does not change the clip length.  The operation of this setting depends on the selection for the type of stretch-mode." = "Picem pone elit. Hoc non mutatur multo elit. Et huius operatio in occasum cursu genus lectio, secundum modum. "
"Increase the Pitch to make the clip pitch higher." = "Crescite, et pice ad culmen altius elit. "
"Decrease the Pitch to make the clip pitch lower." = "Minui in pice et bitumine linies clip ad inferiora. "
"If Auto-Pitch is enabled for a clip, the Pitch setting will have no effect and the control will be hidden." = "Quia si possit Auto clip pice, et effectum habent imperium occasus Pix absconderis. "
"Change the pitch of the clip using standard values." = "Mutare a clip in picem usura vexillum valores. "
"Configure the type for the selected marker." = "Vestibulum lectus in quolibet genere. "
"A Bars-and-Beats marker is defined by its position in bars and beats.  It changes its length and position according to tempo changes." = "A vectes, et dederunt proximi sit secundum ordinem ad se in vicem, et inducent vectes. Longum tempo mutat secundum locum mutatio. "
"An Absolute marker is defined by its absolute timecode position. It always remains at its specified timecode position and does not shift with tempo changes.  These are useful for live recordings or video work that may not have a valid tempo map." = "Sed necessarium est absolute timecode proximi sit secundum ordinem dignitatis. Semper manet in suo statu, et speciem timecode non mutare cum mutatio tempo. Hi sunt ad bene vivere, neque tabulas, ut video, non opus habent validi tempo map. "
"VCA Plugin" = "VCA Plugin "
"The VCA Plugin acts like a Volume plugin for folder tracks, except that it remotely controls the level of all tracks in the folder." = "VCA Plugin quod instar Volume plugin for folder semita, nisi quod remotius uestigia in omnes gradus imperium in folder. "
"Folder Track" = "Track Folder "
"The Folder Track allows you to combine many tracks into one group.  Drag a track into the folder to add it.  Use the + or - symbol to the right of the folder track to hide or show the tracks contained in the folder.  Create a new folder track from the \'tracks\' menu." = "Track folder dat multos et in unum collecti in unum. Tracto in folder semita addere. + Praesent aut - aut symbolum ius vestigia folder semita in folder ad abscondere. Partum a novus folder semita, passus, sanctificetur Nomen tuum. "
"The collection clip shows all the clips contained in the folder track in a condensed version.  Collection clips may be edited.  Any editing done to the collection clip (splitting, moving, resizing, trimming, etc.) is done to all the tracks in the folder simultaneously." = "In elit elit demonstrat tondet in folder semita in condensatione poema poematis. Collection tondet potest factis. S factum est, ut quis elit in elit (rumpendi, movens, resizing ornari, etc) est, in omnibus viis simul ad folder. "
"Add Render Options" = "Nulla nec velit Reddite "
"Insert Into Next Track" = "Quisque dein in O "
"Insert Into This Track" = "Quisque in hoc O "
"Replace Clips" = "Curabitur Clips "
"Note that many plugins will swallow any MIDI data that passes into them" = "Et notandum, quod multa, quae cum influit in eorum notitia MIDI aliquid devorare plugins "
"Adds the rendered file to the loop library" = "His adiungit, et reddidit file ut ansa library "
"Reverses the rendered file" = "Et reddidit file adversarumque "
"Show" = "Show "
"takes" = "habet "
"Unpack to new tracks" = "Ut novum tracks EXIMO "
"Create audio comp" = "Aliquam audio proceditur "
"Flatten current comp" = "Adulacione current proceditur "
"Shows the progress of any background tasks" = "Vestibulum quis ostendit progressum opus "
"No current tasks!" = "Sed nunc opus! "
"REX (code 123): No error" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): non erratur "
"REX (code 123): Operation aborted by user" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) Opera abortivi per user "
"REX (code 123): No creator info. available" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): non creator info. available "
"REX (code 123): Not enough memory for the DLL" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): Non enim in memoria DLL "
"REX (code 123): Unable to load the DLL" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) impatiens onus DLL "
"REX (code 123): DLL is too old" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) DLL aetas "
"REX (code 123): DLL wasn\'t found" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) DLL et non est inventus "
"REX (code 123): API is too old" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) API est nimis "
"REX (code 123): Out of memory" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): ex memoria, "
"REX (code 123): File is corrupt" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) corrumpitur File "
"REX (code 123): REX2 file is too new" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): est etiam novum file REX2 "
"REX (code 123): File has a zero length for the loop" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) tandem pro loop nihilo habet File "
"REX (code 123): OS version is not supported" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): OS version non fulcitur "
"REX (code 123): DLL wasn\'t loaded" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): non fuit oneratus DLL "
"REX (code 123): DLL is already loaded" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) DLL iam refertus "
"REX (code 123): Invalid handle" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII), mollis tractare "
"REX (code 123): Invalid size" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII), mollis magnitudine "
"REX (code 123): Invalid argument" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) Suspendisse argumentum "
"REX (code 123): Invalid slice" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII), mollis secare "
"REX (code 123): Invalid sample rate" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): at Suspendisse cursus "
"REX (code 123): Buffer too small" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) tactus angustus "
"REX (code 123): Is being previewed" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): quod est previewed "
"REX (code 123): Not being previewed" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): quod non previewed "
"REX (code 123): Invalid tempo" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII) tempo mollis "
"REX (code 123): Undefined" = "Rex (Codex CXXIII): Undefined "
"The Propellerheads REX format installed on your machine could not be loaded!" = "Rex autem Propellerheads dolor installed in vestri apparatus restitui non possunt; "
"For an unknown reason, the library could not be loaded." = "Enim causa, non restitui elit. "
"Please try using the latest \"REX shared library\" installer from" = "Vestibulum rutrum nibh a eros uti \"Rex communi library\" instrumentum de "
"The Propellerheads REX format installed on your machine is outdated!" = "Rex autem Propellerheads dolor installed in vestri apparatus est outdated; "
"In order to work with rx2 files, please download the latest \"REX shared library\" installer from" = "In ordine ad aliquod opus rx2 purus, commodo fermentum trahendum est: \"Rex communi library\" instrumentum de "
"An unknown error occured with the Propellerheads REX format!" = "Error occurrit in forma ignota Propellerheads Rex! "
"Apply X-Fade" = "Aliquam Fade X- "
"Drag X-Fade" = "Trahunt Fade X- "
"Copy Fade to Automation" = "Exemplum Fade in Automation "
"Apply Edge Fade" = "Aliquam aciem Fade "
"Speed Info" = "Aliquam erat volutpat "
"Pitch Info" = "Info pice "
"Applies a small fade to the edges of the clip to smooth avoid clicks when trimming" = "A parvis habet deficere ad marginibus planis elit nibh, ne cum torulo "
"Automatically crossfades overlapping clips when the clip is moved" = "Automatically crossfades overlapping cum tondet, movetur a clip "
"Copy fade curves to automation" = "Exemplum cecidimus curvas Automation "
"To manually control the clip\'s speed disable Auto-Tempo from the Loop Properties page" = "Ut tincidunt elit imperium in Auto-Tempo disable celeritatem aliquam ansam veniat a page "
"To manually control the clip\'s pitch disable Auto-Pitch from the Loop Properties page" = "Ut tincidunt elit sit imperium pice et bitumine linies disable Auto-ex augue aliquam ansam veniat "
"Adjust the clip\'s pitch to match the global track" = "Adjust in elit sit amet elit in picem, par "
"Adjust the clip\'s tempo to match the global track" = "Adjust in elit sit amet elit in tempo: par "
"Transfer Fade-in to Automation" = "Transfero ut elit in Automation "
"Transfer Fade-out to Automation" = "Transfer ad Automation cæli: "
"Flatten the comp first to view its source file" = "Adulacione, longè prius ipsam ex file "
"Speed controls are currently unavailable as the clip is in Auto-Tempo mode" = "Ut currently unavailable Aliquam Nulla elit est in Auto-modum Tempo "
"Pitch controls are currently unavailable as the clip is in Auto-Pitch mode" = "Ut currently unavailable pice Nulla elit est in Auto-modo picem "
"Could not create automation." = "Qui non Automation. "
"No fade found for this clip" = "Non est inventus ab hoc deficere clip "
"No volume filter was found for this track, please insert one and try again" = "Semita volumen inventus antehabeo commodo consequat et inserito "
"Overwrite Existing Automation?" = "Vestibulum Overwrite Automation? "
"There is already automation in this region, applying the curve will overwrite it. Is this OK?" = "Hic ergo est iam Automation admotae Visne id curva. Hoc est OK? "
"mono" = "mono "
"stereo" = "stereo "
"123 beats" = "CXXIII ictus "
"Creating Proxy" = "Proin proxy "
"Creating Comp" = "IV creo "
"Building comp" = "Lorem proceditur "
"When using multiple tempo changes comp editing will not be aligned with playback." = "Cum per multa tempo mutatio cf sit amet consectetuer non in playback. "
"Only the rendered comp will be reversed. It is best to edit your comp forwards and then reverse the clip." = "Sed in contrarium redditum et sic proceditur. Optimum est emendo vestri ostendimus ante et retro, et duabus. "
"Problem flattening comp" = "Ad primum sic proceditur adulatione Quaestio "
"There was a problem creating the comp file at XYYX, please ensure you have write access to this directory and try again." = "Partum a lima longè XYYX Quaestio erat placerat scelerisque accumsan presul ad te scribere. "
"There was a problem creating the MIDI comp" = "Quaestio erat in creando MIDI proceditur "
"Enable Render" = "Morbi Reddite "
"Open Source Edit" = "Patefacio Source Edit "
"Source Edit" = "Source Edit "
"Opens the source Edit in a new tab" = "Curabitur aperit source in a novus tab "
"Disables edit rendering" = "Priuat edit reddendo "
"Source Edit file" = "Vestibulum file Source "
"Creating Edit Clip" = "Morbi Proin Clip "
"remaining" = "reliqua "
"Rendering referenced Edits" = "Memorati reddere conlationes "
"No source set" = "Set non ex "
"No tracks selected to render" = "Nulla lectus efficere tracks "
"Rendering disabled" = "Reddendo debiles "
"Invalid source Edit set" = "Curabitur mollis auctor posuere "
"Show Edit" = "Show Edit "
"Create new Edit" = "Lorem Edit "
"Recording Synchronisation Test" = "Recordationem Synchronisation Test "
"A delay of 123 milliseconds was detected." = "Et statim apertae sunt milliseconds CXXIII. "
"Flatten Takes" = "Accipere simulat "
"This will permanently delete all wave files in this clip, replacing it with the current comp. This operation can not be undone." = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet semper lectus omnia cedent in hoc clip, reposuit in current primum sic proceditur. Haec operatio fieri infectum non potest. "
"Flatten" = "Adulacione "
"Acoustic Grand Piano" = "Maximum acusticus Piano "
"Bright Acoustic Piano" = "Bright acusticus Piano "
"Electric Grand Piano" = "Curabitur magna Piano "
"Honky-tonk Piano" = "Honky Tonk Piano, "
"Electric Piano 1" = "Bibit I "
"Electric Piano 2" = "Bibit II "
"Harpsichord" = "Harpsichord "
"Clavinet" = "Clavinet "
"Celesta" = "Celesta "
"Glockenspiel" = "Glockenspiel "
"Music Box" = "Box Lorem "
"Vibraphone" = "Vibraphone "
"Marimba" = "Marimba "
"Xylophone" = "Placet ire xylophone pulsu "
"Tubular Bells" = "Quod tintinnabula tubulosae "
"Dulcimer" = "Et symphoniae "
"Drawbar Organ" = "Drawbar Organ "
"Percussive Organ" = "Percussa Organ "
"Rock Organ" = "Petra Organ "
"Church Organ" = "Ecclesia Organ "
"Reed Organ" = "Reed Organ "
"Accordion" = "Accordion "
"Harmonica" = "Harmonica "
"Tango Accordion" = "Tango Accordion "
"Acoustic Guitar (nylon)" = "Acoustic guitar (aluminium) "
"Acoustic Guitar (steel)" = "Acoustic guitar (ferrum) "
"Electric Guitar (jazz)" = "Electric Guitar (jazz) "
"Electric Guitar (clean)" = "Electric Guitar (mundi) "
"Electric Guitar (mute)" = "Electric Guitar (mutus) "
"Overdriven Guitar" = "Guitar ambulando fecero laborare, "
"Distortion Guitar" = "Corruptio Guitar "
"Guitar Harmonics" = "Guitar consentiunt "
"Acoustic Bass" = "Acusticus Bass "
"Electric Bass (finger)" = "Electric Bass viris () "
"Electric Bass (pick)" = "Electric Bass (pick) "
"Fretless Bass" = "Fretless Bass "
"Slap Bass 1" = "Tunde Bass I "
"Slap Bass 2" = "Tunde Bass II "
"Synth Bass 1" = "Chorus I synth "
"Synth Bass 2" = "II synth Bass "
"Violin" = "Violin "
"Viola" = "Viola "
"Cello" = "Cello? "
"Contrabass" = "Contrabass "
"Tremolo Strings" = "Nervi: deinde "
"Pizzicato Strings" = "Nervi cantu querulae rumpent arbusta "
"Orchestral Harp" = "Modi cithara, "
"Timpani" = "Timpani "
"String Ensemble 1" = "String Ensemble I "
"String Ensemble 2" = "String Ensemble II "
"SynthStrings 1" = "I SynthStrings "
"SynthStrings 2" = "II SynthStrings "
"Choir Aahs" = "Choir Aahs "
"Voice Oohs" = "Vox Oohs "
"Synth Voice" = "Vox synth "
"Orchestra Hit" = "Orchestra Hit "
"Trumpet" = "Tuba "
"Trombone" = "Trombone "
"Tuba" = "Tuba "
"Muted Trumpet" = "Tuba comprimi "
"French Horn" = "Cornu Galli, "
"Brass Section" = "Et cassis ærea super Section "
"SynthBrass 1" = "I SynthBrass "
"SynthBrass 2" = "II SynthBrass "
"Soprano Sax" = "Soprano Sax "
"Alto Sax" = "Alto Sax "
"Tenor Sax" = "Tenor Sax "
"Baritone Sax" = "Chorus Sax "
"Oboe" = "Et Dolebat "
"English Horn" = "Horn anglicus "
"Bassoon" = "Bassoon "
"Clarinet" = "Tibiae "
"Piccolo" = "Piccolo "
"Flute" = "Tibia "
"Recorder" = "Recordator "
"Pan Flute" = "Pan Tibiæ "
"Blown Bottle" = "Utrem Canite "
"Shakuhachi" = "Shakuhachi "
"Whistle" = "Sibilabit "
"Ocarina" = "Ocarina "
"Lead 1 (square)" = "Ne I (quadratum) "
"Lead 2 (sawtooth)" = "Ne II (acutissima) "
"Lead 3 (calliope)" = "Ne III Calliope () "
"Lead 4 (chiff)" = "Ne IV (chiff) "
"Lead 5 (charang)" = "Ne V (charang) "
"Lead 6 (voice)" = "VI Ne Vulgata (VULGATE) "
"Lead 7 (fifths)" = "Ne VII (quintae) "
"Lead 8 (bass+lead)" = "Ne VIII (bass + est) "
"Pad 1 (new age)" = "Pad I (regeneratione) "
"Pad 2 (warm)" = "Pad II (calida) "
"Pad 3 (polysynth)" = "Pad III (polysynth) "
"Pad 4 (choir)" = "Pad IV (Chorus) "
"Pad 5 (bowed)" = "Pad V (adoravit) "
"Pad 6 (metallic)" = "Pad VI (metallum) "
"Pad 7 (halo)" = "Pad VII (coronam) "
"Pad 8 (sweep)" = "VIII metus (rapit) "
"FX 1 (rain)" = "FX I (aquis) "
"FX 2 (soundtrack)" = "FX II (consul) "
"FX 3 (crystal)" = "FX III (vitrum) "
"FX 4 (atmosphere)" = "FX IV (aer) "
"FX 5 (brightness)" = "FX V (splendor) "
"FX 6 (goblins)" = "FX VI (ductus) "
"FX 7 (echoes)" = "FX VII (sonat) "
"FX 8 (sci-fi)" = "FX VIII (sci-fi) "
"Sitar" = "Adoleret "
"Banjo" = "Banjo "
"Shamisen" = "Shamisen "
"Koto" = "Koto "
"Kalimba" = "Kalimba "
"Bag pipe" = "Velit eu "
"Fiddle" = "Fiddle "
"Shanai" = "Shanai "
"Tinkle Bell" = "Threiciam Bell "
"Agogo" = "Agogo "
"Steel Drums" = "Donec tympana "
"Woodblock" = "Woodblock "
"Taiko Drum" = "Taiko Drum "
"Melodic Tom" = "Tom melodici "
"Synth Drum" = "Synth Drum "
"Reverse Cymbal" = "Converte Cymbalum "
"Guitar Fret Noise" = "Guitar æmulári Sonitus "
"Breath Noise" = "Spiritus autem sonitus, "
"Seashore" = "Zabulon in litore maris "
"Bird Tweet" = "Bird Tweet "
"Telephone Ring" = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit Orbis "
"Helicopter" = "Rhoncus "
"Applause" = "Plausus, "
"Gunshot" = "Gunshot "
"Piano" = "Piano "
"Chromatic Percussion" = "Chromati percussionis "
"Organ" = "Organ "
"Guitar" = "Guitar "
"Strings" = "Nervi "
"Ensemble" = "Ensemble "
"Brass" = "In aere, "
"Reed" = "Reed "
"Pipe" = "Pipio "
"Synth Lead" = "Plumbum synth "
"Synth Pad" = "Synth Pad "
"Synth Effects" = "Effectus synth "
"Sound Effects" = "Sonus effectus, "
"Acoustic Bass Drum" = "Acusticus crassi tympani "
"Bass Drum 1" = "Crassi tympani I "
"Side Stick" = "Maecenas eget consequat "
"Acoustic Snare" = "Acusticus laqueus "
"Hand Clap" = "Plaudite manibus "
"Electric Snare" = "Electric laqueus "
"Low Floor Tom" = "Maximum Vestibulum Lorem "
"Closed Hi-Hat" = "Nullam imperdiet Hat- "
"High Floor Tom" = "Maximum Vestibulum Lorem "
"Pedal Hi-Hat" = "Pedal Hi-Hat "
"Low Tom" = "Minimum Tom "
"Open Hi-Hat" = "Aperi, Hi-Hat "
"Low-Mid Tom" = "Lorem ipsum dolor Lorem mediam "
"Hi-Mid Tom" = "Proin rhoncus, Tom "
"Crash Cymbal 1" = "Crash Cymbalum I "
"High Tom" = "Maximum Tom "
"Ride Cymbal 1" = "Ride Cymbalum I "
"Chinese Cymbal" = "Lorem Cymbalum "
"Ride Bell" = "Ride Bell "
"Tambourine" = "TYMPANUM "
"Splash Cymbal" = "Adipiscing Cymbalum "
"Cowbell" = "Cowbell "
"Crash Cymbal 2" = "Crash Cymbalum II "
"Vibraslap" = "Vibraslap "
"Ride Cymbal 2" = "Ride Cymbalum II "
"Hi Bongo" = "Hi Bongo "
"Low Bongo" = "Minimum Bongo "
"Mute Hi Conga" = "Aliquam at muta, congue quis, "
"Open Hi Conga" = "Aliquam congue quis, aperi "
"Low Conga" = "Maximum, congue quis, "
"High Timbale" = "Maximum Timbale "
"Low Timbale" = "Minimum Timbale "
"High Agogo" = "Maximum Agogo "
"Low Agogo" = "Minimum Agogo "
"Cabasa" = "Cabasa "
"Maracas" = "Maracas "
"Short Whistle" = "Denique sibilabit "
"Long Whistle" = "Long sibilabit "
"Short Guiro" = "Denique Guiro "
"Long Guiro" = "Long Guiro "
"Claves" = "Claues "
"Hi Wood Block" = "Aenean scelerisque Wood "
"Low Wood Block" = "Maximum scelerisque Wood "
"Mute Cuica" = "Lusus Cuica "
"Open Cuica" = "Aperi Cuica "
"Mute Triangle" = "Lusus trianguli "
"Open Triangle" = "Aperi trianguli "
"Bank Select" = "Donec interdum "
"Modulation Wheel (coarse)" = "Rota FLEXIO (crassa) "
"Breath controller (coarse)" = "Spiritus arbitrium (crassa) "
"Foot Pedal (coarse)" = "Scis (crassa) "
"Portamento Time (coarse)" = "Tempus Portamento (crassa) "
"Data Entry (coarse)" = "Data Entry (crassa) "
"Volume (coarse)" = "Volume (crassa) "
"Balance (coarse)" = "Libra (crassa) "
"Pan position (coarse)" = "Pan loco (crassa) "
"Expression (coarse)" = "(Cf. crassa) "
"Effect Control 1 (coarse)" = "Imperium Romanum I, facit (crassa) "
"Effect Control 2 (coarse)" = "Imperium Civitas II, facit (crassa) "
"General Purpose Slider 1" = "Propositum Generalem I Slider "
"General Purpose Slider 2" = "Commune Slider II "
"General Purpose Slider 3" = "III commune Slider "
"General Purpose Slider 4" = "Commune Slider IV "
"Bank Select (fine)" = "Bank Select (finem) "
"Modulation Wheel (fine)" = "Rota FLEXIO (finem) "
"Breath controller (fine)" = "Spiritus arbitrium (finem) "
"Foot Pedal (fine)" = "Scis (finem) "
"Portamento Time (fine)" = "Tempus Portamento (finem) "
"Data Entry (fine)" = "Data Entry (finem) "
"Volume (fine)" = "Volume (finem) "
"Balance (fine)" = "Libra (finem) "
"Pan position (fine)" = "Pan loco (finem) "
"Expression (fine)" = "Quo pacto (finem) "
"Effect Control 1 (fine)" = "Imperium Romanum I, facit (finem) "
"Effect Control 2 (fine)" = "Imperium Civitas II, facit (finem) "
"Hold Pedal (on/off)" = "Pedal habe (in / off) "
"Portamento (on/off)" = "Portamento (in / off) "
"Sustenuto Pedal (on/off)" = "Pedal Sustenuto (in / off) "
"Soft Pedal (on/off)" = "Mollis Pedal (in / off) "
"Legato Pedal (on/off)" = "Pedal luctus (in / off) "
"Hold 2 Pedal (on/off)" = "Pedal habe II (in / off) "
"Sound Variation" = "Vestibulum Variation "
"Sound Timbre" = "Sonum sonus "
"Sound Release Time" = "Vestibulum tempus volutpat "
"Sound Attack Time" = "Vestibulum tempus ascende "
"Sound Brightness" = "Vestibulum candor "
"Sound Control 6" = "Control VI "
"Sound Control 7" = "Control VII "
"Sound Control 8" = "Control VIII "
"Sound Control 9" = "Control IX "
"Sound Control 10" = "Control X "
"General Purpose Button 1 (on/off)" = "Propositum Generalem I By (in / off) "
"General Purpose Button 2 (on/off)" = "II commune Button (in / off) "
"General Purpose Button 3 (on/off)" = "III commune Button (in / off) "
"General Purpose Button 4 (on/off)" = "IV commune Button (in / off) "
"Reverb Level" = "Level Reverb "
"Tremolo Level" = "Lorem ipsum: deinde "
"Chorus Level" = "Chorus Level "
"Celeste Level" = "Level Celeste "
"Phaser Level" = "Level Phaser "
"Data Button increment" = "Data incrementum Button "
"Data Button decrement" = "DATA decrementum "
"Non-registered Parameter (fine)" = "Quod non est relatus modularis (finem) "
"Non-registered Parameter (coarse)" = "Non-registered modularis (crassa) "
"Registered Parameter (fine)" = "Nunc sed modularis (finem) "
"Registered Parameter (coarse)" = "Nunc sed modularis (crassa) "
"All Sound Off" = "Omnem Off "
"All Controllers Off" = "Omnes moderatoris Off "
"Local Keyboard (on/off)" = "Local (ubi in / off) "
"Omni Mode Off" = "Omni modus Off "
"Omni Mode On" = "Omni modus "
"Mono Operation" = "Tu non cessas evellere Mono "
"Poly Operation" = "Donec non cessas evellere, "
"The input and output devices don\'t share a common sample rate!" = "In input et output amet elit cogitationes non habent commune; "
"Couldn\'t open the input device!" = "An ratio input aperire; "
"Couldn\'t open the output device!" = "Non aperire possit cogitationes output? "
"Couldn\'t start the input device!" = "Qui non erat in input ratio! "
"Couldn\'t start the output device!" = "An non satus in arte output? "
"Active output channels:" = "Praesent tincidunt cursus: "
"Active input channels:" = "Praesent cursus diam, "
"Show this device\'s control panel" = "Ostende industria, imperium panel "
"Opens the device\'s own control panel" = "Aperit consilium suum imperium panel "
"Output:" = "Output: "
"Device:" = "Fabrica: "
"Input:" = "Input: "
"Sample rate:" = "Nulla certe: "
"Audio buffer size:" = "Audio magnitudine buffer: "
"Documents" = "Documenta "
"Music" = "O "
"Pictures" = "Lorem ipsum dolor "
"Desktop" = "Desktop "
"Home folder" = "Domus folder "
"The file doesn\'t exist" = "Vos iustus non est, "
"User cancelled" = "User abolita "